Friday, April 29, 2011

happy things to end the week with.

(or playing along with pretty Summer B. who i'm going to meet this weekend!)

i was one of the many who watched the entire fairy tale wedding into the early a.m.   

gorgeous, simply beautiful, and classic. i couldn't wait for the balcony kiss but one of my favorite images of the wedding was the two Middleton sisters right after the dress the world was waiting for was finally revealed.

image: NY fashion
it made me think of my twin sister who was "watching" with me via countless texts and phone calls. I'm so very excited because i get to see her in less than 24 hours when we both land in NY!

not only did i stay up to watch the Royal Wedding coverage, but i didn't even go to bed last night because i was also excited my Dallas Mavericks beat Portland to advance to round two of the NBA playoffs! we take on the LA Lakers Monday and i have faith this could be our year (this is what i wore to work during the playoffs last year).

i left work early and treated myself to a much needed pedi. (the color i chose was like a gunmetal but i'm already saving my camera card for NY, so this is an old photo of mine) speaking of pedis... at Pilates class i noticed this woman next to me had a pretty metallic animal print pedicure. After class was over, i told her how pretty i thought her nail polish was and she told me all about Minx and how they do it at the spa she works at. i had never heard of Minx! so she gave me her card and i'm excited to try it out... all because i gave her a compliment. compliments make me happy, not just getting them but especially giving them.

calling all dog mommas! i found the PERFECT toy for your pet with bad breath (like our poor stella bear). Our dogs don't like DentaStix at all {which is crazy cos they love eating!} so we went to this cute dog boutique in search of small doggie mints. The owner introduced us to the minty & bouncy orbee and it is genius! smells good, bounces, and their product is eco-friendly. 

mixed media : sarah eln
i'm the worst at putting off packing for a trip, so i better try and get started cos tomorrow my flight takes off at 6 a.m.! i can't wait to see my sisters and meet some fabulous friends along the way...

but i'm really going to miss this guy. this morning before he left for work he joked that he didn't want me to go. i playfully asked him if he'd miss me? "i miss you already"-- my husband, my darling husband.

oh how i miss that scruff!

i'm planning to leave him a scavenger hunt of love notes to find throughout our house. Excuse my sappiness, i'll blame it on the Royal Wedding. 

and i'll leave you with a quote said during the ceremony...

"Be who God wants you to be, and you will set the world on fire." 

-Saint Catherine

Happy Friday Lovies!!! please say a prayer of safe travels for me and Marianne tomorrow (especially since i hate to fly). xoxo

are you awake?

i can't wait to see the dress and the balcony kiss!

i only wish i was wearing a tiara in my pajamas over at erin's royal wedding tea party but i will be "watching" it with marianne through text/phone calls into the wee a.m. to watch history.

p.s. i know you've seen all the tacky souvenirs, but i happen to like this fun pair of gloves! they make me giggle and i would totally wear them as i practice my "princess" wave.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Postal Service.

first, don't forget to put your name in my postcard giveaway from one of my favorite etsy's.
+ details on the button to the left 
^sweet Kellie sent me a thank-you from australia for winning my favorite things giveaway. i was so touched by this act of kindness-- she won something and yet sent me a bunch of pretties?! i was incredibly surprised & incredibly touched.

^Gustav Klimt (my favorite) postcard Girl with the Fan, postcrossing from The Netherlands

below is Kary's gorgeous & perfectly me birthday gifts:
i can't even begin to describe how perfect it all was. aren't those "fashionista" sticky notes adorable? and the lacy black Express dress fits me perfectly (if not for showing off my non-existant boobs) and she remembered my love of deers (i told her someday this would go in felix's nursery). Dulce Amiga, you spoil me always and i can't wait to see the cherry blossoms with you this weekend! eeek!!! 2 days! p.s. i love the Harry Potter sound card that came with this... so you!

april was full of beautiful birthdays! here's two of the care packages that went out to my favorite birthday girls april and danielle. 

for april (twinkie's soul mate):
the titty-tassel card was hilariously her, eiffel tower bottle to remind her of her parisian nights, vintage recipe box thrifted for her love of cooking, and the Rainbow Sprinkles Heart Ring is from Jenny Sport on etsy. i got it for her to wear to her Katy Perry concert this summer (katy perry is her love, you see)!!! 

and for my girl fiancee Danielle:

birthday card that looks like their dog kona, tea towel from oh little rabbit (i believe its instant art for the kitchen and danielle just included goldfish to her family... too bad i couldn't find brain fish ones like she loves), kitsch kitty figurine i found while thrifting along with a glass gun bottle that is so her.  

the stacking rings are from bead keepers on etsy and for this one i did some detective work (they were on her etsy favorites which was the easy detective part). I emailed her husband and asked him to find out her ring size and favorite gemstone. He's helped me before on her christmas gift, so i knew i could count on him and he did not let me down! 

these two girls spoiled me on my birthday last month, it was nice to selflessly return the favor. 

Birthdays and putting together a care package for someone you love are my favorite!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wanting to Know you Wens : What did you look like on your wedding day?

in anticipation of the Royal Wedding, i thought i'd have another virtual date centered on weddings... your wedding.

A close girlfriend (who's known me while i was going through the ins and out of love) gave me the sweetest compliment. She simply said, "marriage suits you."

A day after this past Thanksgiving, during a charming quaint wedding i got to say "i do" to the love of my life.

send me a photo of your wedding day to and i'd love to share it on my dolce vita next wednesday. Please include how long you've been married and your blog link if you have one with the subject: wedding.

i can't wait to see what you lovies looked on the your most magical day! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

For Sale: Baby Shoes Worn.

the title is a play on this post i wrote once upon a time.

my best friend Maria back home in Texas is expecting her first child. i can't wait until she finds out what she's having next month because baby shopping is my favorite! her baby's daddy is a huge Dallas Maverick's fan like me, so i def. know that i want to get their baby a Mavs onesie. 

i was browsing their baby products and my womb ached when i saw this ruffled outfit.

i can't wait to have a baby and when i think of a little "us," i wish for a baby girl. i already have her name picked out. Felix, after my mom's dad.

and this might sound absolutely crazy....

but i doodle her name when i'm bored at work.

and someday (maybe soon?) i can't wait to meet our little Felix.

you can bet she'll be wearing this, thanks to her mama. 

calling my NY city blog friends...

hosted by some sweet girls including AV over at long distance loving

i'm already grabbing summer & karina to go with me and marianne so if you're in the area and want to know more, drop an email to the address above!

i'm so excited that it's falling under the dates me & twinkie are going!!! because i can't wait to meet fellow blog goddesses. xo hope to see you there! 

(and if you're going, do let me know!) 

Monday, April 25, 2011

one of my favorite weekends in el paso.

when we moved to our new home, we were lucky to live next to a couple our age, also new to town and also newly weds. it was kismet. 

Candice has instantly become one of my closest girlfriends and we're lucky that our husbands get along (which you know can be quite rare if you're a couple). 

this weekend was Candice's birthday and i can't remember having this much fun in ages! The festivities started with wine and dinner at The Garden, followed by barhopping/dancing til 2 a.m. in the Union Plaza Entertainment District downtown.

Saturday (sporting a minor hangover) we had thai for lunch and went to see "Water for Elephants." It was every bit as magical (and hard to read/watch in some parts) as the book. I know it's not just me, but Robert Pattinson never looked sexier in my humble opinion.

Yesterday, they invited us over for an Easter cook-out where we enjoyed delicious food and more wine outside on a beautiful day overlooking the mountains.

i can't remember having this much fun in ages!

yes, this weekend was definitely one of my favorites. 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sharing Sundays... violettdrakt + GIVEAWAY!

i signed up for Gracie's favorite quote postcard swap (share a favorite quote on the back of a pretty postcard with a beautiful stranger? yes, please!) that i thought today i'd share one of my favorite places to find postcards + give you a chance to win a pack.

i have bought many a set of recycled vintage record postcards from violettdrakt.

i love how each one is unique and art... i am the girl that has beautiful framed vinyl covers in my living room, gifts from my best friend.

they're sturdy and at $4.95 for a bundle of five, you really can't beat it!

here's my most recent purchase : for hippie love 1960's {because i had to have the Love Story one}

here's one that i sent Marisa last month (see? i love their postcards!)

i love violettdrakt's postcards so much, i want to share them with one lucky winner!

up for grabs is this pack of Lovely 1960s Psychedelic Illustration Recycled Vintage Record Postcards from their shop:

to enter, simply leave me a comment telling me who you'd send one to. (also open to international readers!) 

+ additional entry for spreading the word via twitter/blogger or grabbing the sidebar button

i'll chose the winner on May 2nd so get your name in the tin of chance! xo

Happy Easter!

i have one of those part-time jobs that requires me to work way too early on a sunday, even on an Easter Sunday. When my alarm clock went off this morning, i sleepily wished more than anything i could stay under my warm quilt.

when i walked over to our coffee machine, i was welcomed by this little surprise by the Easter Bunny (my husband). A pink basket filled with my most favorite chocolate? and coffee set so i could just press a button?

i am truly a blessed girl! there are no words to express how thankful i am for the man i get to call my husband.

"Tuck this thought into your heart today. Treasure it.

Your Father God cares about your daily everythings that concern you."

-Kay Arthur

i'll be back after work today with a giveaway! 

Friday, April 22, 2011

happy things to end the week with.

or playing along with summer b! (who i do so hope to meet in a week in NYC)

(no, those aren't my little legs : image via i-zilla the terrible)

i finally own a pair of hansel from basel tights thanks to a wonderful Iris. she was hosting a 1 for you 1 for me giveaway on her blog for this pair and decided to surprise me with a pair for my birthday. i can't wait to rock them! xo

as i'm writing this, i'm snacking on a handful of Easter colored m&m's. the "Easter Bunny" hopped to our house in the way of my adorable in-laws with the stash above!

and because i've had so much chocolate the last few days and stayed up late watching the NBA playoffs (LET'S GO MAVS!) when i had to be up extra early for work, i'm going to climb under our new quilt and take a nap. Tonight is my next door neighbor and close girlfriend candice's birthday and we're going to celebrate at an outdoor restaurant/wine bar downtown.

other things that made the list:

+ at pilates last night my instructor demanded to know why i missed class on tues.--it's official! i'm a pilates regular. huzzah!

+ i have a small giveaway planned for sunday of an etsy favorite... if you love postcards and vinyl album covers, you don't want to miss it.

dear you, love me xo
( image : design crush )


Thursday, April 21, 2011

something i've been working on...

collage postcard part iii

i love this book by mark twain and was lucky to find it in my favorite used book shop. 

(see 1 & 2 here)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wanting to Know you Wens.

what do you do when you have a bad day?

husband & i decided to have an impromptu date night (i even skipped my pilates class). we went to a sports bar to watch my Dallas Mavericks in game two of the playoffs {which was also win number two!} and afterwards, he took me to the drive-through at Starbucks so i could get a rocky road cake pop and a peanut butter cupcake. 

we drove to the scenic spot in el paso with our dessert and listened to Ray LaMontagne. At one point i finally said, "kiss me, you fool" playfully as if we were teenagers parking. 

our bad work days melted away... and it made a regular tuesday night seem magical, especially with the twinkling lights of our new city. 

( images :  1 & 2 )

so what do you do when you have one of those days? 

{talking to my twinkie always helps too!}
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