Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

what i'm looking forward to: RELAXATION with loved ones

Lovies, this is the first year I get to ENJOY a holiday in FOREVER. I am off work in a half hour til Monday. Seriously!
As a reporter, I was always working Thanksgiving, Christmas Eves, Christmas Day, etc. I'm COMPLETELY enjoying it this year and lover (the news anchor) even gets tomorrow off with me! This darlings, is SPECIAL. :)

tonight, we have plans to make deviled eggs & fudge/oreo balls for my parent's dinner tomorrow night. Actually, he doesn't trust my non-cooking talent, but he will "give me a job" to do he says. lol

I am SO THANKFUL for a lot this year:

*My family. I'm thankful I have AWESOME relationships with each and every one of them!
*AMORE. My C. That even though we had a difficult patch this year... home is where your heart is. My heart is in his.
*My faith.

And you, my greatest imaginary friends! ;)

enjoy great conversation, over great food!

ps. as a vegetarian, I MUST tell you that eating turkey is bad. just bad. !
photos seen here and here.

Eye Candy!

PEOPLE magazine reccently put out their Sexiest Man Alive issue.
Hugh Jackman has nothing on my list!!!!

The men i lust...
1:) Robbie Williams.
i want to have robbie williams' babies. FOR REAL. :) Ha
C makes faces cos he's the celeb on "the list"- you know what i'm talking about!
(his is Hale Berry)

2:) James Mcavoy.
Becoming Jane. Atonement. Need i explain more? Me and my twinkie fight over him. ha.

3:) Jude Law. His crooked smile. Him in "The Holiday." Swoon.

4:) Clive Owen = mmm. Serious man hot.

5:) Simon Baker. That hair. His eyes when he smiles. His accent.

Added bonus: Gerard Butler. PS, i love you!

so there you go ladies! who do you love?

Wednesday Nights.

I wanted to introduce you to my new favorite band!

If you haven't heard of them, they're called Sleepercar, talented boys from West Texas.

They opened for Coldplay, and i fell in love!!!!
Before my new favorite song "Wednesday Nights," the lead singer said he got an email with an interesting request from a guy. *Pause* He continued saying, "There's a girl out in the audience named Tiffany."

Lovies, you should have heard us girls in the crowd just going "awww" and getting so excited! lol

Right before he started singing he said, "I hope she said Yes."
ROMANTIC or what!?!?!?!

please take a listen. Click on "Wed. Nights. You'll loove it!

For a while I tried

For a while I won

For a while I held your hand

In the setting sun

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This one I wrote awhile back... but still love the interesting concept:

I once read an article in Elle Magazine titled "I know what boys like."
In it, the author talks about how she wanted to get into the mind of she started reading books by male writers. She started off talking about Holden in The Catcher in The Rye--of which I'm ashamed to admit, i've never read.

I loved how she talks about the different books of "guy lit" and the differences in male authors vs. women writers.

..."I've had many great, gripping experiences reading male writers who, like JD Salinger, put men down on the page with a kind of real, raw, naked specificity that, whether in fiction or non-, makes them multidimensional and--excitingly---intimately available..."

I love that!
I've always had a fixation with Lolita-esque plot lines...and she spoke about a book called "The Corrections."

..."Seducing his boss's boss's boss's daughter...he artfully employs every inch of his red-and-blue mug---bashfully looking away from Denise to guilt her about her relative advantages in life, lowering his lids languorously when she starts to come around, and bowing his enormous head in stage solemnity when she finally undresses. The seduction makes my hair stand on end each time I read it."

She ends it by thanking so many men (writers) who "have opened my eyes to male inner lives."
Interesting concept really.

"Being led, page by page, into the skin of the opposite sex puts my nerve endings on high alert. Reading becomes irresistibly sexy--and what more can a girl want, curled up in bed way past midnight?"

i may have to "curl up" next to Holden. ;)
xo from an intrigued micaela

Emailing Family :)

I have an international family: A sister in Italy, a brother in Germany, and another brother in Phoenix. Since we're all in different time zones, we email each other (almost) daily. These conversations are sweet, funny, informative, or "just because." Yesterday, I sent them the blog I wrote for my twinkie. My brother Marco, wrote that I needed to write one for him :). Here's Marco (the veteran) with my two lovely nieces.

My brother Marco would go out with his friends when we lived in abilene (tx) and come home late so I'd have to sneak and open the door for him, even though I had to wake up early for elementary school. But! He did let me sleep in his room one night when I couldn't sleep- 'Under the Bridge' was on MTV and to this day when I hear that song, I think of him.

My brother Marco always gives us high tech presents, though baby maddie is his fave.
My brother Marco told us the zeros on his report cards were for 'outstanding'.

Growing up he had a rat tail and dyed the top of his hair brown/blonde. He's only dated 2 blondes I remember, one worked at an ice cream place in Germany and so he'd bring us with him sometimes.

My brother Marco has always loved Mariah Carey and took me, Marianne, and Maddie to see 'Cool World' and 'Clueless' at the theatre.

My brother Marco would get in fights with our older brother Chet and lock himself in his room. Me and my sisters would put our baby pics underneath the door, so he wouldn't 'forget us.'

I love my brother Marco.

too much time on my hands at work...

i played with
i love it. ha. I can make myself look better with effects. lol
you know people like that? who take a pretty picture? ha. it takes me like 20 to get one good one. :)

i still want a holga camera for Christmas. My little sis says, photo shop works just as good. lol

Monday, November 24, 2008

I love you, but.... you have skinnier legs than me.

Didn't I tell you joanna has the scoop on ALL things cool?! :)

Today on SMITTEN and A Cup of Jo, she introduced us to a HILARIOUS site called I love you but...

a completely funny take on relationships. Everything from "I love you, but you talk to strangers" (totally me!!!) to the more serious, "I love you, but you don't believe in God." (deal breaker, btw!)

she asked us to share how we'd finish that sentence. :) this is what i shared:

"I love you but sometimes you make me feel like you're a better parent to our puppy, like it's a competition! ha."

my ex would have said, "I love you but you voted for Bush." Guilty! I have since voted OBAMA so...

I wonder what C would say about me? :)
"I love you, but you steal the covers."
"I love you, but you're so messy around the house."
"I love you, but you make spontaneous plans."
"I love you, but you talk over me when I'm telling a story."
"I love you, but you always have to shower before we get intimate." ha! (i always tell him he should be thankful for that)
"I love you but you make me watch girly movies/shows."

"I love you but you share way toooo much of our lives on your bloggity blog." HA!!!! *Wink!

twinkie souls

I am lucky to have been born with my best friend.
She's my twinkie. My Marz. My soul mate.
This weekend we were talking about how we are always helping out.

How we feel bad saying no to anyone who needs our help, even if it means less sleep/canceling plans or events - (like on a day where we aren't doing anything but want to veg and watch a movie)/ or loaning money... even when i barely have enough to afford me. :)

the other night we were talking about who raised us like that? our Momma never had to work so... and not that my dad isn't hard working because he totally is! but sometimes he even tells us we need to take a break cos we work ourselves so much.

i told Marianne we raised each other that way.

It sounds cheesy :) but we totally agreed to that. She said it's because we're twins, we've always looked out for the other, so we think like that.

Twinkie, i don't mind raising you for the next 24 years!!!

* ps. i swear our momma put us in pig tails til we were in 5th grade.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Lovies, another Friday is OURS!
here's my weekend wish for you to remember:

looking forward to a quiet amazing weekend with the boy!

pic seen here.

how could anyone...

abandon a little puppy? and even though I'm not a cat person.. a baby kitten? SERIOUSLY!?!

our office is working on a promo for spaying/neutering pets and yesterday, my boss was doing a walk & talk at the local animal shelter. These babies were so happy to see someone and then it hits you... after 3 days of not being claimed? they're put down. If they have tags? they wait 5 days.

OMG, seriously?!!?!? There were some pups who stayed in the back and just looked at you with their sad eyes... just very still. Like they knew they were going to be killed that day or the next. Just waiting.

I thought of lola. How can you not love sweet animals who show you nothing but unconditional love? I had to ask my boss to stop the raw video cos i was crying. It's truly awful.

you know those National commercials on adopting a pet? and they show abused dogs? C covers my eyes.
Sad. Sad. SAD.

Robbie Williams LOVES puppies!
hmm... i don't know which one is cuter... actually I DO! ha

Royal Dic.... haha

SMITTEN's joanna has the scoop on EVERYTHING! :) I just sent all my best girls/seesters a link to one of her posts today to wish them a "HAPPY" Friday.

we all love Wills, I went through a phase where I dreamt of him... i just wish this was available to me then!!!

a papzi apparently captured him peeing and um, snapped a shot of his pee pee!!! ahhh i know! don't believe it??? actually wait... i know you wanna see. :) get there, from here. THX JOANNA!!!! :)

ps. my twinkie marianne just emailed me this back:
Okay I want that same photographer to stake out David Beckham.......
Hahahahahahahaha : )

love it!!! who do you want to see nakie? (celeb-wise)

pps. We all know I'm TMI ha... so forgive this next remark: Will's wiley has NOTHING on my bf in size and look! yep... di**'s have looks! ha!!!! lol *wink

Thursday, November 20, 2008

this will hang on our bathroom wall.

thanks to birthday girl sofia, i found and fell in love with restlessthing's etsy shop.
i fell hard.
i bought these amazing prints:

"foreign hands"
doesn't it mean so much more with that title?

just love it. The artist loves working on an already used surface, one "that has already been given a sense of purpose in a previous incarnation." These are drawn on a vintage book page.

best part of all? C likes them! he said they were "sexy and cutting edge but looks old." Oh baby exactly!!!!

And my next buy! this one he didn't like as much. I think it's incredibly feminine and i'm going to hang it up in my closet room.

see more of Olivia Jeffries' fabulous work by visiting her esty shop.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the usual.

messy hair + red lips.

Me on my way to a co-worker's jewelry party earlier this evening.
Only one who came who didn't really know anyone else and was under probably... 35. :)

A ton of fun, cos a.) i love girl time and b.) i love to mingle!
I also got to know ladies i work with who are in different departments.
Not to mention i get to look forward to when my new jewelry comes in! yay!!!

lover, i only spent $100... not bad!
honestly :)

i even got the fabulous fad (i think!) the "spoon ring."

ha! love it

ps. a known fact about me... i am a sucker if you invite me to any mary k/Tupperware/sex toy party. My momma always taught me, you can't go if you don't buy at least something. :)

I think I'd miss you, even if we never met.

I have a thing about time travel.
Especially love and time travel.

The delish Brad Pitt is on Oprah right now, and Oprah just did a trailer for his upcoming film based on the book by Scott Fritzgerald, "The Curious Case of Benajamin Button." Cate Blanchet is his co-star once again, and we all know how amazing she is. (Loved her in "Notes of a Scandal")

"I want to remember us... just as we are now."

le sigh.


It's no secret... everyone knows my LOVE for GLAMOUR magazine. An even less kept secret? My love for SMITTEN blogger, Joanna Goddard. In fact, here's a truth: She was the one who got me into the blogging world. I miraculously somehow stumbled upon "A Cup Of Jo" one day at work... and it's been a love affair since.

A post today was about chatty girlfriends.
Confession: Guilty.

i have a HORRIBLE habit of "stealing the conversation."
ugh it's awful cos i don't realize i do it! :) I'm not chatty-annoying... my problem is, it just reminds me of something that happened to me or i'm afraid i'll forget it and before you know it, it's out of my mouth. lol

C laughs when i do it, but *i* personally feel bad. :) lol
i'm always full of questions too... which i blame it as the reporter in me.

Check out this Smitten... let's see who the Eves are! *wink.

Promises like Pie Crust.

On my wish list: comme si de rien n'eait. (As if Nothing happened)
New album by the GORGEOUS First Lady of France, Carla Bruni.

I watched her last night as a guest on David Letterman (on a sidenote? man, I'm SO going to miss "great moments in Presidential speeches") and was just blown away by her soft-spoken manner, beauty, and grace.

How is it fair that someone can be THAT beautiful, and talented as well? it's not!!! lol
But both she is. You can listen to her album online.

I love her lyrics, like this one:

Promise me no promises,
So will I not promise you:
Keep we both our liberties,
Never false and never true:

Free to come as free to go:
For I cannot know your past,
And of mine what can you know?
You, so warm, may once have been
Warmer towards another one:
I, so cold, may once have seen
Sunlight, once have felt the sun

not the only one blown away... adoration/pics seen here.

etsy love!

don't you just LOVE the bright yellow? When I anchored my morning show, EVERY show I would open with, "Good Morning Sunshines!" :) i think i would frame this and put it on my desk at work. I saw this while I was blog reading this morning and now i can't remember who's lovely page i found it on :( sad micaela. If it's yours, THANKS A MILL cos i just purchased more from BellaBella's Etsy store!

classic beauties!!!! I think I will frame these as well for the closet my lover is making me.

also spotted on etsy, this beauty i MUST have!!! wouldn't that be a nice reminder every time you reached for your jewelry? the only thing is, it would be nicer if it was GIVEN to you, ya know? :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I was bad today.
Realllll Bad.
I fell off my diet. I fell off far away from it.
So far, my stomach hurts.
But in the moment? It felt good. I am paying for it now.... but doesn't that go for a lot of things in life???

and so I PROMISE myself to be good tomorrow.
Hello again slim fast.
Less cigarettes.
Less alcohol.

pic here.

What I always say to my lover.

"I wish I knew you when I was younger..."

We could have said we met our soul mate when we were 7....
we could have played in the sand... and then later, as grown ups, played with each other. :)

you could have been my first kiss... and my last kiss.
my best friend always.

pic seen here. She talked about fashionable clothes for tots. I saw what we would have been like. "The Time Traveler's Wife." Everyone I've loved, has read it because I've made them. :)

Gets me every time.

Love Story. 1970.

It was the first movie my parents saw together at the drive-in. My dad's first big gift to my mom was a jewelry box that played the piano solo from the movie.

She still has it.

In High School, I read the book [by Erich Segal] and still believe the opening of the novel is some of the best sentences ever penned by an author.

"What can you say about a twenty-five-year-old girl who died?

That she was beautiful. And brilliant. That she loved Mozart and Bach. And the Beatles.

And me. "

i cry every single time.

YET ANOTHER REASON... i looove Oprah.

as if i needed one right??? She's my shero! At 4 pm EVERY DAY, I turn the tv by my work desk on to Oprah. Normally, it's the audience that gets a free gift right? No, I wasn't fortunate to be in Chicago BUT-- last week? she was doing a show about organizing/de-cluttering your home... told viewers to log on, where they could make a FREE photo book (regular value of $29). Guess what came in the mail yesterday!?!?!?

I made one for lover & i. "love you, love me" it says on the front.

I wrote on these pages, "Where our story begins..."
I fell in love with him when I was an intern at Channel Six & he was a Sports Director then.
The back of the book, i put our caricatures from Vegas.
All because I watch Oprah LOYALLY!....

Monday, November 17, 2008

looooved & spotted.

blog babies, I again was in *awe* of Chris Martin of COLDPLAY! I can't believe i was ever so lucky to see them live in concert again last night in Oklahoma City... and with my favorite people in the world nonetheless!!!! It was SIMPLY AH-MAZING. Nothing short of what I expected! he is a true entertainer, a def. crowd pleaser because he wants so much to connect to everyone.

I heart Chris Martin! I love his hands espech! It's true!
thx for singing "The Scientist!"
*pics coming soon....
This i saw here. She called it "Sunday. Recovering." Love it! except mine would be, coffee sans tea, and marlboro lights sans camels. I'm in love with Bond's girl. My current girl crush. I love her make-up!!! it reminds me of my twinkie's. Lover saw this movie with my brother-in-law Saturday and loved the film. I bet this girl had something to do with it ;)

she's in the pages of GLAMOUR this month!

Friday, November 14, 2008

COLDPLAY this weekend!!!


I saw them in Dallas a couple of years ago and LOVED every single second of the concert. It was before me and the boy were dating, so I'm glad to finally get to take him, so we can experience it together! I always said I wished I had known him when I went the first time round cos it was a pretty "low" time in my life.

Sometimes a girl does get what she wishes for... sigh.
I'm also excited just to get away.

The day didn't start out so well, (I know right? HAPPY FRIDAY!) i think i need these sheets to remind myself ;)

have a great weekend lovies!!!! xo

and of course, i'd love to hear your plans.

*pic found on this gorgeous blog.

Would it be better to never remember?

"How happy is the blameless vestal's lot!/
The world forgetting, by the world forgot/
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind!/
Each pray'r accepted, and each wish

-Alexander Pope

Thursday, November 13, 2008

my kuaha. (brother in Filipino)

When I wrote this veteran's day tribute to my father, I forgot to mention my sweet sweet sweet brother, who is currently in the National Guard and has served 2 deployments to Iraq. SERIOUS slap on the hands for that.

I could say something sweet and touching, but I will let him tell it in his own words what it means to be a Veteran today. Here's a bit of his email to the family:

"We were invited to two schools there [cottonwood, AZ]. we were treated to two special veterans day presentations (songs and such) from the kids at these two elementary schools. we had lunch at one of them. you should of seen when i got my food and decided where to sit, every single kid was yelling to sit with them, for the first time in my life, i didn't know where to sit. they were yelling at the other three members of the crew, but mine was the loudest. i appreciate what i do but that day made me appreciate it even more."

I love you dear brother!!!

my papa says that when Marco was little, he always wanted to fly in a "ca-dopter"... what little Marco called helicopters. :) Look at you brother, you're doing it now!!! xo

Cuteness for man's best friend!

It is no secret that we love our "baby," our puppy called Lola.
Me and C are those 'annoying pet people' who have to make sure we take her out and play with her, before we can meet you for that drink/dinner/etc. :) it drives her auntie marianne nuts! :) lol

but she's our baby!
today i picked her up from her cute spa, and couldn't believe they sell this:

PET HEAD for dogs, from the line of Bed Head products!!!

I HAD to buy a bottle of product for her.

too cute!!!
I told you, we're one of those 'annoying pet people.'
but if you held lola... i think you'd understand. ;)

Hello Slim Fast!

Yup! that's right. I'm on a SERIOUS diet as of today.
I turned down an apple fritter from Blake this morning. I turned down even half of it, when he insisted i taste how delish it was.

If Britney can do it....
ya i know, she has the money/time to hire a personal trainer/cook etc. but still!!!
Real inspiration???

Check out Kate Winslet on the upcoming issue of Vanity Fair...


wish me luck lovies!!!!
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