Thursday, January 31, 2013

Catching up with Friends is my Favorite.

This past week I got to meet up with a sweet friend I hadn't seen since we were 19-20 when we met during my summer holiday in Italy.

Now Jenn and I are first time Mothers to baby girls. Jenn and her precious 8 month old daughter Stella live in Georgia but were in the next town over visiting friends (actually throwing a surprise baby shower for one of her friends!). Lucky us that she drove to nowhere El Paso ;) to have lunch with my family.  We had such a great time catching up!

Stella in her jeggins wanting to talk to Felix (who's wearing the most amazing pair of gold shoes--they actually stay on! and get so many compliments--a gift from Auntie Claire)

Stella is the happiest baby ever!

Hurray! A Maxham family photo because we actually had someone to snap one.  Lovies, how handsome is my husband? And goodness our babe is beautiful. 

I'm a lucky girl. 

I have these two, and I have the most wonderful friends, including you reading this post. xo 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My adolescent self hasn't stopped screaming!

If you're like my twinkie and I, we've had fun crushing over our celebs since we were little. Two people we just loved and were going to marry one day was Zach Morris and AC Slater

photo via

Yesterday, Marianne & I had this twitter exchange:

After Pilates class, I checked my email and my heart jumped out of my chest!

I've never even had a celeb tweet me before. CJ Wilson tweets Marianne all the time. Terrell Owens has even tweeted her back. After this, Marianne gave me her Twitter Tiara. 

Sigh. It's my teenybopper dream come true!

photo via
He was sexy in his Bayside days (those dimples!) but how much sexier is he now as a Dad?

photo via
 thump thump thump!

I've asked this question before, but have you ever had a fun twitter moment with a celeb? And were you Team Preppy or Team Slater? 

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Lit Girl.

My friend Courtney (remember our book club?) recently started a new blog called The Lit Girl. It's a place all bibliophiles should all hang out. She recently started a featured reader series that I am so excited about! In her words:

When I was first dreaming up this blog, one of my main goals was to bring readers together. I am always incredibly curious about what people are reading, where they read, and how they read. I'm that weirdo on the train craning my neck to catch a glimpse of the cover someone is reading across from me. It's my way to break the ice with strangers. I wanted to use this blog partially as a fun place to share the reading habits of others, since I am sure there are people out there just as curious as I am.

I love that! I was honored when she asked me to be a featured reader (especially since Joanna Goddard was the introduction to the series). 

Please come check out my Q&A here

Thanks for having us Courtney xo

(Amanda, do you see what Fe is reading? One of her very first gifts)

Christmas in January.

I was probably the only one taking their Christmas tree down last week. But you might remember that us Maxhams were apart for Felix's first Christmas that we decided to celebrate twice. 

Fe and I flew in on Sunday and a week ago today we celebrated Christmas together as a family of three. 

Felix and I in our matching silver sequined bows (hers was a gift from Gracienne)

Felix's first cabbage patch doll! A present from Grandma Maxham. Her name is Mary ("Mary had a little lamb, little lamb...") and I can already tell they're going to be the best of friends. 

Trying to take a family photo. Why does the front facing camera never come out as clear?

I had to get Felix and her cousin Sollie and Nora these custom name puzzles after Jessica blogged about them on her son's Christmas wish list. Even though it's way too early for them now, what a fun way for the girls to learn how to spell their names.

Hmmm... what will Mary and I do today?

Christmas was a hit with this four-month-old and tired her out! I can only imagine how much more fun next year will be.

I mean seriously, how did I get so lucky? sigh.

Friday, January 25, 2013

A sweet January Wedding.

I knew I was going home for the holidays (my dad's gift to me) and I also knew there was no way I was going to miss my girl Jessie's wedding. Her wedding was January 19th, and Felix and I flew home the next day. My husband understood why I couldn't miss it and why it would be easier just to stay the whole time in Wichita Falls. He understands how much my girlfriends mean to me. It was especially exciting because Claire was flying in from San Francisco. 

The last time we were all together was our girls' trip in June of 2011 when we stayed with Claire. How much our lives have changed! 

Little Felix Maxham being one of those happy changes.  

To watch Jessie marry her soulmate Neil (who is really the greatest thing to ever happen to our girl) was so special. She looked gorgeous in her gown and red lips next to her cowboy husband. 
Claire took this amazing photo of the newly wed Mr. & Mrs. Henderson

Everything was perfect. The whole weekend was actually. Of course, the wedding was the highlight but other things that made this trip fun: 
Still can't get over this happened!

And having a much needed girls' night at a new club called Whiskeyta

I'm so lucky my husband understands how important my girlfriends are.

My bestie Marisa wrote this quote to Jessica on her wedding day and it's so perfect (and so Jessie because of who said it) that I have to share it here:

"There are no rules, there are no laws, just grab your friend and love him." 
-Jim Morrison

I love you Mrs. Henderson! xo

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

For my friend Erin.

One of my first close blog friends was Erin of Pugh's News. We are still incredibly close and now that we both have iphones (hurray!) I love that she is just a text away. 

She was one of the first persons I told I was getting married. It was during our first Skype date and she had little Sawyer in her lap. Not surprisingly, she was one of the first I told about Felix. After we found out baby Maxham was a girl, Erin sent me this onesie she custom ordered from Gentry's Closet

I remember this particular gift made me feel like this was really happening. My dream of being a Mama was coming true. Something about seeing her name and the star on her birthplace. I couldn't wait until Felix could wear it and at the time it seemed so far away.

Auntie Erin, this photo is for you!

Erin, Felix has been playing in her onesie all afternoon. It's perfect! Thank-you again. We love you so much XO

I want a pet deer.

This past Friday this happened.  I've always wanted a pet fawn so to be this close was a life dream come true. 

A huge thank-you to Jessie who took me to her Granny's (who raises them as babies) so I could meet my deer friend Blossom. I have the best girlfriends!

I can't wait to share more about getting to watch my girl marry her soulmate and how Twinkie and I got to hug our Claire again. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Team Mark.

(photo via)

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed I'm a smitten kitten over Jason Ritter. He's my celeb crush and I'm crushin pretty hard. I fell in love with him all over again when I started Parenthood but the truth is, he had me at Peter and Vandy.

I don't believe in spoilers so I won't say anything about the season finale other than my subject line, that I was completely Team Mark. How incredible was his acting tonight?!

and because I'm admittedly a girl obsessed, I have to share this photo he posted on his twitter:

LOVE that! and I love his Mark Cyr.

Parenthood fans, were you Team Mark or Team Hank? 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Wishing My Favorite Happy Birthday!

This pretty girl is my brother's girlfriend Christina. She's the amazing mother to my two beautiful nieces, Sollie and Brianna. She also happens to be the Birthday Girl today! 

Christina is celebrating being 30, flirty, and thriving :) 

I just love the birthday girl and am so lucky we are close. Christina is one of those that you can tell anything to because she will understand. Just take a look at her blog A Crewchiefs Girlfriend and you can see exactly why she's my favorite: 

I can ask her every silly question about motherhood (even post baby sex talk!) and we can dish about celeb gossip (she loves her bravo reality tv). She always has the best beauty product suggestions. Like this lotion she blogged about? felt like a drink of water to my skin. Most of all, family is so important to her -- she's a Lechuga for sure. 

If you haven't already followed my future sister-in-law's blog, you really should! and wish her her a happy birthday while you're at it pretty please :) 

Christina, i love you! Happy Dirty 30!!!! I'm right behind ya sister ;) xoxo

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Exactly a year ago today my dreams came true.

I remember wearing red lips to the grocery store when I picked up two pregnancy tests. 

I can't believe a year ago today, I took a little test and it said PREGNANT. I wanted to tell the whole world right away but I remember being terrified of jinxing my fragile happy secret. I already wanted to keep my baby safe and close to me.

I did write a simple facebook status (because it's not official until it's on fb right? *wink) 

I wanted to remember it. To remember exactly when I realized my prayers were answered.  

And seeing it now makes me :) 

Felix Maxham, you're my dream girl. I thank God for giving me you xo

Claire, remember when you sent me a text asking me if I was pregnant after seeing my status? I will never forget that either, how you just knew because you know me so well. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Monday, January 14, 2013

finally, finally!

Once upon a time I wrote about a blog crush of mine named April. When I talk to blog friends, we usually talk about who we would love to meet. April has always been one of my answers. 

You guys, i finally got to hug her this past Saturday. Lovies, she does not disappoint. We had SO much fun!

You wouldn't believe Felix was the first baby April had ever held. She was a natural with my little who loved her too. April came with fabulous gifts for Mama and baby--you know how I feel about Love Story and records + i can't wait until Felix can wear her zebras! 

Since she got here around lunch time, Marianne and I took to her to one of my favorite local eateries, a family owned greek place called Hibiscus Cafe. 
(Please ignore the hot mess that was my hair) Yummy hummus and gyros and the best greek coffee. 
The little babe was worn out from all the attention at lunch that we dropped her off with her grandparents so we could enjoy some thrifting!

Twinkie and I are going to pretend these are from Felix. 

We also went out for some drinks while watching some football and then stayed up late watching Parenthood (which Marianne and April just started so no spoilers!). 

Of course, there were a lot of Felix cuddles

and of course, I fell in love with April even more after meeting her. 

I mean seriously, look at her tweet. Hilarious! 

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