Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wanting to Know you Wens.

When I go on a just discovered blog, i notice the pretty blog banner yes, but first the name of the blog. There's a lot of weight in the name, isn't there? it's what people will know you as before they remember your actual name.

"you know, that girl that blogs at ...Or so i feel? i love her!"

So i am curious to know how you got your blog title. Tell me your blog's name & the meaning behind it?

Dolce Vita.  I daydream in Italian... Italy is my heaven on earth and Dolce Vita is what i called the summer i was 19; living and laughing under the Tuscan Sun. My banner was created by photographer Ashley, who's only instructions were simple + art. She remembered me saying my favorite painting was Gustav Klimt's "the kiss." Perfection.

( blog banners above: danielle, elise, polly, diana, camilla )

*thanks to the success of last week's coffee date (yay!!!) this upcoming wens. i need your help again! let's show off our favorite pair of shoes in our closets? it can be anything from heels to converse.  Email me a photo of your shoes to by next tuesday night.

my italian j.crew heels

I'll show your photos next wens. right here!


Lauryn said...

Fun! I'd love to participate this time!

And your banner really is excellent. Simple, but so beautiful!

Jumbleberry Orchard said...

What a great question!

Ultimate food Godess Nigella Lawson makes a pudding called 'Jumbleberry crumble', and I loved that title! It reflects my blog which is sometimes a foodie blog, but mostly just a jumble of my day-to-day life. And I love orchards - they make me think of adventure, childhood, memories. So I guess that's it! Really I just wanted a combination of words that sounded good, though ;-)

Rhianne said...

mines so embarrasing - it was originally 'diary of an emotional wreck' - for about two weeks until I realised I wasn't as much of a wreck as I originally thought... (which is good right?)

Then it became 'diary of the easily distracted...' because I really am so easily distracted... then I decided that I wanted people to actually read it and I'm not that good at keeping diaries and changed it to 'For the easily distracted...' but really it means 'for me' :)

Rhianne said...

p.s. I'm slightly worried that my favourite shoes are all packed up :( I'll have to dig them out!

Stephanie said...

I wasn't creative enough to come up with a good name for my blog. Any suggestions? haha.

Caótica Lucie said...


I'm seriously thinking of participate on your fantastic idea...but it's hard to choose just one pair of shoes...! I'll think about it!

well, about my blog title...Although my nickname is Caótica Lucie (chaos...I am a completely chaos, but in a good way, I think), I titled my blogs as Say Cheese!
I'm obssesed with photography of all kinds and in my blog there are always beautiful pictures all around! :)

jackiek said...

i have no idea how i thought of purple monkey. i wanted something creative- i don't know it just kind of came to me!

and yay i'm excited to put on my favorite shoes :)

Annie Cristina said...

I love your banner and blog name. Did you know Gustav Klimt is one of my favorite artists? (Waterhouse is another.) I had a poster of "The Kiss" on my bedroom wall for most of college. :-)

My blog name is "my sweet old etcetera," which is taken from an e. e. cummings poem by the same name, which you can read here.

Marisa said...

i love the shoe idea and i have just the pair...

my blog... it think you probably know this already since you "know me" but I am a very emotionally driven person who often times does not fully think through my decsions and thoughts and I wanted a place were I could just lay it all out hince "or so i feel" plus I am extremely opinionated... ha

Shauna said...

My blog is Life As I Know It. (Ive been really thinking hard about changing it because I want it to reflect more of me and my life. But LAIKI was right for the moment. I needed some place that I could vent and not get in trouble for it. But now its evolving into something better!

Ashley Ann said...

Hot Butter comes from an evening many moons ago in Amsterdam. We were eating Dutch pancakes for dinner, and my (future at the time) husband ordered a savory pancake, which had herb butter that looked weird.

So then we made jokes that stuff was "weird butter." Unfortunately someone claimed that etsy name, which peeved me to no end. My best friend suggested Hot Butter, which I ran with. Butter is also one of my favorite food groups.

Love the shoe idea! I'll try to remember.

Belen said...


And I will NOT miss this one! :D

I'm a bit bummed about missing my "mug shot" :P

well my url is my first and last name spelled backwards: einahpetsneleb = stephanie belen

but my banner name: belen: beh-LEHN came about out of the frustration that people weren't pronouncing it correctly, lol. It's not like the name Helen, it's not Bay-lin nor Bee-lin, and it sure isn't Berlin, which for some reason people say! It's of Spanish origin, so say it with Spanish emphasis! :D

I'd like for people to get it right because that's my grandpa's last name and he gave that last name to me through my dad. I never want it to die. ♥

sharlyn emily said...

i came up with "make lemonade" because one) i love lemonade. and two) life is about seeing the good even on the bad days. at least mine is :)

Taylor Yves said...

cute shoes! my title is just my name, first and middle. my dad named me and Yves is a variation of his name.

Erin said...

Good question, and fun to read everyone's answers!

Years ago when my husband was a little boy in England, he and his sister used to write big "newsletters" to their cousins in Canada. They styled them to look like a real newspaper and called them "Pughs' News" (Pughs rhymes with news, by the way... it's not PUG like Micaela first thought!)

When I first started the blog, it was to update everybody in England on our life here in Canada. Pughs' News seemed like a fitting title and a tribute to the past, which ultimately brought us together (the cousins Alan and Wendy wrote to in Canada are my friends!)

As for my banner... it sorts of sums up how crazy things are around here. "Come join the chaos"... is a bit of an understatement some days!

April said...

I don't have a banner... hahaha, but I do have a blog name. April, Maybe. Just because I'm so crazy and indecisive, but then very stubborn and decisive all at the same time. So I always think of my blog name as a very definite APRIL! and then a shy little ....maybe. Just cause that's how I feel, all the time. :)

Gosh, I meant to do the coffee thing.. and I am so forgetful sometimes. BUT SHOES. Okay. Remember, remember, remember.

Lauren Nicole said...

don't really have a 'banner' per say as of yet; the photo of mine that i used, i just really liked and thought it would make a good background image. :] and my blog title basically came about as the purpose of an all-mail-related blog but because kind of a notion of a memoir to leave behind. letters, i did write; but the posts i write and the things that make me happy that squish in the cracks like movies, music, people, love, friends AND mail are put there so i can remember moments and times in my life. and that i can share different stories and loves with others; letters of love and life, i wrote to myself, friends and strangers.

the shoe photo feature sounds lovely! can't wait to see everyone's favorite shoes. <3
- L

Claire Kiefer said...

I couldn't love the shoe idea more. But I'm afraid my other shoes are going to be pissed at me for not showcasing them! I think I know which ones I'll go with but . . . oh, how I love all my babies!

I think you understand the sentiment behind my blog name, Bicoastally, which just refers to being from one coast and living on another, and loving both, but being a little torn between them. :) I talk about both Georgia and California quite a bit on my blog, so I think it's fitting.

Gabby said...

I'm absolutely participating in the shoe thing!

My blog name {gabby,she wrote}, kinda came from my love of Murder, She Wrote and the fact that I had absolutely no idea what to call it! It works though :)

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

your heels are so pretty. i sometimes i wish i wasn't so chronically casual so i wouldn't feel so weird in heels!

dinosaur toes is flojo's name, and since she's the love of my life, it seemed fitting to name everything after her!

carmar76 said...

cute shoes! i can't wear heels and i kinda have fred flintstone feet (or so my friends told me in college...thanks, friends! :p ) so shoes in general are hard for me to find! but i'm gonna try to remember to take a picture & send it to you BEFORE the last minute this time... heh.

so, the blog name (carriesrandommusings2) came about because random musings was already taken, so i just added my name. *laugh* and the 2 is because my first one was apparently too real for certain ppl, so i had to go & make all my rantiness private. (freedom of speech? what? we have that? lol)

oh, and my banner is just leyton because... well, at least once a week my musings are about him! : )

Faiza said...

don't have a banner yet either but am thinking of a revamp to my whole blog layout sometime in 2011....

from my blog:
It's Gonna Be a Lovely Day is my latest attempt at a gratitude journal. Welcome to a space where I share and reflect on the people, places and things that bring joy, laughter, love, light, happiness and inspiration to my life. It's Gonna Be a Lovely Day is named after my second favorite song Lovely Day by Bill Withers. I can't help but grin ear-to-ear and sing along every time I hear this song.

sending you sweet mint chapstick smiles today micaela!

J. said...

My blog title is simple. "Life." When I started my blog I just filled in the title quickly, and always figured I'd get creative with it later.
Instead, I just stuck with it. I like it because it's short & to the point. My blog is simply about my life- no thrills, no frills... just me.

Anna said...

i love this little feature you're doing, and your heels are so beautiful.

my blog name means 'once upon a time' in french, which seemed fitting for a sort of diary!

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

Awww, this is so great! I feel overwhelmed and crazy right now... Most of my shoes currently consist of trekking boots, ha! But maybe this will give me a reason to wear some of my favorite knee high boots from back in the day (which I just happen to have here!)

My blog title, A Measure Of..., comes from sitting around with a friend and thinking about what I might want to measure. Love, is of course the word that comes to mind. And it was almost called/urled that. But then I thought it could be all kinds of things, travel, poetry, pretty, etc. But all that stuff is kinda about love too, isn't it?

The banner comes from revamping. I was looking through our photos and thought the rainbow was just a perfect banner shape, plus I wanted a white space and something that kinda popped against it.


Raquel said...

The Sweet Chronicles of Mrs. Boots & Sirs...

I started the blog to document my relationship as I thought we were going to get married. Turns out we broke up (mutual decision - all is well) a little less than a year later but I refuse to change the name. He called me Boots therefore making me Mrs. Boots and him the...nope, not Mr. but "Sirs". It was an inside joke between us. Sweet came from my immense sweet tooth and chronicles simply because I thought it sounded more interesting than journey or adventures.

The banner is a picture of some of my favorite shoes in my favorite place. NYC!

I love your "Wanting To Know You" ideas! So clever.

Hopefully I remember to participate this time.

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