Monday, September 29, 2008

SERIOUSLY. *Spoil alert* just incase you haven't seen Grey's...

So last night me and C finally got a down moment to watch Grey's Anatomy and the MUCH awaited, MUCH anticipated season premier.

O… M…. G. LOL

Stacey had texted me Thursday and said, "I thought they were going to kill of McDreamy for a second!!!" – I almost killed her that night via text cos I told her me and C wait to watch it together since he works Thursday nights :) lol now I know what she meant…

The DEF. went for "shock value." lol MANY times they got me! My mouth dropped and I couldn't believe it! lol at one point me and C had to stop it for a smoke break. Haha it was CRAZY!!!

we cried… and we laughed… and we held hands at the touching points (in the words of Meredith Grey, "I am that mushy goey person inside"--or something like that! lol)

BUT… can I just say??? Meredith, you are NO carrie hahaha YOU ANNOYED THE HECK OUT OF ME!!!! seriously. Ya… SERIOUSLY. lol crazy woman!!! Then I thought, I guess we can be a bit much when talking to our gfs about our relationship probs :) but meredith was just TOO MUCH. Anyone agree???

cos your McDreamy? delish as always!!! ♥

Cheers to more Grey's and sad micaela (and C!) that there's not one this week… :(

We finally get to watch this season opener:
Brothers & Sisters

Dear Hollywood Writers,

AMAZING job so far! Please keep it coming so me and my boy can enjoy many more nights on the couch with our lola playing at our feets. You are a great escape to our busy lives! So think of us, [ me HAPPY with my personal McDreamy] while busy at work. We applaud you!



Friday, September 26, 2008


I am pressed for time cos i get to leave work early so i can go help out at Falls Fest! whoo hoo!!! if you go there this weekend, stop by and say hi! I am helping out at a booth (NO... not a kissing booth! hahaha) but i need to hurry to be there tonight so ciao amores!!!
I will leave you with this ADORABLE picture from J Crew. [I want a J Crew wedding]

This picture reminds me of me and my girlfriends... can you guess which little girl i am? I ALMOST ALMOST would be the girl holding the other girl's hand (my twinkie soul's) but most of the time it's me and the cute little boy... me and MY cute little boy. My gfs all love him so it's fabulous!!!

so lovies... have a weekend just like this! filled with your girls... and a cute boy you can pull close who will kiss your cheek really close to your mouth while you smile because you are so happy.


email between lovers

From: Micaela
To: C
Subject: be my date?
Sent: Sep 25, 2008 10:53 AM

I just got some info for that proclamation I am writing for 104-year-old Lola. Look at this, how cute!: "first date was in 1917 with Ed Jennings who took her to town on the St. Louis street car and bought her a Sunday paper on Saturday for her to take home and read the funny paper to her sisters; this impressed her"

hahaha LOVE it!!! this guy ended up marrying her cousin but introduced her to her soul mate, who she met in May and married in June and they were married for 61 years. Lovely!!!!

okay Wichita Falls Symphony is coming up!!! October 4th (I'm working on the City calendar)Wanna go? Promises to take us to "carnival time in Rome" with the likes of Berlioz & Tchaikovsky who i just love!!!

then I want to go to this on Oct. 18th:

"Join us for a fun evening of succulent shrimp, wonderful wines, and eclectic regional art, all on the grounds of the Kemp Center for the Arts.

Tasting Flights
$35 in advance
$40 at the gate
Includes admission to the event

16 wine samplings
4 shrimp servings
1 dessert serving

I know, I know, what are you going to do with me??? lol

ps. i forgot to get tarter sauce to go yesterday to eat with my hush
puppies! lol

C's Reply:

Number one... Symphony sounds wonderful. I love music you know I am a sucker for that!
Number two. You want to spend $35 on a ticket to NOT eat the shrimp?! Lol! *I'm a vegetarian*
Number three.. What am I going to do with you?!
Number four. That old lady sounds so cute! I wanna marry her! All I have to do is buy her a paper with the funnies in it!
Number Five. Mustard will go just fine on your hush puppies!!! It works on everything else for you!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mcdreamy mmmm.

"Ba ba bennnie and the jets"...

Yep my dears, SIR ELTON was on the radio on my way back to work from lunch so that can only mean one thing-- It's going to be a GREAT day!!!

and it just HAS to be cos guess what season opens today?!?! (Forget "Heroes" Maria!!!)

another season of MCDREAMY!!! yup!!! looove it! and the season finale was AH-MAZING so it can ONLY get better!!!! heck ya! I loved when Meredith put those candles out in the shape of their home...

Me and C are just like them. No wait... we are more like Carrie & BIG!!!

my Mom hadn't watched the AH-MAZING film yet and we (of course!) bought it tues. and watching it the 2nd time around was even better. I was still on the edge of my seat. I just KNEW it would mean more to me this time around... and it did.

esp. the part where she sees him inside the closet in their dream home and she runs to him. That look in her face when she first sees him... We've all been there. And she says, "It wasn't love. It was logic." *goose bumps* It's SUCH a touching movie. le sigh.

lovely was when my momma said we (me and c) were just like carrie & her Big. As a self proclaimed carrie wannabe... that was one of THE best things she could say to me. lol I'M A DORK! i know. ;)

enjoy grey's everyone!!!
and then we can discuss. ;)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Dear Micaela's Life,

right now.

please stay the same. Or get better because honestly, how can you????

let me enjoy this.

thanks for being good to me,

Micaela xoxo

Wednesday: September 17, 2008 my sick boy.

Current mood: smitten

ingredients for when your boy is sick:

♥ soup he can stomach: "baby.. here are your choices... " call to him waiting patiently for you.
♥ a magazine for when he has to use the bathroom (or in our case, when he feels better!!!!!!)
♥ a movie HE choses. Because he is sick... I did not go with this (though it opened yesterday!!!)

and instead, my sick boy wanted to see this:

which was actually, not a bad choice. We loved it more than we thought!

and hopefully added to the ingredients list...

♥ ME!

sweet hugs to my darling sicky boy!

Monday: September 15, 2008 jealous bff.

Current mood: jealous

Dear Maria,

You are my bff no doubt. I love you like you're my sister.

But today, today I just really really really dislike you a little :) because while I'm watching the COWBOYS on the telly…

You two

will be watching it at the stadium!!!!

I am no Maria :) but I think Joel should have taken me. I clearly love them more!!! lol

But, even though you may see Romo ♥ closer than I will ever get to...

I will be JUST FINE with my personal Romo

Kisses from your jealous bff,
-Micaela xxx

Okay honestly, I am SOOO GLAD you guys get to experience this together! :) please have fun for me and be safe.

Love you!!!!

Friday: September 12, 2008 Flutter.

Current mood: breezy

Ah, darling Friday. You are FINALLY here!
Guess what opened at the theatre!?!?

"The Women."

A SOOOO MUST-SEE. Just look at this fabulous star-studded cast! :

Ooh a funnie!!! So I ACTUALLY said this to C: "What's Candice Bergen's real name?" HA.

Um… what I meant to say was, "What's Murphy Brown's real name?" LOL I genuinely had blanked out earlier on her name and truly was wanting the answer. I apparently, speak after my brain already realizes the answer. It was quite funny!!!

I felt stu! :)

I'll let you know how it is.

Dear Mail man,
Please rush these to me in this beautiful pressie box:

My latest etsy purchase.

Robbie Williams has sparrows…

so Micaela shall too.
ok duh, I'm a dork! You know this. :) aren't they darling though? I need a constant for my second holes.


The Mane Event.

Going on TOMORROW at the MPEC.
Unveiling of 30 artsy GORGEOUS horses, including one I'm MOST proud of... my papa's! ;) Here's your friday treat: a sneak peek!
I am sooo proud of him!

check it out!!! Say hi as well.

"You are my hearts flutter!"

Lovies, my weekend wish for you is have a weekend that makes YOUR heart flutter!!! that, and you spend time with the FABULOUS girls in your life. I KNOW i am lucky there.
And if not, well

"When life throws a hurricane at you…
Board up the windows and make some hurricanes!
Here's to a Happy Friday."
-Chris Horgen Inc.


Friday: September 12, 2008 God speaks to me.

Current mood: touched

On my way back to work, I stopped in our building's little sitting area.
I looked up at the sun peeking out and there was a teeny tiny rainbow.

Granted, it could have been from the reflection off my sunglasses… but it was there. For me.
Truth- I tried to take a pic of it and the sun opened up brighter, overcoming my rainbow. God wanted to just share it with me.

As I smiled at this, a little hummingbird quickly darted up to a red rose on the bushes out by the patio, and quickly swirmed off.

I get into the car to go back to work and the song playing? Gavin Rossdale's "Love Remains." I swear this song fit perfectly for a transition of my life.

"i never thought that i had any more to give
pushing me so far
here i am without you
drink to all that we have lost,
mistakes that we have made
everything will change,
love remains the same……

so much more to say,
so much to be done
don't you trick me out,
we shall overcome
cause our love stays ablaze
we should have had the sun
could have been inside
instead we're over here"

Monday: September 08, 2008 why i'm giving up coffee.

Current mood: pissed off


ya, an ocean of coffee.

i felt like such a dumb ass. My boss came running over to me cos she could hear me just say "shi*" x 10. lol

She joked with the two others in our office that I "threw" a coffee at her :) She was so nice about it. I mean seriously-- THE WHOLE CUP spilled. I just know it could be worse... but still, I felt like such a klutz. Well, I am a klutz.

I'm giving up Coffee...

for the day anyway. :P

Thursday: September 04, 2008 to you.

Current mood: tired

love, me.

*you can get cute cards like these at
cos seriously, who doesn't love cards?

Tuesday: September 02, 2008 Barcelona.

Woody Allen at his best.

His best would include my gf, Penleope Cruz :)

totally growing out my hair now. i ♥ her.

This movie makes for a perfect weekend matinee with friends you adore and def. one of your best girls. Made me and Kate want to take off to Europe. The movie just expressed why I love the European lifestyle best- why my heart is still there.

There is a part where Scarlett Johanson's character is biking down a path with Javier's character (ooh la la! He's grown on me. Sex.y!) & how the narrator says something like, here they aren't materialistic like in America, and she likes that.

A fabulous part in the film where Vicky's dining at an outdoor cafe with her "perfect" freshly wed husband and they are chatting with another couple they ran into from NYC. They are discussing the latest technology must-haves for their new homes, and Allen does his trademake all-is-quiet moment except a sad spanish guitar playing (think opera in "Match Point") to "show" Vicky's thoughts.

I have always enjoyed the smart, sharp conversation of Allen's.
The different outlooks of love.
And if you've been lucky enough to have lived and loved in Europe, this movie will bring you back.

Something to wonder:

"Only unfulfilled love can be romantic."

Out smoking at starbucks after the film, I joked, "I belong in a woody allen film. I'm that girl."

Monday: September 01, 2008 weekend love!

Current mood: artistic

Saturday morning me and Kate woke up hungry, so it was nice to be able to walk outside our place and across the corner to a burrito shop. We're in our jammies, her cute in a hat and I order a egg, cheese, and potato breakfast burrito. To which the normally sweet lady says, "Breakfast is over." ha. I guess nearly 11 is pretty late?

After eating, we decide to walk over and check out an antique store down the road. That's where we met our new friend Wily. Wily writes for the HUB in the paper and works at the antique store with his wife of 13 years. Both twice married. Him single for 12 years before her... her only a couple of months. He writes about books he likes. The classics... Whitman. Twain. Says he loves to get into a book and when you get to the last pages... it makes you angry (loved his gestures here!) because you don't want it to end. I know the feeling, my friend. Not angry for me though... more like dreading the end.

Micaela found a lot of goodies!!!!

best find of all: this fabulous mirror!

katy called it "italian vintage" LOVE IT! i wish you could see the detail better (my cam phone, again, SUCKS!) I bought it for a serious steal

this next idea i got from the decor blogs i frequent.
a did-it-yourself take on toiletries.
mason jars for cotton balls + q-tips.
if you look closely, you will see the one for cotton balls? says BALL. how fab!

In college, we had a class where we had to look or find an old picture and restore it. Our artist of a professor suggested going to antique stores where they sell them for 25 cents at most. Since then, I've been on a quest to find old lovers pictures. A happy wedding shot. I haven't found it yet, but this came pretty close: ♥

i think it's darling. Her laugh is great and she's holding a panda. aw

i put the picture here for now, right next to my sink in these built-in cubbie holes

blurry, but you get the idea.

i fell in love with this old fisher's lantern! i love white too so i had to have it!
if you know me, you also know i love mirrors. i have a thing about them. This framed mirror worked. In the book section i found this copy of "Alice in Wonderland" illustrated. Had to have it! I once had a dirty dream about someone involving this book. It involved the door knob! ha! ENOUGH SAID.

btw, alice's cupcake says, "eat me."

the peeing man trophy! HA! so ugly and questionable, had to have my hands on it!
wtf right??? little strong midget man holding his pee pee!!!

seriously. look.

so ya... he had to go by the toilet. Here's the rule. He's like my buddha. After peeing, for luck you have to rub (or kate said "pinch") his pee pee! :) ha!
only Micaela!

My new space is slowly getting together.
My bathroom is pretty much done. Yay! And i did do my vera wang :) Mom bought me the towels, trash (who pays $60 reg. price for a square trash bin?!), soap dispenser, toothbrush holder + cup.

I love it! Bless my Mom!

I'm proud of my finds... if you couldn't tell ;)

Saturday: August 30, 2008 art.

i love it!

a couple of blogs ago, i mentioned going to an art show gallery of a fabulous sculptor i promised to tell you about.

My sister (who works as a media buyer) works with her and this fabulous artist works scrap metal in her spare time. Her name is Laura McCuistion Gillis. She has nearly 23 years of experience in the printing and graphic arts industry and as she says, her current focus is "building sculptures from scrap steel and found objects, taking recycling to a more enjoyable level."

Her work is "primitive and rustic-- allowing the metal to weather to a natural rusty patina." I love it. In the process of moving, I just knew i wanted something of hers to have in my new space.

These are the two things I bought (btw, forgive the quality of pics... my camera phone sucks!!! and you truly can't capture the gorgeous detail in picture anyway!):

dangling heart

I couldn't believe this heart didn't cost a thing!!! I completely believe it'd make the best house warming gift or for any occassion for that matter! So if you're ever in need of a unique, sweet gift...

this one I got along with my twin. We bought a pair so when we see it in our houses, we will think of each other. We are both Pisces and so it fits.

Fish with Scales

It's really pretty! the coils for scales stick out. Love it! When we were trying to decide which fish went home with each other, I joked with the artist that this one was for me, because ya see... the edges to mine are rough and jagged... Marianne's is much more smooth and fine. I told both that i had to have that one, of course, becasue I'm the one who's "rough around the edges." :) all of them laughed at me! it's true. ha.

Right now it's on one of my window sills but I think once I get my book shelf moved in, that's where this little guy will go.

If you're here locally, you should make a date and go see her stuff at the Red River Valley Museum. Her show runs til the 21st of Sept. You truly will enjoy Laura's stuff! I did. She's so cute too!!! If you should go, I'm sooo going to buy the small fish table! wish I had taken a picture of that.

From laura's words:

"I hope that my art will lift your spirits, make you smile and make you think about the delicate balance of nature and mankind. And, please- recycle!"

Wednesday: August 27, 2008 Beautiful Stranger.

I was 19 and on a small plane on my way to Germany from Italy to visit my brother. I hate to fly. I hate turbelance... i hate the take-off and the landing... I'm just terrified of it.

[Last summer I had to sit between my sister and her husband on our way from Dallas to Vegas. LOL I just hate to fly. Marianne made fun of me for sitting by her husband where she should be, but she understood.]

On this particular trip though, I was traveling alone. I was seated next to a guy from Holland. I was busy reading a book until we hit a patch of turbelance. Scared and just instinct, I grabbed on to him. He laughed but understood and simply held my hand, telling me it would be okay. At the end of our flight, we exchanged emails and I thanked him for his kindness and off we went in seperate ways in the airport... A simple interaction and nothing romantic about it. Instead, sincere.

A few years later, I got an email from him asking me if I remembered him? Him, who wanted to be an architect... that we shared a flight once and that he came across my email at the bottom of his backpack that day by chance and decided to send it out into the world-- a message to see.
Ever have a quick experience like this? with a total stranger who may never cross your path again.

A Post Secret I've always loved

Monday: August 25, 2008 call me eve.

Current mood: creative

After all these years, I see that I was mistaken about Eve in the beginning; it is better to live outside the Garden with her than inside it without her.-- Adam's Diary from Mark Twain

I have always been fascinated with Adam & Eve. In fact, I got my first A on a college paper over John Milton's "Paradise Lost."

This book cover image reminds me of them (btw, great book, I bought it and was actually sent a copy of the original manuscript-- toootally cool!)

I'm planning on making a print of this book cover *cos i love it so much* and put it next to my own photograph that reminds me of this image.
ooh la la.

Thursday: August 21, 2008 Something good.

Current mood: enlightened

The Geography Of Love, A memoir by Glenda Burgess

Dear Reader---
This book contains a very personal and, I hope, moving story. On a late summer night in 2004, I began writing what you will find in the pages of this memoir. Truthfully, I didn't write with any intention of publishing my story, but rather as a way of examining my life and coping with the enormity of a life-changing upheaval. One of the most basic instincts we humans have is to process and give meaning to all of our experiences, both good and bad, and seek to be more enriched for it. We each have ways of coping and celebrating the triumphs and tragedies that make up our lives. For me, understanding is found in bringing words to the page. This is a book about the emotional landmarks of life, the mountains and valleys of happiness, the deserts of despair, and the tidal waves of fate, or as I think of it, the geography of love....
... if they could find insight into their own lives, if they could somehow bond with me, a stranger, over our common human experiences.
So I take a deep breath as this book goes into the world. It helps that I have a very modest but very sincere goal: that you will find hope, magic, and inspiration in my story.
Glenda Burgess

Up it went into my arms as I knew I had to buy it.
I started to read it when we got home and I could not put it down. I had to re-read certain lines and read them out loud to my dearest friend so they would share what chills I got from her words:

She starts with a time she was camping with her father at nine and she asks, "what made stars shoot?"
"Please, I begged silently, tell me the truth. I knew with deep inner conviction that the way my father answered my question would somehow affect the way I asked and answered questions the rest of my life....
'Just a bit of chance and chaos, Sunshine,' he said. 'Atoms that dance.'

Moreso later in the beginning:

"Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could"-- the phrase from "Something Good" by Oscar Hammerstein drifted into my head and I hummed the lyric with a smile...
My grandfather had sung the song to me as a child. He and my grandmother , on one of their periodic visits east to New York, had booked in at the Plaza, picking up tickets to Mary Martin in The Sound of Music. Broadway, 1959. I was not yet three at the time, but I remember the song, the way Grampa would twirl me and plant a big kiss on my neck as he sang, "Somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good."

I looked back over my shoulder at the man sleeping rumpled under the sheets, one arm flung over his forehead in vulnerable disregard for the world.
... For our many mistakes, ... life had produced the unfamiliar. Something good.
* * *
"If you were to ask me three things I know to be true of life, I would tell you these three: what you dreamed of yourself at fourteen reflects your purest wish; don't marry the first person you kiss; and all the great questions bounce back from God."

Pages later, upon meeting the love of her life:

"One thought. I had one improbable thought. I was the one to love this man. I recognized my future in the sparkling eyes of this Californian, handsome as an Italian seventeenth-century Caravaggio with clam juice on his chin."

ahhh. Don't you just love that illustration? Can't you just see what she was seeing that night sitting across from him at dinner? the beautiful description esp with the last part... clam juice on his chin. I love that line best. Because it makes him real. It makes him even MORE charming.

My secret wish for putting even my own self out there with what i write: that someone --- even if their situation doesn't mirror my own --- will feel less alone and find herself in my shoes (heels!) and know that no matter what...
God does always bounce you back.
In the mean time, be inspired by her as I look forward to being.

Wens: August 20, 2008 NO. MORE.

Current mood: Clearness

I sat there against the wall... across the toilet on the floor.
Blank. Numb. Yet full of being unearthed. Being shattered.
Defeated. Foolish.
My straight crown next to me.
I knew I had to peel myself up.
so i got up.
went outside on the balcony as it rained.
smoked my last few cigarettes.
and then it came...
no regret.

the thrill of letting go...

Tuesday: August 19, 2008 Rain.

Current mood: chill

text from my Moma 3:36pm today:

"Is it flooding over there downtown? Its raining here. I like d rain. It reminds me back home when i was growing up."

awww, that just gave me a visual of a little filipina girl, my precious Moma as a child.

I love the rain.
Love it!

and it pouring all night and into this day.
A little more than we need -- today felt like a news day... like I was in a news room. The same rush of craziness bubbling.

Interesting (and refreshing!) to be on the "other side."
I didn't even get to sneak away for lunch so God bless hot funyons (healthier than hot cheetos) !!!!

nicolas lorden

"Never have I ever... "
A favorite drinking game with my girls! :)
one girl I had just met that night who was driving off the next morning to marry her Coast Guard fiancee said, "Never have I ever kissed in the rain."


I was glad I didn't drink to that one.
God bless kissing in the rain...
my favorite and sweetest memories were during a great thunderstorm... !

Monday: August 18, 2008 in a perfect world...

Current mood: nostalgic

"Hi I'm Micaela..."

we would have been at the right moment at the right time in our life.

me in some new dress i bought that day and you charming as ever.

A new start.
no, a fresh start.
Another go.
minus the pain that ebbs us now.

because i do believe we could be incredible.

i do believe.

I can't remember where I "stole" this lovely art work from!!! if anyone knows, let me know, i luuuurve it!

Sunday: August 17, 2008 secret tea room.

Since it's the weekend and a lot of you probably went shopping for tax-free (as will I this evening) I wanted to share with you some of my fabulous vintage finds last week during lunch.

I met up with Marianne, Yarei, and Katy for lunch and girl talk at a cute little place downtown called the "Secret Tea Room." There's antique gems to be found in the front before you get to the actual eatery.
Look what lovely things micaela picked up:

(pic is blurry thanks to my "really cool" verizon gylde phone i hate!)

*vintage mirror tray for perfumes

*quirky 'key-sticking-out' wall piece. (yarei pointed out i can hang my keys off of it! love at first sight)

*little charming decor to hang up that reminded me of europe that looks to be hand painted

A precious vintage silvery olive clutch with a clear ribbon hard handle... OMG we are soul mates. It's so clean inside too and for the price, it was a STEAL!

happy Micaela!
back to shopping.... !

Friday: August 15, 2008 lucky.

Current mood: lucky

talk about luck!!!

I was outside on my cell talking to marianne because I needed my phone charger which i left in my car this morning in my rush to get to work (another late night staying up watching the Olympics! you should see all the co-workers of mine coming into our office to discuss it with me... love it!)

After we were done talking, I got out of my car and closed the locked door and realized my keys were still in my seat where I had left them.

(Of course I'm saying these out loud while I don't realize there's some guy a car next to me outside ha!)

LUCKILY... It is my day.

I checked to see if the backdoor was open and thank God, for some CRAZY reason it was!!! (I always lock my doors. always. thank God i didn't this time!) So there you go... I was able to grab my keys! :) seriously, I am never that lucky. I'm not the girl who always wins at raffles, the lottery, green lights, love.

But today is my day.

and today would NOT have been a good day to be locked out of my car. When I get off at my city job, I have to rush home to change for my "fill in job" this weekend. For any of you lucky ones who get to spend your hard earned money for tax free weekend, come see me at the mall! I've been a kind sister-in-law and am working all weekend but it should be fun actually, some of my best girls are working as well!

Allora, (which is italian for "so"-- cos i find myself using that transition all the time so [see what i mean?] i went international on you!) sticking with the theme of luck....

i will leave you with this:

Here's a thought on it by Jimmy Buffet in his song, "Love & Luck" :

With a little love and luck
You will get by
With a little love and luck
We'll take the sky
In this mangled modern world
You've got to try
Try a little love and luck...
So have your fun
Go ahead and tell your story
Find yourself a lover
Who will glue you to the floor

Wednesday: August 13, 2008 call me imelda marcos

Current mood: ecstatic

"Nice shoes..."

M: "Thanks, Sam called them 'chica bow wow' heels."

"They were the second thing I noticed."

M: "What was the first?"

"Your smile."

It was a genuine smile. They typically are when I smile. But today... in that moment... the world was right and I had every reason in the world to smile!

Tuesday: August 12, 2008 We all need someone to look at us.

Ever wonder how people see you?
How would someone describe you?

I have often thought about this. One summer me and my older sister Maria were people-watching as we sat on some steps in Venice. We were just watching the crowds as they made their way across ... mixing in with the pigeons and I asked her that.

You know how when someone asks you to describe another person? and you use phrases like, "well she's not fat... but she's not skinny" or "he has a big nose"... etc.

I have often wondered how people would describe me. Maybe I don't want to know ;)
The other week my computer was down at work and "my techie" -- that's what I call him :) lol --- came down to work on it. We got to talking and he mentioned he bought a nice camera cos he wanted to get into photography. He said, "you probably know a lot about that though." Like he pictured me to be the kind of girl who knew how to take pictures.

Janice Guy. Untitled. 1979.

One of my good friends often puts ads online to find people to hang out with. (Seriously not looking for love, she just wants good company in a big city she had just moved to). She asked me to write her up an ad to describe her. It was a pretty fun "assignment." :)

And so she wrote one about me... how she thinks I would be described in an ad. If there's something you should know about this girl, it's that she's achingly honest. Sometimes it's even hurt my feelings. In a way, (because of that sharpness of her honesty) it meant a lot to me what she wrote.

I often wonder what others think of me... but if it's anything like this, then I guess it's not so bad ;) :

"Classically styled workaholic seeking Someone to help kick her heels up and cut loose after work for drinks and other similar social fair. She dines on meatless worldly delicacies and sips only of the most refined and natural refreshments. Killer hair, alluring eyes, and an inviting smile are included in a complete package of irresistible charm, lighthearted banter, and your most faithful confidante. There is more about her you'll probably never know, though she secretly wishes you'd ask. As for what she's looking for...Your movie tastes range from classics to modern fluff and timeless Art House sensations. Your intellect keeps her on her toes and challenges her to think more than she ever thought possible. You must be quick on your feet with this girl, for she does not wait by the phone or twiddle her thumbs too long. Her date book is usually full and will only be revised for the simple but special things that life has to offer like close nit family, great friends, and a breathtaking kinda love. So, which one are you?"

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Monday: August 11, 2008 Raw.

Current mood: cultured

"I used to rule the world"... VIVA LA VIDA! yup. Coldplay! It's in my head!!! :)

that is such a GREAT song to start off a rainy pretty Monday to!!! I can just picture Chris Martin singing this song... his hand dances. Love it!!! *chills* And I get to see him again in NOVEMBER!

Did everyone have a fabulous weekend?

I did... but um not exactly "refreshing" or "relaxing." ;)

Drank wayyyy too many of these

but it was also a weekend surrounded by great friends and lots of laughter...

and this too:


Next weekend I promise myself to do more of this:

i can promise myself that anyway :)

No really, I had a great lazy sunday after a "too much to handle" saturday.

I went to church... that felt refreshing. Lunch at thai orchid with the fam and then we went to an art showing. I will tell you more about the sculpturer next time because I want to take pics of my fabulous art buys!!!

Then after a cook out and home-made ice cream gathering... it was more family time in front of the tv cheering on our guys at the Olympics. OMG-- We were screaming and got out of our seats when the guys took gold for the men's relay race. What a great moment!!!

It was truly amazing!!! My papa even stayed up late to watch with us :)

it was a sah-weeeet victory, esp since the frenchies were talking crap! it reminded me of a carrie phrase... remember the one where she chats up a navy sailor out with the girls? and he starts talking trash about New York City? She says something like, "Aint no one going to talk shi.. about my city." lol ha. Great!

even though I should have easily fallen asleep last night after a busy day of which most I tried to fake off a hangover... I couldn't exactly unwind when i got home. It was 11:30 and I knew I would be hurting today at work. (btw, not so bad with strong coffee-- Didn't have time to do my starbucks run BUT! Maria has a coffee bean grinder and I'm convinced everyone who is addicted to java like i am should invest in making coffee this way) So I laid on the couch and started reading a book I bought this weekend. It's the National best-seller called "What I know now: Letters to my younger self."

Extraordinary women share the wisdom they wish they'd had when they were younger. Women like Maya Angelou... Ann Curry... Olympia Dukakis. It's pretty great!

The one I read before bed was actually one of the best. It was from singer Macy Gray. It was written to her 27-year-old self when her and her husband broke up. She was pregnant with their 3rd child btw.

So i will leave you with words of wisdom from her letter...

"You'll get to the point where you're just pleasing yourself. When it's all

about where your heart is, that attracts a lot of energy.

Everything else follows....

Becoming completely raw always works."


okay I lied. :) I will leave you with some eye candy!!!

"Helloooo lova"

these heels I bought friday -- a true steal from Nine West! Saw it off a blog called "cashmere + cupcakes"

LOOOVE them!!! have been looking for a great pair of strappy "gladiator" sandels since I saw them on Carrie when they were on Oprah. LOVE THEM!

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