Friday, August 6, 2010

happy things.

don't forget to send me a photo of your fave shoes!

having a free day, i decided to treat myself to a pedi; a "me" date. I really love my comfy urban outfitters sandals.

other things making me happy having to do with my blog babies:

^twinkie's first blog meet up!!! while she was in Tampa, she met our beautiful Shelly!

^Claire (who looks GORGEOUS in the top i gave her. i just knew it was so her) found out she gets to keep her job which is just WONDERFUL!!! with budget cuts, we were a little worried. Couldn't come at a better time since her birthday is the 16th of this month! (and she is every bit a Leo)

^this just made my day!!! this is the goodie package pretty Faiza is sending my brother in Iraq. I told her he has always loved Mariah Carey and so she printed out this pic of the diva and gave her a "marco tattoo." AWESOME!!! i laughed out loud.

UGH. Rhianne informed me this morning that this is going to be the new Mrs. Williams, as in Mrs. Robbie Williams. As in who i've shamelessly teeny bopperly have loved since i was 10. obviously, i can't compete...
all kidding aside, it was cute Rhianne thought of me when she heard the news this morning.

my real life love who's puts up with my "fake grieving" and tells me he may not be Robbie Williams, but at least he'll love me back *wink. Seriously, i love my husband-to-be!!! 

^i really love animals. My new job involves finding homes for puppies. Danielle shares this love of mine and is donating 25% of her etsy sales to our local humane society. awesome!

^Erin and her darling boys are on a plane to London right this very minute. I'm so excited for them (she'll have her own blog meet up too)! Pray for their safe travels please!

^help a creative blogger out with a photo project? be a part of what dollface Tillie is up to!

Dear Readers,



April said... just had to post about a pedicure, didn't you? I am DYING for a mani/pedi, but I've resigned myself that I will just buy some new nail polish instead. I can either spend the $40 on something that IWOULDIMMENSELYENJOY or I can save it for England. So, yeah, I'm being responsible, but it's killing me.

Claire Kiefer said...

So much to say!
1. Those sandals are adorable and your feet look amazing;
2. You're so very sweet to mention my job as good news--it's making me SO happy too, as you know! And I love my Anais & Henry top more than words can express. :)
3. I'm dying to hear about Marianne's blog date!
4. I saw that package to Marco on Faiza's blog and thought it was hilarious and sweet. Isn't she just the most thoughtful person on the planet? I love her!
5. Danielle, her jewelry, and obviously her spirit are so beautiful.
6. If it makes you feel any better, the girl who is marrying Robbie Williams is heinous! It's not natural to be that skinny with hard balloon boobs, and her lips look like she's had a few too many injections. Plus, her bikini is . . . lacking in class, to say the least. You are a zillion times more beautiful than her! But lucky for you, Max is a better choice than Robbie. :)
7. Going to get my Leo cup for some coffee (I need to send you a pic of it so you know what it *really* looks like) and will make a point to snap a pic of my fave shoes today.

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

K said...

Those sandals are really cute. Great pedicure :)

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i love your sandals too much. if we had the same size feet, i'd slip a sedative in your coffee and steal them. lucky you.

plastic boobies and plastic lips? what's to compete with? that woman is nasty! but alas, robbie williams is a man, and some men like that kind of thing.

heather said...

Love this happy post! And whatevah on the not being able to compete with that weird looking Ayda woman. I hope you have a beautiful weekend with your beautiful toes!

Lauren Nicole said...

those sandals are AWESOME. UO rocks my socks. i've never had a pedicure before that wasn't done at home, but it's so bizarre how a little bit of color on your toes can totally transform the way your feet look and how you feel. weird - but true.

that package to marco is too funny. and so sweet of her to do that. i'm adding some of my older GQ's i bought a while back - the one with megan fox on the cover and the nude spread of jen anniston. i asked my mom if that was kind of an odd thing to do, but she was like 'um, noo...they're over there in a hot dessert with few things to do, read or talk about. you're doing her brother and his friends a favor.' haha

that chick that robbie williams is getting married to? one word: whore. SERIOUSLY. when i saw that, i thought 'what the hell is that doing on m's blog??', shock and ugghhhh. you are so much better than her, so, so, so much better and lovelier and so many other things. and max is as well. you guys rock as a couple so much harder in comparison to them.

hey caela -- you make us readers happy. :]
- L

Catherine said...

Oh my oh my, I'd choose you over that horrid lady any day. Robbie doesn't know what he's missing, but I reckon you should stick with Max ;-)

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I lurve your shoesssss! Love love love. Oh and I think I need to have a date with myself as well. I'm thinking of getting a pedi and a mani...maybe in cherry red. =)
Oh and what great linky love you have on here. I'm going to click away after posting this comment. Have a great weekend sweetie. =)

Unknown said...

ahhhhhh you and your twinkie make me happy :)

Erin {pughs' news} said...

M... you are the sweetest girl ever. I've just read this post, sitting at my mother-in-law's desk in LONDON! You'll be happy to know we arrived, safe and sound and on schedule. Am now jet-lagged, exhausted, grubby, and going to bed right this second (it's only 7:30pm) But oh-so-happy to be here! Will send postcards soon. Good-night from the UK!
love E xoxoox

Kara said...

Ooooh lawd those shoes are CUTE. I need to send you a pic of some of my favorites too! Pretty pretty post :)

Tillie said...

oh miss thank you for sharing. your delightful! and honeyface!! YOU ARE !)) times more beautiful than the future mrs williams. haha. you are a REAL beauty, thats what matters. haha i am making something for you. I shall send it soon!

Rhianne said...

ok, that picture of mrs williams is actually awful - I still have no idea who she is lol but she looks ick there :/

must remember to send you a picture of my shoes. must remember.

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