Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween! love, the Lechuga-Maxham's

two bowls of yummy candy for cute trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood

Sharing Sundays... Brown Girl Blogs.

i adore this Beautiful Brown Girl from the city i love, Dallas. As a fellow Brown (semi yellow) girl from Texas, i love her just that much more. 

she just got married (have you seen her wedding dress? gorgeous!) to her husband M and i couldn't be more happy for them! they are the cutest couple with the cutest little dog children.

here's one of their babies, a westie named Jane. look at that face!

another reason i love her : she loves TEXAS sports!!! 

and has regular meet-ups, girl night outs with blog friends (seriously, we're going to meet up next time i'm in Texas. seriously. Two brown girls? imagine that fun blog post!)

i'm jealous of her style! this gucci purse? wedding gift from her husband. 

and look at what she was for her office halloween costume party!!! i die over her adorable Big Bird costume!!! 

she also loves/is close to her family which i am too (i think all of us brown girls are). 

she's also sarcastically funny, kind, and the cutest! see why i think she's fabulous and congratulate the new bride here.

Friday, October 29, 2010


i fell in love with this accordion book when i first saw it (months and months ago) by an artist named Iris who lives in Switzerland. 

the last three squares are my favorite: 

In this room, there is me.

In me, there is a heart.

In this heart, there is you.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

so much sadness.

my heart is heavy this week... yesterday my dearest friend Joel (always jolie to me, my first love) delivered a message that broke my heart... his sister i was closest to, Libby passed away. 

my heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to his family who was once my family and always in my heart.
(joel is in the backwards cap and libby is the beautiful blond near him)

see the little cutie covering his ears in the orange? that's luis, the son Libby leaves behind who is now just in junior high. So much sadness. 

and yet as i was walking to my car tonight, i saw the most beautiful sunset.

more beautiful than i have seen in a long time or could have captured on my cell phone.

and i'm reminded of God's comfort.

A beautiful sunset from God to you. xo 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

thinking of you sweet friend. I can just imagine the memorial today was beautiful, celebrating Daddy Butch. 

My heart goes out to you and your family. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

loved this film.

love this girl. I thought Penelope Cruz couldn't get any more beautiful, but i was wrong- she's even more so now that she's expecting with her equally beautiful husband.

it's late and i'm drinking apple cider my husband-to-be brought to me in my favourite mickey mouse mug. i'm such a night owl... i wish i could stay up watching foreign films but alas, my alarm clock is going to go off way too early in the a.m. Sweet Dreams Lovies! xo

Postal Service.

first, thank-you SO very  much for your sweet comments on this post. I know it will mean a lot to Summer. Claire called me yesterday to tell me about their time together and it just made my heart warm to think how wonderful this blogging world of ours is to bring two otherwise strangers together in even a time of such personal tragedy. {Read more about it on Claire's post--how beautiful are those girls?}
^the cutest card from Claire

^i love Phoenix's collage envelope (the tag said "Let your heart speak to others' hearts") and cute cards (look at the bunny mona lisa)! She is such a sweetheart, she enclosed a thank-you card already stamped for me to pass along to my Momma for her crochet creations. Phoenix, she will love it!

^Lauren Nicole sent over our traveling journal, along with awesome postcards i love & vintage postage!

^postcrossing from Ukraine

^from Megan : two packs of pretty stationary + a thank-you letter from her sister's boyfriend James who is currently deployed in the middle east. He was thanking me for a care package i had sent but really james, Thank-YOU! 

^loving my  Halloween cards! Erin's says, "Ghouls just wanna have fun!" (j'adore her little one's drawings to me... look at that ghost!) & stella's twin from Maria

^an etsy order from my talented friend Bianca who put together a zine called "Push the Envelope" (it's amazing!) I also ordered a few packs of her collaged postcards. (my momma was proud and happy when i sent her the photo of bianca's zine on a doily she made for her! so cute) 

i'm all about birthdays, especially my best friend's, my best friend who always spoils me on holidays or my own birthday.

(i also sent along something for her sweet daughter mackenzie - i love our letters to each other!)

For M's birthday, i had to get her this beautiful version of the classic Jane Eyre she blogged about. Deco tape from pretty tape, a pocket journal that made me think of her, monogrammed water bottle for her work-outs, a Best of Otis Redding LP, and a wax seal pendant necklace from Jillian Harris

^postcrossing to Latvia (the dog on the far right looks like maverick!)

^handmade postcard going to Marta in Ukraine, who i met through postcrossing 

^this was a thank-you to lovely Erin, for helping me out with a blog project i had been dreaming about. She was so sweet and patient and helped me out right away with absolute kindness. It was so neat to see this post of hers, to see something you send in their hands (how gorgeous are Erin's eyes?) As a dog lover, seeing her Olive with the toy i sent... love it!!!
(flying french bulldog tote from MisNopalesArt / postcard, one of Gemma Correll's illustrations)

^i bought a pin-up book from barnes & noble and write on the back like stationary - this one is for Lauren

^postcard going to my pen pal in Italy that i also met through Postcrossing

^knitted booties i picked up at the craft market for Heather, a beautiful mom-to-be

^for my claire, deer deco tape from RetroNaNa

from Pushing the Envelope: "Letters are like a tangible piece of time.  I think they're little packages of good vibes and the feeling after reading (or writing) a good letter is blissful.... "
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