Sunday, July 11, 2010

a micaela adores claire package.

remember the beautiful package my dearest friend Claire sent me? gifts that were a little her, a little me-- a lot us.

before i left for Texas, i sent off my care package. If there's anything i truly delight in, it's putting together pressies for my friends. In such a short time, claire has become one of my closest girlfriends. We talk like we've known each other for years. This i love, and it's all thanks to our blogging world.

what i sent (so you can get a better idea of us) -- and even better : her sweetest reaction on her blog.

Claire & i are both very much loyal to our home state. She's a GA peach. When i found this vintage retro Georgia souvenir tray, i had to get it for her (perfect for perfume bottles or cocktail glasses). Both of us could not live without coffee, so i sent along coffee beans from my favorite local cafe, Starlight, along with a vintagesque coffee mug (the kind i collect).

If you know me, you know Italy is my heaven on earth. i sent her one of my favorite reads about an italian romance, reminding me of my own dolce vita. The glass snail is something personal between us : she had sent me a VOGUE article (ironically about an italian romance) in which a glass snail was given as a gift. "snails carry their homes wherever they go" was the sentiment. Shortly after reading that article, i finished reading "Eat Pray Love." Wouldn't you know that exact sentiment was in the pages of the very book that changed my life.

The print is from the talented illustrator Alli Coate. (Claire had blogged about looking for art for her new space and if you know Claire- you KNOW her passion for poetry & creative writing)

the last one from Every Little Counts (my favorite online boutique) is perfectly Claire. She enjoys no love story better than Anais and her Henry. I just knew it would be beautiful on her (luckily unlike me, she has the boobs to pull it off! ha)

i love you Claire! this was a fun little thank-you for your friendship and what you sent me. I truly believe only the closest of friends can share such personal gifts-- i'm still touched by my little Hemingway baby shoes.

You touch my heart.



Claire Kiefer said...

You know how to make me smile like nobody else! I mean that so sincerely. This post makes my whole chest warm and happy and is the perfect conclusion to a good day. I LOVE YOU and our friendship soooooo much! Also, re: your amazing package (aka best package I've ever received in my life):

1. I'm almost done with An Italian Affair and I LOVE IT and as soon as I finish (I probably have like 40 pages to go), I'm going to run out and get her second book.
2. I've worn the shirt twice already and I feel amazing in it!
3. I'm crushed to say that I finished the coffee last week . . . not only was it absolutely delicious, but I thought about you every single morning as I ground the beans and brewed the coffee.
4. I seriously cannot believe you found a glass snail. FATE!!!
5. I keep meaning to send you a picture of the Alli Coate print framed on my dining room wall. It's perfect there; I love it. Exactly something I would have picked out for myself (or you, of course).
6. I love everything else and all your notes and can't wait to prepare another package.

You mean so much to me, Micaela! In such a short time, I've come to not know what I'd do without you. :)

big hugs and kisses, and THANK YOU for this darling post.

Gracie said...

Oh I adore the friendship you too share. It's truly precious! Isn't it amazing the people and friends we get to know through the blog world. I love it!

Oh and I will finally be sending you your much delayed package tomorrow. I can't believe how long it's taken me to send it ;(

I hope you are well xx

April said...

This is so cute and sweet.

Meghan said...

I adore you and Claire and love that you two have found such a special bond!

carly said...


Sami Mastrario said...

I am completely jealous of you and your pen pals! That seems like an amazing idea! :]


carmar76 said...

too sweet! love the snail! i have a perfume bottle like that, only a turtle! : ) (the lids look to be the same material)

MArisa said...

What a lovely package...

JenRem said...

You two girls are the sweetest. I love blogging because it brings so many of us girls scattered across the US together :) <3

Every Little Counts said...

oh my gosh- you guys are so sweet! and double oh my gosh... it's so nice to see the package complete AND to "meet" claire, the person it was made for.

now i think i have to go make some care packages of my own! thanks for inspiring me!

big hugs,

Belen said...

that embroidery hoop of georgia is beautiful! i'd love one of cali and corona, as well as the philippines!

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

Aww, you two warm my heart. Love from afar.

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