Monday, October 31, 2011

Gotham City Came Out To Play.

this weekend my coworkers and i dressed up as Batman Villains. We had the Riddler and Two-Face to my Catwoman but how can you have Gotham City bad guys without Batman? Yup, lovies i talked my husband into dressing up as the dark knight.

The Halloween Maxhams

 It was purrrfect! especially since my close girlfriend Kristi went as Robin. 

there were some amazing costumes! of course me and kristi wanted photos with the hilarious ones:
we had so much fun in our couple costume (didn't catwoman always have a thing for batman?)

we may have left around 1 a.m. to get greasy whataburger and have a picnic on our coffee table... that may have happened and may have been a puuurfect way to end the night. 

Happy Halloween! did you dress up? leave me a link below if you posted about a halloween costume or tell me what you dressed up as please? 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

happy things to end the week with.

♥ there is nothing like starting the morning with pb + bananas on toast, drinking coffee out of my elvis mug while listening to my favorite elvis song {april, your elvis halloween costume is fabulous! i can't wait til you post photos on your blog}

♥ as you know, my bestie's birthday was this past sunday and i wanted to share two things i got off etsy for her. To me, there's nothing like supporting artists:  the jane austen quote from Pride & Prejudice speaks our heart and i love it as a hand stamped pendant for a necklace from Design By Any Other Name // i love these upcycled vintage spoons from sycamore hill (i got this one for darling husband on his birthday) -perfect for any coffee lover.

♥ i'm so proud of my girl claire who passionately contributed to this series. Please read more about it here on her blog (and then tell me how you can't help but want to get it asap!)

♥ sigh... It was a devastating Game 7 last night (in which i selfishly prayed to God and vowed to do anything for my team to win) and although me and my husband didn't get to wear our Wash shirts while Doing The Wash for the Championship title, i still love my Texas Rangers!

♥ Happy Halloween weekend! tonight we are dressing up as the above (yup, i talked my husband into being Batman to my 1960s Catwoman!) and going out with my co-workers -who are dressing up as fellow Batman villains- to this patio bar called "Hope & Anchor." i can't wait!

Happy Friday Lovies!!! what happy things are you ending the week with?

+please leave a link below if you do post-- i'd love to share in your happiness xo

Friday, October 28, 2011

couldn't have said it better.

i thought yesterday i would be the happiest girl wearing a Michael Young baseball jersey...

but Game 6 broke my racing heart.

From a Champion himself, Dirk summed it up best:

Game 7 tonight of the World Series and I'm praying the whole nation will finally be Doing The WASH. GO RANGERS!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

fancy thrift.

sometimes you get incredibly lucky while thrifting...

like my new-to-me Hobo International iconic double frame clutch wallet in a salmon colour.

Legendary for its stylish design and carry-all attitude. Toss it in your bag or carry it alone.

you can score one of these at marshalls for $30 compared to their retail value of $100

or score it for $5 like i couldn't believe i did! quite possibly the best thrifting find ever.

a fancy thrift, indeed. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Doing The Wash.

 i love it.
One.Win.Away. !!!


i ordered this shirt off etsy:

and i've been eating copious amounts of chips with guac + homemade serrano salsa , drinking beer out of my cups from the ballpark, wishing i was in Arlington for the last two HUGE wins!

what a nail-biting Game 5! It was especially intense because I know how bad Marianne wanted her ace boyfriend to do good as the starting pitcher {calling/texting with my twinkie during games makes it feel like we're watching together which is the next best thing! also she calms my racing heart}

but like me and my chips and dip, the Rangers are hungry and we are ONE WIN AWAY.

and i pray on wens. i'm still doing "The Wash." Rangers baby!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

a video message that went to my bestie on her birthday.

i wrote a little birthday post about Marisa's birthday on Sunday and was waiting to share this after she got my birthday surprise. You'll see why i had to wait... 

there are no words to describe how much i wish i could transport myself to North Dakota to celebrate my bestie M's birthday.

A little over a month ago, her precious daughter MacKenzie emailed me to say that she was surprising her momma with an 80's birthday party and was hoping I could help in a surprise. Knowing how close we are, she asked me to record a birthday message she could play for her mom {ADORABLE right? i can't even begin to express how much it meant to me}. I even sent m's birthday gifts in Kenzie's name for safe keeping until this past Sunday.

Marisa, i love you so much! and adore your daughter for allowing me to share in your family's celebration of you. i hope you have one amazing birthday bestie! no one deserves it more.

lovies, because she means so much to me as does your continued reading of my little dolce vita-- i'll share the video that made it's way from TX to ND (no laughing!) 

birthday message for my bestie! from micaela maxham on Vimeo.

P.S. i think it's very cool that our Texas Rangers won BIG and redeemed themselves for M's birthday!

help me wish "my person" a happy birthday!

{even though you went back to your natural gorgeous brunette, this is one of my favourite photos of you and your sweet daughter}

quite simply, my world is better because you are in it.

Marisa, i hope you had a beautiful day and felt every bit loved.

P.S. i do so believe that OUR RANGERS got serious and won game four for you M! HUZZAH!

Sharing Sundays... sho & tell.

I'm so glad this beautiful blogger decided to go public because i love her sho & tell for so many reasons:
advice found in graffiti 

that anything by Roald Dahl is among her favorites

inspiration (especially the above)

clearly, i wanna spend a lazy sunday with her

it's pretty obvious why Shoko is my blog crush, no?

blog : sho & tell

Friday, October 21, 2011

happy things to end the week with.

♥ this easy recipe for cherry tomato pizza margherita (though my photos will never look like a food blogger's + i didn't have enough basil on hand)

♥ finding the perfect welcome home baby girl gift for my dearest friend Sanja (who loves hello kitty) and her daughter Elena from designs by susan on etsy. 

♥ enjoying sweaty runs outside with our dog bubbles while wearing my Mavericks Championship hat, a gift from my brother-in-law after our team won. 

♥ in love with April's new tat and the fact she got it where i got my first one (on 6th street in Austin). also loved what she wrote on my fb yesterday, "Come to Arkansas and sleep on my couch and distract me from my awful calculus filled life. I'll make you coffee and we can talk about poetry." sounds like bliss!

♥ got off work in time to catch the AH-MAZING end of game two of the World Series {loved my friend Tim's comment!}

♥ i joked it was my jesus bracelet and that my favorite Ranger waited for me to get off work to get to business. Lovies, we have an even World Series but we're back in TEXAS for game three Saturday! (i will be wearing my jesus bracelet ha) i can't wait!!! RANGERS BABY!

♥ speaking of the Rangers, look how cute my twinkie looks in her cj wilson shirt and her Texas pumpkin! every year my family carves pumpkins and i'm sad i couldn't be there :( check out their pumpkins on twinkie's happy things to end the week with

Happy Friday Lovies!!! what happy things are you ending the week with?

+please leave a link below if you do post-- i'd love to share in your happiness xo

Thursday, October 20, 2011

there are a million reasons why i love my husband. this is just one of them.

i saw something similar on pinterest and my husband surprised me by making me one {painted white, because i love that shabby chic look}. 

last night after working late, i relaxed with red wine + bram stoker's Dracula (just in time for halloween) using my very own handmade bathtub caddy. It was perfection.

i have an amazing husband who makes me feel like the luckiest girl. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

two years in a row.

wearing my MLB for Victoria Secret shirt from my twinkie


the night they clinched the win, i had to work {just like tonight for Game One against the Cardinals, le sigh} so i told twinkie to call me with the final score because unlike my past jobs, i'm really not allowed to have my cell phone out on the work floor.

she called me THREE times. three times my name went over the PA system for "line one." ha
the second time she called was right after Michael Young (my favorite Ranger!) hit a homer!

michael young fist bumping dirk nowitzki (be still my heart!)
or as justin ozuna said it best, "how michael young got his mojo back"

it's so good to be a Rangers fan and luckily this one will only miss game 1 and some of game 2 of the WORLD SERIES! (because believe me, i would have paid someone to cover my shifts!)

this is OUR year, i can feel it. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

giving / receiving sparkle.

As you might already know, i love a good swap. My dear friend Kaileen hosted a Sparkle Swap where you send another blogger four unique gifts-- a bit of sparkle, a treat that soothes, something sweet, and a surprise. I was excited to receive my sparkle gift today from Heather of Day Dreams & Fairy Tales.

sparkle included chocolate raspberry coffee i can't wait to try out, journal with glittery pencils and cupcake stickers, "lay seeds not stones" packets, wine coaster with wine stem charms, and two of my faves-- a book and chocolate. Heather, i've already devoured the espresso filled dark chocolates and wished there was a world market nearby so i could buy some more! thank-you for a wonderful swap package xo

i got Ginna of My Pretty Pennies who wrote this very sweet write-up about my swap package to her and why i chose each four things. 

getting to know a blogger through swaps are my favorite. 
*speaking of swaps, it's almost that time of year for the ornament exchange on my dolce vita! 
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