Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wanting to Know you Wens.

truth: i love exploring the aisles of walgreens/cvs. 

i also love that there's one down the street from our house and as a girl who's lately found herself on a budget... i'm also a fan of their prices. incase you're in the same boat budget-wise, i wanted to share some of my favorite drugstore products.
eos evolution of smooth shaving cream
have i mentioned i'm also a sucker for product packaging? especially the pump at the top. i'm convinced it has saved me time in the shower fidgeting with a cap.

Johnson & Johnson Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash
It was an allure magazine editor's choice and dermatologist recommended (clinically shown gentle as water) but my expert opinion came from Claire. She uses it and i used it when i was in SF and loved it! the scent, the softness... everything.

Rimmel's Spark It Up eyeliner in Tiger's Eye
i use this every day. the glitter is subtle enough, but there enough to add dimension to your eyes.

Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat in Antiqued Gold
(which i used here)

Rimmel's 60 seconds nail polish in deliciously dark
i paired it with the crackle overcoat and i can't even tell you how many ladies stopped to "hold" my hand at work and ask me what i used. 

Burt's Bees tinted lip balm
perfect amount of color/moisturizer. i currently have it in rose but i'm dying to try out the other colors.

Oil Absorbing Sheets
these are essential in my purse but i've noticed that the walgreens brand is just as good as clean and clear's and for a bit cheaper. i love how you can clearly see the oil it takes off your face but never your make-up.

what are some of your favorite drugstore products? do tell below. xo


Summer Athena said...

i love this post. i do i do. i am a sucker for products. i walked into sephora last night and walked out spending way too much!

i love purpose. i use the bar soap. i love the EOS bottle but have never tried it and that crackle -- i want!

Lauryn said...

Ooh, I didn't know Walgreens had its own brand of oil absorbing sheets! Those little things are miracle workers.

I'm currently using grapeseed oil as a makeup remover and loving it! I ordered some on Amazon because I wasn't sure wht kind of store would carry it.

brlracincwgrl said...

Love this post! :).

I love the crackle nail polish, it's SO much fun!!

camille yanair said...

ooooh i spend sooo much money at drugstores, i love wondering around them too! i need to try that crackle!

Maddy said...

I love Organix Moroccan oil... it's about 75% the price of the kind you buy in salons, and it smells and works amazingly! I also love cover girl's new tinted lip balms, my current favorite is anemone, it's a corally/red color.

I also love bar soap. No body washes or loofas for me!

Katie said...

I LOVE you for posting what eyeliner you use! Many times I've noticed it in your pictures but have forgotten to ask what brand it is!

My favorite CVS product will always be Neutrogena chapstick.My favorite Sephora product is PeterThomasRoth Un-Wrinkle Pads, which are not cheap at all. But for someone that suffered from horrible acne for so long, the flawless skin I get from them is priceless.

Ashlee said...

oh, i so wanna try the crackle polish!

and i love burts bees...i use the lip shimmer in "merlot"'s the perfect red without having to wear lipstick.

Carolina said...

Yay! Awesome! I love this "wanting to know you Wens"

I am sooo bad because I thought I had you in my Google Reader & I DIDN'T, Ughh, Fail!!

I love that crackle nailpolish & the lip balm. I'm gonna have to try the EOS, looks good :)

kitten roar said...

Girl, I totally feel you on this "budget" business. As much as I would love to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy creams and facial cleansers and scrubs, reality sets in and it won't be for a while more that I can afford it. With drugstore products, i have learned that the simpler, the better. I use "Cetaphil" for my face, and have not had a bad break out since I started using it! And this was after using fancier Mary Kay and cutesy Neutrogena with little results.

Also, I have been wanting to kiss Walgreen's Aloe with this epic sunburn i have been rocking for the past two days.

Claire Kiefer said...

GREAT TOPIC. Love this and all things skin/beauty related. My drug store makeup standby is Cover Girl blush in Soft Mink--I've used it for years and I adore it. I also love all things nail related, although I can be a nail polish snob at times. I'm wearing gold crackle now (the one I bought when you were with me!) over bright pink. So cute. Other things I love from drug store: bubble bath, mascara, eye masks for sleeping, and . . . candy. Can't help it. Gets me every time.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I love picking up Sally Hansen nail polish at Walgreens. It's where I discovered the Insta Dri top coat!

Anonymous said...

the only one i go to is rite-aid because it's near my house, other than that, i'm not a drug store shopper but i love neutrogena pink grapefruit wash, maybeline express volume lash, anything from sally hansen nails and almay hypoallergenic liquid eyeliner. my favorite shaving cream is from a local grocery store, trader joe's... it's a mango honey paraben free stuff. love it!

April said...

St. Ives apricot scrub! Hands down. I love it so! And of course, I have almost every color of the $2.50 Sally Hansen. It's amazing quality for the price. And that orange cover girl mascara, lashtastic? I'm not sure what it's called lol. I like mixing drug store things with nice things - you've just got to know which ones are worth the money!

Anonymous said...

cvs and walgreens are like target for me. i go in needing one thing and end up leaving with ten things. i'm a sucker for buying nail polish and makeup!

Katyha said...

I searched and searched for the J&J gentle cleansing wash but to no avail...they don't have it here :(

hope you have been well :D

Gracie said...

Oh this is awesome. I buy a lot of my products at Target at the moment because I was on a budget. I really love to see what beauty products people use. And I sent you a letter today! x

mia said...

Hi, I just found your blog, but I am loving it already! :)

Unknown said...

OH How i hate this post but love it at the same time!!! Hate because I'm forced to spend all my time at Walgreens (which is better than CVS) but love because we have everything and are amazing....

Here's a tip: All Walgreen's cosmeticians have coupons hidden behind the register. Next time you want some make-up or shampoo ask them what they've got hidden.

Jihee said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE EOS!!! Love all their products! My fav is their lip balm!

sheba said...

i'm such a drugstore junkie! i've been searching high and low for sally hansen's crackle [b/c i don't want to fork over the $ for opi!] but to no avail! i may just have to wait until i get to ny.

here, we have shoppers drug mart. i used to have my annabelle eyeliner mailed to me in ny by my dad! also love physician's formula stuff for easy-to-wear day makeup.

oh, and the candy aisle: always a stop before a movie!

Jessica Coody said...

You forgot to mention Biscoff cookies. . . those wonderful little treats are JUST as important as beauty products, in my opinion! ;)

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

I love Burts Bees! I have the honey lip balm, the passionfruit SPF lip balm for outdoors, the almond hand creme and the lemon cuticle salve. So good!

x Jasmine

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