Monday, February 28, 2011

Postal Service.

^from erin : a penguin postcard i love, along with a set of very me notecards. 

^don't you love this vintage valentine stand-up card from my bestie Marisa?

^from the lovely Katyha : a gorgeous first letter that i immediately couldn't wait to write back to, along with the sweetest (crocheted by her) heart garland that will hang in our bedroom.

^from Bethany {in response to this post of hers} as you can see, i couldn't wait to eat most of the chocolate. as you can also see, she has the prettiest attention to detail when she decorates a letter (the flower is also a pin!) and i can't get enough of the penguin postcards she shared! <3

 ^a postcrossing from Germany : in my profile i mentioned i was a newlywed and would love to get images of weddings. Postcrossing members, don't you love when someone pays attention to what you like? i looove it!

 ^a pretty postcard from Cassie (recognize the talented photographer? our other sweet friend Rhianne!)
^i also love the art postcards from Phoenix

^a belated home made valentine for steph (because we loved this film)

^a reply to erin using one of the cards she sent me

^a postcard i made phoenix 

 ^for rebecca in australia : she just moved into a dorm that doesn't feel like home just yet so i sent her something she could use to hang her jewelry on (she loves birds). i used alfred hitchcock's vertigo film poster for the envelope.

^a reply to carrie marie (i'm loving my address stamp!)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sharing Sundays... [la vie en bleu].

this blog from a poet who calls herself lucie makes me want to travel the world with my first stop in paris. she makes me want to have many an affaire amour and pencil in small writing haikus of men i have slept with; a series of hers i enjoy.

You broke my heart
But I would do it over
To kiss you again.

{if only i had the courage}

because i think it takes courage to have a blog that exists simply on your words and poems of love you've experienced, tragic or bittersweet.

and of course small lists such as her latest that i love:

Marie Antoinette wig

empty vodka bottle 

law school diploma


box of ballet shoes

prom dress

Friday, February 25, 2011

happy things to end the week with.

(or playing along in summer's it's friday i'm in love series)

i've had serious dates with my netflix que {+ one on amazon} and loved all the above films.  film 1 & 4 were suggestions by my bestie and the last one made me want to order the book right away. 

speaking of films, who else is excited about the oscars?! though i didn't see all the films nominated, i'm wishing with all my heart this one wins. 

postcards i've made for friends that inspired a project i'm working on, thanks to my most supportive husband! i hope it pans out... details when {if} it does!

i couldn't get enough of these bow ties for dogs, via  The Debonaire. The cutie above looks just like our Bubbles. 

catch-up phone dates with friends i adore {thanks lauren & claire!}

sneaking love notes in my husband's suit pocket when he has to go to work so early (gracie, noticed the stationary you sent me? thank-you!)

this song that shelly "played" for me as part of my question on wednesday's wanting to know you post

"they'll never be friends
One more night, that's all they can spend

One more night, that was a good one
One more night, i dreamed it was a good one"

jessie's swap! i know i already mentioned it, but i'm that excited about it! join and maybe we'll get paired up? 

also making me happy was this darling picture of my momma in high school my twinkie shared on her blog. look at her bob! it's amazing to see your parents before you came along... i bet she was such a fun friend to know. 

Happy Friday Lovies!!! what's making you happy? post your link below so i can see or tell me a few things from your week! xo

Thursday, February 24, 2011

because sometimes it's there.

images : we heart it


my greatest regret is not getting out of a failing relationship right away. In the end it hurt us both and someone i once shared a life with... someone i knew with all my heart... is now a stranger. If we had done it right... if we had ended it earlier, correctly... less messy-- maybe we could have been friends.

because more than anything... i miss the friends we were.

---written as an answer to the question, if i ever regretted anything

i fell in love with "someone like you" by adele when marisa featured it (a great live version too). then claire emailed it to me again tonight. so beautiful, so heavy, so felt{isn't that the definition of nostalgia?}

"Regrets and mistakes, they're memories made,

who would have known how bittersweet this would taste?"

the futures i left behind... 

yet this one i am blessed with, i would chose a thousand times over

calling all etsy lovers!

as you may already know, i love etsy. It's my go-to place for one of a kind jewelry, stationary, art, vintage decor and fashion. If i'm in need of a gift for someone, that's where i look first. 

something else i love? a good swap!

a genius idea would be to combine these two loves of mine, right? well hello genius Jessie! my college girlfriend and blog goddess over at Life is hosting her very first swap:

swap a favorite etsy product while meeting a new friend? and supporting handmade?  

i'm in & you should come play too!  DETAILS HERE

and for some inspiration, here's my latest etsy loves:

textile lovers postcards (16 pack) // steep street
Romance Romance Romance tote // every little counts
little mess sewn print // tastes orangey

*deadline to join is March 7th (my birthday!) 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wanting to Know you Wens.

(images : this tumblr)

play me a song? 

either one that you can't stop listening to or one that means something to you... reminds you of something personal; something felt. or something you dance to in a small dark kitchen.


here's one for you, from me. 

this is one i might listen to on one of those nights with a glass of wine. 

but it also reminds me of the epic roadtrip from Virginia to El Paso. somewhere passing through a deserted town in the middle of the night i fell in love with cat power all over again thanks to a mix  edward made me of her greatest hits. 

leave your song in a comment below and tell me what it reminds you of? or leave the powerful lyric you love from it. anything. 

i can't wait to hear a bit of the soundtrack to your life. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero. -Marc Brown

my lola (mom's mom) + my brother : i love old family photographs

Happy Birthday to my brother Marco!!!

this year i am SO thankful that i don't have to send a birthday package to Iraq.

but remembering that, reminds me how thankful i am for the immense kindness of otherwise complete and beautiful strangers who sent him birthday cards/care packages last year on his birthday. i will always be so thankful to you lovies. 

i will always be ever so thankful to God for keeping him safe overseas. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Postal Service.

 i believe in happy  mail and i've missed showing you the wonderful things that make my day when they show up in our little mail box. Since it's been awhile, do forgive the length of this mail post please!

^i was a lucky winner in Alyssa's noble town vintage giveaway! i graciously scored these vintage brass draped earrings and i haven't stopped wearing them since. THANK-YOU SO MUCH to both of you x10. i always feel like a million bucks when i am lucky enough to be a winner xoxo!

speaking of beautiful jewelry, remember this gorgeous necklace i blogged about?
well i had to have it and since sarah was having a valentine's day sale, i justified that i should treat myself to a gift! it's even more beautiful in person and i feel like i'm wearing a galaxy around my neck. i love it! look at sarah's cute packaging, that included a vintage photo of who i say are sisters. 
i also loved the valentines i got this year:

^from Farah, Phoenix, and Kaileen
 ^also made by Phoenix

^from my valentine Claire

^from my soul mate, M

^sweetness from claudia (fun socks make me happy!)

^from Kary, Miguelito, and her sweet momma who made me the red bow hairpin that came on valentine's! the above is a photo i took on my blackberry to text her (straight from the gym... gross i know!) i LOVE my Dexter valentine! she chose the quote from Dexter, "I chose Rita because she is, in her own way, as damaged as me." perfect. a special thanks to her talented momma! 

^a heartfelt package from Melissa that deeply touched my heart

 ^a gem of a letter from Rebecca in australia. every bit, i adored-- most of all her letter because she's one of those i happened to have met through postcrossing and yet felt like instant friends. (she took the photograph of the blue sky and branches...amazing!)

^a most thoughtful gift from erin : i love that she specially earmarked recipes she loves, for me to try. i can't wait!!!

^pretty postcard (photo by the talented lauren) from my pretty girl fiancee danielle. *later this week i'll show you why my girl fiancee is better than yours! 

i sent some home made valentines, and a few ephemera inspired kinds:
^to Kat

 ^to Phoenix

^to edward - i brought these (my favorite chocolate) to work one day and he laughed at me for saying they were chocolate from the heavens.  oh how i miss working with him and the puppies!

^postcrossing to Florida

^a birthday gift for gracie (i might have almost kept the dress for myself but she's smaller than me, alas)

i believe dogs are totally our children so when i found out Marisa was bringing home an adooorable puppy, i couldn't resist sending Finnigan some "baby shower" pressies. 

^this is M's little guy. ADORABLE!!!! i wish even more that we lived closer so we could have playdates. can you imagine how soft and cuddly he is? my heart melts!

happy monday & cheers to happy mail!
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