Monday, August 26, 2013

Littlest Baby Girl Maxham.

With Felix, I had her name picked out for awhile. With baby girl number two, we knew we wanted to stick with a family name. We ordered vintage blocks of Felix's baby sister's name.

She'll be named after my husband's Uncle Noel (spelt the same way) but pronounced "Noelle." I wish our Noel and I could have met him. 

Ultrasound photos from 3 weeks ago of our littlest when we found out we were having another beautiful girl.

I love that she looks like she's already smiling in the first one and her leg makes me giggle in the second one.

I love that our girls are both named after family (coincidentally, male family members too!). I think it's even more romantic that my husband named her. It's a fitting name for a December baby, don't you think?

Noel Lechuga Maxham, we can't wait to meet you! 

(Lechuga is my maiden name)

*custom name blocks from Vintage by Alex Keller on etsy. I love Alex and ordered Felix's name with her too. She will take photos of different styles until you choose the perfect blocks. Perfect for nurseries/baby shower gifts.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

catching up.

Last month I said good-bye to the home we made a family in and to all the life long friends I made in El Paso.

Since it would take awhile for the movers to bring our stuff to upstate NY, Husband suggested Felix and I stay with my family in Wichita Falls. For nearly a month, we enjoyed much needed family time while my sweet husband worked and found us our new home. 

I LOVED being home. There really is nothing like seeing your parents and siblings love on your daughter. Felix loved it! and I loved all the sleep ;) It makes me sick not being close to family. Sigh. 
Oh and THIS finally happened!!! It just so happened that Phoenix was in town visiting her brother who happens to live near my parent's. It was so late when we finally met up that all we managed to take was this grainy selfie. Take my word on it, she is so beautiful and just as nice in person. Bunny, I can't wait to hug you again!

We sure missed Chip all that time. It was the sweetest reunion at the end of the month. 
Saying bye to all my friends and family never gets easier. Felix with my twinkie, her Mama Two. I am so thankful for all the time we got to spend together. 

You guys... traveling with a baby by car across country -- I don't even know how we did it! Felix was pretty great considering but there were parts were she was downright miserable (that 3rd photo in particular cracks me up!) To drive from Wichita Falls to Elmira is 21 hours. We made it in three days, stopping two nights. Lots of snacks and changing her in the car while she drank her bottle were saving graces. I am glad I didn't bother with changing tables at gas stations! 

Somehow, thank God (and my husband's great driving!) we made it to our new home. Here's to new adventures!

And of course, our biggest news... if you're a follower on instagram (@dolcemicaela) you already know this: 
 Felix's baby sister will be here in December!!! 

More on that later... 

For now, I feel like unpacking will never get done!
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