Friday, October 30, 2009

Masquerade Ball.

Happy Halloween lovies!!!
do tell me what you're going to be this year.

My girlfriend Lauren and her sister always throw THE BEST {most festive} Halloween Party. This year they decided to hold a masked ball. We'll wear carnival masks (feathers and glitter galore!) and fancy dresses. I'm every bit excited.

ps. when i was on my love trip, darling friend bought me a Wonder Woman costume. It doesn't have to be halloween to play dress up with your lover, agreed?


missy. said...

sooo fun!! i love dressing up for things like that. have a good time lovely lady. can't wait to see pictures.

Max said...

Theme parties with your friends are so much fun...when you are a grown up, you don't get as many chances to do it.

I am jealous since I am not going to a party...You better post pictures!

Miss you!

Krissa said...

How fun! That sounds like it will be an amazing party...I cant wait to see pictures!!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Micaela,
Hope you have a wonderful time at your Masquerade Ball. I have always wanted to go to one of those. I don't remember if I stopped by and told you yet, but I have your name for the autumn swap and I'll be sending off your comfort package this weekend. Hope you'll be pleasantly surprised by what I have put together for you. Have a wonderful weekend.

Geisslein said...

Happy Halloween for you little cute, crazy Texas Girl! ;o) Wish you a great time - BOOH!

Micaela said...

aw Melissa, nice to meet you!!! I'm so glad you're the one who chose me... you seem so creative and kind hearted with an eye for beauty. (LUCKY me!!!) lol your hair is gorgeous!

i really wished i had remembered to post about the swap- i was going through a hard time when i signed up and it slipped my mind. (what better time to have signed up for comfort than then). I have girlfriends on here that would have been a perfect addition. Maybe i'll have to come up with a swap to do on my little blog. (i've always wanted to, just a little intimidated for whatever reason- what if no one signs up on my blog? ha! i'm a worrier)

i'm sorry to have rambled back to you... i really just wanted to say thanks already and i hope we keep in touch.

xo happy weekend Melissa!

Melita said...

i squealed with glee when i read your comment. i'm so happy to find out that you are my autumn swapper. don't worry about the package going out a day late! i am looking forward to getting it. i hope it wasn't too difficult to put together. thanks so much for stopping by my blog. yours is absolutely adorable!! i'll be sure to let you know when i get my package. might do a blog post about it if that is ok with you. let me know :)

have a happy halloween!

Carlito86 said...

Yay, Happy Halloween, have a great night!


Micaela said...


yay! OF COURSE i don't mind if you do a post :) that's so sweet of you. let's just hope you like what i picked out for ya. *wink

i will send you an email tomorrow when i have sent it out.

i hope you had a great halloween and a great start to your Novemeber. Can you believe it's November already?!? time has flown by...

here's to our friendship :)

Gall said...

these pictures are absolutely breathtaking. thanks for sharing. xo


mina said...

these pictures are fab.

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