Tuesday, November 30, 2010

something borrowed.

i don't think it's a secret how much i love my dearest friend Claire. she's amazing isn't she? 

if you know claire, you know her carrie bradshaw love for expensive & fabulous heels. My dearest friend sent me her two fanciest pairs of shoes for my wedding day as my "something borrowed." 

as much as i love heels, i've never owned a pair that actually had it's own dust bag. 

This was a huge gift, a huge show of affection that she loves me as much as i love her. We're not talking any pairs of shoes... we're talking her Christian Louboutins and never worn Jimmy Choos (remember her post about these beauties?) it's a BIG deal. 

Christian Louboutin

Jimmy Choo

unfortunately, as you can see from the photos below... this cinderella's feet are a tad bit smaller *sad face* i wanted to cry when i walked around my parent's kitchen, hoping to make them magically work (even my pappa was suggesting perhaps getting those gel grippers!).

sad day!

even though they didn't fit, i had to express my absolute love for claire for sending these to me (right after coming back from Guatemala no less!) and trusting me with her babies on my magical day.

I love her more than words. 

she's amazing, isn't she?

ps. Claire also sent me coffee with her beloved Saints team on the package from when she was in Louisiana. I opened it the night max's parents came over to my parent's and met for the first time! special, indeed.

Claire, my life is so much sweeter with you in it. xoxo

Monday, November 29, 2010

heartfelt thanks.

With a happy heart i just wanted to thank you all for the lovely happy comments to my "surprise! we got married!" postEach one has meant so much to us!

we got engaged this past january and knew our dream wedding would be a small cozy ceremony (i even went back and forth deciding on a destination wedding or even a courthouse wedding a la sex and the city).

our wedding was exactly what we had hoped for... a beautiful chilly autumn evening shared with our family and closest friends in Texas. 30 people we love gathered in the church i grew up in to celebrate us. To watch us become husband and wife. i wore vintage with (made in italy) j.crew strappy sandals and he was handsome in a suit and a smile i will never forget as i walked down the aisle towards him.

i promise to have more photographs and show you the charming little details as soon as the photos come in, but i wanted to say thank-you. with all my heart, thank you! xo

Sunday, November 28, 2010


...on the day after thanksgiving, i married the absolute love of my life

my pappa married us in the church i grew up in, during an intimate ceremony of just our family and closest friends. dearest lovies, it was magical. 

i love my husband. i love being his wife.

mr. & mrs. maxham xoxo


Thursday, November 25, 2010

So much to be Thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving from my heart to yours!

darlings, it is absolute bliss being back home with my family.

i never want to leave and time always goes by too quickly.

( wire art from bird from a wire

Monday, November 22, 2010

and we're off!!!

i'll let you know when we get to texas safely and i've already had a ton of my momma's good cooking and lotsa hugs from my twinkie!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sharing Sundays... nicole steward designs.

i am loving these embroidery hoops from Nicole Steward. She's an artist from california (who owns a bichon pup - a boy version of my little maverick!) and says all items in her shop are made with her two little hands with lots of thought, love, passion, and attention. 

i am loving them! she also sells jewelry, shoulder bags, & pillows. Check out Nicole Steward Designs on etsy here.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

vintage jewelry & autumn comfort.

two swaps to show off... (i just love a good swap!)

the first one was the vintage jewelry swap hosted by kjrsten. i got paired up with Holli Kristina (who's own jewelry creations i love and showcased here) who sent me vintage gems:
i haven't stopped wearing the pretty gold bangle! i told holli i loved that she sent me gorgeous brooches because it's one fashion trend i haven't mastered and a goal i gave myself this autumn-- to incorporate more on cardis/sweaters. didn't she do good? 

here's what i sent to Holli: 
(sent in a vintage looking tin that i believe used to hold coffee)
finding these brooches above made me want to incorporate them in my wardrobe. A butterfly ring and two pairs of earrings including a pair of Sombrero ones!!! aren't they fabulous? the middle sticks up and everything. At first i wasn't sure if anyone else would like them but me and then danielle (my thrifting date) said they were too cute not to get. I'm glad i did because Holli loved those best-- yay!

another fun swap i participated was actually the first swap i ever did and couldn't wait to participate in again this year. I just love the idea behind Sofia's Autumn Comfort Swap.

put your heart into sending four gifts: Comfort Food, Comfort Drink, Comfort Food for the Soul, and a Comfort Surprise. 

Susie sent me a perfect autumn comfort package:

*comfort food: Annie's (yummy organic/homegrown products) shells with real aged cheddar and dark chocolate candies (my fave!)
*comfort drink: local coffee beans from Portland
*comfort food for the soul: The Pilot's Wife and postcards with her photography and favorite quotes (don't you love that? see more in her etsy shop)
*comfort surprise: vintage coffee mug for my collection

pretty me, no? 

i got Laura who told me she used to live in La Rochelle, France. i decided to go with a european theme:
*comfort food: my absolute favourite coffee cookies! they are so good. 
*comfort drink: french vanilla hot chocolate
*comfort food for the soul: parisian journal and french soap
*comfort surprise: two things she collected- postcards including a vintage french one i was so excited to find at my favorite antique shop- and quirky magnets. she also mentioned loving music so i threw in a mixed tape for her. 

aren't swaps fun? i had a lot of fun with these two... 

sending and receiving, so thanks ladies!!! xo

P.S. ornament exchangers, don't forget the deadline to mail your ornies are by november 22nd. i hope you're  having fun with it and i can't wait to see all the beautiful ones you pick out!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

we come from good stock.

our beautiful parents on their wedding day.

both our parents married young, younger than we are.

and both our parents will be celebrating 40 years of marriage this year. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wanting to Know you Wens.

this is my darling fiance max. if you look closely, he's reading my blog (and if you look even closer, you can see all his post-it reminders. i joked that he's like the guy in Momento).

max is a pretty good fan of my blog (he gave me an upcoming giveaway idea, after all!) and after claire's eric surprised her with a guest post over at bicoastally and this hi-larious photo of danielle's husband modeling a thrifting find at Dinosaur Toes, i had a curious question for you lovies.

how does your boyfriend/husbands feel about your blog? do they read it or only when you ask? do they think it's weird? i want all the details! has he ever done a guest post for you?

i love that max understands what a big part of my life blogging is and he doesn't think it's weird that some of my best friends are blog friends i actually talk to on the phone with but haven't met just yet... which i admit sounds weird on the surface, but not if you knew our friendships.

but i will say that i never ask him to take photos of me cos a.) i feel silly and b.) he rolls his eyes when i ask him to take the same picture 10x (but that's more my issue!)

and sometimes i will ask max to read my blog when he gets a chance, if it's something i've written about him because though he reads it often, it might not be every single day.

so what about you and your guy? do tell!

ps. i want to do a virtual date incorporating our guys but i'm not sure what just yet... if you have an idea, jot it down to please. xo

Check out the Blogger Holiday Gift Guide! {so excited about this!}

if you're like me, you love a good gift guide.

which is why i was so excited when i was asked to contribute to Chic 'n Cheap Living's Blogger Holiday Gift Guide.  Each contributing blogger designed a specific guide (from  what to get a travelista, to the ever helpful men's gift guide) with the hope you'll find an exciting mix of ideas for every wish list need.

i was thrilled when she asked me to come up with a holiday gift guide for the Etsy Lover:

"She's your sister, best friend, mom, co-worker or even yourself. The original girl who loves one of a kind gifts with a touch of art, hand-made, unique jewelry, kitsch/vintage decor, literature, and a gift that's personalized. And if you're that girl, you'll want a sweet idea for your boyfriend or husband. You'll find what you need for your Christmas list on Etsy.com."

Find item details over at my Etsy Gift Guide on Chic 'n Cheap Living here, and be sure to stay awhile and check out all the other guides for this Christmas season!!! x

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

how to feel fancy on a rainy autumn day off, when your only plans are to stay in your pajamas

wear CHANEL Rouge Coco Shine 62 MONTE-CARLO while sipping your morning coffee with your husband-to-be (flirt with your mouth).

kisses to Lindsey for this fancy and fabulous gift!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Postal Service.

^awesome Elvis postcard from April! she picked this up at a funky hole-in-the-wall art gallery in Machester. 
^from my darling Sanja (my first pen pal when we were both 12) : gorgeous ruffled purse/clutch and a pretty scarf (purple is max's fave colour on me). virginia's autumn is perfect for wearing it! she even put her perfume on it. beautiful! inside the purse were teas she drinks when she's cold and Dexter energizing bon bons for when i work too hard. i love you Sanja! xo

^fun autumn letter from maria

^postcard of my heaven on earth from a postcrossing turned pen pal, Celenia

^pretty card from sweet Erin. Guess what!? today we had our first skype date- it was so much fun! and her little boy sawyer is JUST as cute as you think he is! in fact, he told mum he wanted to go to Starbucks today and i giggled that he was def. her son! i love it. we must do it again Erin!

^i lurved this record envie from Alyssa! Madonna & one of my favourite songs, no less.
she even included the vinyl. awesome!

^also awesome was this photograph tina in canada wrote on the back of and sent as a postcard. This is from a trip to St. Lucia. (i also like that me and tina met through postcrossing and that she said our correspondence made her excited about snail mail again! to me, that means a lot)

^another thing that came in the mail today was this pretty giveaway win! I couldn't believe when my name was picked for Annie Christina's Busy Bee Lauren giveaway. Thank you both ladies! i always feel like a million bucks if i should win a giveaway and am always so grateful. 

^a little thankyou to my Lindsey Birdy for the fabulous Mac/Chanel!/Estee makeup goodies she sent : because she loves flowers, print by Burnt Feather & vintage brooch, and a vintage Parisian photograph postcard packaged in The King & I record cover (see Alyssa? great minds think alike!)

^handmade postcard for my bestie Marisa

^and one for Lauren Nicole

^reply to maria

^postcrossing going to Sweden for someone who requested recipes

^postcards going to Phoenix and Carrie Marie, telling them i've been feeling like this lately

^thank you stamps to Faiza (a vanity fair envie with my girlfriend penelope cruz -- i made sure she was showing)

^the card i used for Erin... very Erin

speaking of love letters... i might have already bought my Christmas cards! don't worry, i'll wait til december 1st atleast to send them but i'm just saying. I might be one of those girls that secretly smiles when Christmas decorations go up in October and sings along to the radio station that plays nothing but Christmas songs!
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