Friday, October 30, 2009

Masquerade Ball.

Happy Halloween lovies!!!
do tell me what you're going to be this year.

My girlfriend Lauren and her sister always throw THE BEST {most festive} Halloween Party. This year they decided to hold a masked ball. We'll wear carnival masks (feathers and glitter galore!) and fancy dresses. I'm every bit excited.

ps. when i was on my love trip, darling friend bought me a Wonder Woman costume. It doesn't have to be halloween to play dress up with your lover, agreed?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

a MUST HAVE for our casa.

i saw this image inside a beautiful London house (i want that tub!) on A CUP OF JO and fell in love with every bit of it. i had to know the artist.

thankfully someone commented that it was Harland Miller.
my best friend google led me to this british artist's other work and this piece... this piece i so desperately want.

Sweet Fancy.

i was looking for a thoughtful gift to get darling friend to let him know how much i missed him.

i fell in love with Fallon's blog "Sweet Fancy" and her beautiful handmade pillows. When i saw her postcard pillow that you can personalize, i knew that would make the perfect gift for Max. It's original, would have my little message, and (as he said upon receiving it)- it's "so me."

since i was sending it straight to darling friend, Fallon was sweet to take photos of the finished gift for me. I can share it with you now, since he got it yesterday:

as the front of the postcard, i chose her keys please fabric.
it seemed to go well with the message, and also from her shop pictures- i could tell it would go on any color couch.

It was almost more special that Max got it yesterday, when i left only the day before.

Thanks again Fallon! it was perfect.

with the holidays coming up, i suggest having a look at Fallon's Etsy store, Olive Handmade. She also has a cute vintage shop called "My Vintage Backyard."

{i'm wanting this charming teacup set}

This made me cry.

Did you read the sweet story of the 6-year-old girl who left notes for her family to find, after she succumbed to pediatric brain cancer?

Elena hid them in brief cases, ornament bags, dresser drawers. This amazing 6-year-old hid them in places that were obviously meant to be found later.

"The messages were addressed to her parents, her little sister, Gracie, her grandparents, even her great-aunt’s dog. Most carried simple variations on a theme: “I love you Mom Dad and Grace.” And most are decorated with her favorite symbol: a heart."

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Virginia is for Lovers...

how can it not be with these beautiful skies?
leafing with the love of your life {maxie, did i use this term right?}

i remember last time he drove me up to this overlook, it was on our very first roadtrip and at night (imagine all the twinkle lights of the city). I remember thinking, happiness; you had finally found me. I felt that same joy again, but this time- with the autumn splendor as the backdrop. i had an amazing trip to this town that will be our new home together.

holding hands in historic downtown... kissing on the Parkway... sharing the fancy bottle of wine darling friend bought for our last night from the Peaks of Otter Lodge where I had never seen anything that looked more like a postcard than the Blue Ridge Mountains.

i had an amazing time with my brilliant boyfriend.

(m, i saw this sign downtown and thought of you)

i should have taken more pictures of inside our home, but i figured i would be soon enough to do that when it's fixed up. here's a view from the top of our porch that i love...

max, i don't ever want to kiss anyone else but you forever.

thank-you for this trip, with all my heart thank-you.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


while darling friend was out buying a bottle opener for the fancy wine he purchased for our last night (in awhile) together... he got a dreaded call from the morning meteorologist at his station. He was running a high temperature and needed my brilliant boyfriend to cover the shift the next morning. Lovies, this means Max had to be up at 2 a.m. to be at work around 2:30 a.m.

our plans were crushed...
our joy was a little too.

but we realized, things like this (life) happens... and it's not a sign.
you just crawl into bed together (albeit early) and if you're like me, fall asleep before your boyfriend does... you know, the one that actually has to wake up early. (sorry bd!!!)

he's at work preparing for the noon show, and i can't believe in a few hours i will board a plane that will take me back to Texas. I have been spoiled these past days... it felt like "normal life" again.

this trip has made me realize 110%... he is the man i want to be with.

he's my lobster.

he's quite simply... my everything.


Speaking of being sick... i am not feeling well this morning. I am not fully awake either, until i have a cup of coffee. In the unpacking, we still couldn't place the coffee pot. I also had to take some medicine and it suggests eating something with it. So i munched on cold pizza from last night. That's when the doorbell rang... and his sweet Moma brought me a cup of coffee, half & half, splenda packets, an egg sandwich with pepper jack cheese, and 2 packets of apple cinnamon oatmeal. She even included napkins.

it was sooo very touching. Max didn't even ask her to do that.

She thought of me. It means a lot. I knew back on our first trip home to his parents, my boy comes from a good family.

(since it was an unexpected visit, i hope she didn't realize i was wearing her son's underwear around the house. At least i also had on his sweater)

and then there's this... he is letting me take home one of his favorite shirts. He joked that he wouldn't let me take it home IF he knew i wasn't coming back. What did i leave behind? my nice lingerie.

(the polka dot one is his fave)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

do you remember... ?

when we were just best friends?
[with maybe intense chemistry]
we weren't a couple here, but look how close we always were.

i probably was telling you a silly joke.
and we all know how bad i am at it, so maybe you were teasing me.

either way, i'm glad our friend snapped this shot.
i love this picture because of how wrapped up i clearly was in this captured moment.

it was before "us."
but not really...

looking back, i think we both knew even then... even then we were meant to be together.

max & chunga.

*ps. have you noticed in most photos of us together,
i am always facing you. i noticed that when i snapped
this photograph of our old mantle.

like i can't stop cuddling your face.
or kissing you. or biting you.

i can't stop.

so hurry home after you do the news, my brilliant boyfriend.
and come kiss your "technical wifey" who has been cleaning
our future home.

(and watching football)

kiss me and kiss me and kiss me...

because Tuesday is coming all too soon.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

a hello while on holiday with my brilliant boyfriend...

hi lovies!!! darling friend is at work, so after cleaning a bit in our lovely new house (i so can not wait to decorate it. Our landlord's Dad built it, and the format is quite kooky which i love. If it was cleaner, I'd show you pictures), i thought i'd check in with you sweet friends and show you a few photographs from my holiday.

last night he took me to a fancy pizza place called WaterStone Pizza. It had a classy bar and it was a great date with my boyfriend in Downtown Lynchburg. We sat outside the bench, and shared a few kisses... oh how i've missed his kisses.

this afternoon after breakfast (pumpkin pancakes... yum!), i asked him to take me back downtown because i just fell in love with it's charm. We went to the Farmers Market and this awesome craft market next door. I love craft expos because really, what's better than the homemade quality of local people? up in my arms went gems- homemade goat soap with beautiful scents, Virginia made coffee beans, and a candle holder made out of tin.

inside the craft market i was excited to see this eatery- Philippine Delight! (belen, oh man.. . as soon as i saw their sign, i soooo thought of you!!! when you visit me in VA, you can set up your jewelry booth and then I'll get us some Pansit & Adobo). It was too bad me and Max already ate, because i would have loved to be reminded of my Mom's cooking. Of course i met the owner who was happy to see a fellow filipino. Max said our little hello's were cute. We told him we would be back Monday, since Max has to work tomorrow night.

back in Texas, my brother Marco got to spend time with my family and i was sad i missed him, so i had to email a picture.

and then some of the things we bought for our Virginia home:
framed art (she's playing hopscotch) + a couch and matching sofa chair.

Max wasn't sure about this set, but it was a steal and just the kind of couch i've always wanted-with a vintage feel.

so that's what your Micaela has been up to. Max texted me after he left for work and said, "I miss you. Is that crazy?" my reply: "No cos i miss you! I'm here- it feels nice to say that."

him: "I am so happy you are here. I can't wait for you to be my wifey."

le sigh. I'm in love, completely and WHOLE-heartedly.

ps. besides seeing my brilliant boyfriend, i have LOVED seeing my other daughter, Bubbles. She is modeling her strawberry halloween costume for you guys. Isn't she precious?

and OF COURSE visiting with his parents.

they're really cute,

and genuinely sweet to me,

this crazy girl

who's stolen their only son's heart.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy early Birthday M!!!

{M, I know your birthday isn't til tomorrow... but I'm afraid since it's the first day of my trip to Darling Friend, I may not have time to post this. Also, I'm not informed on the whole "scheduled blog post" thing. I really must learn this. So pretend this is for tomorrow}

i just wanted to wish the beautiful birthday girl a very happy day!!!!! [forgive the photo, my camera phone isn't the best]

Marisa, I hope you feel celebrated today and always. I hope the wish you make when you blow out your birthday candles comes true. I believe in those wishes.

sweetest friend, on your birthday i want to share this quote with you:

"Of all the things which wisdom provides to make life entirely happy, much the greatest is the possession of friendship"

- Epicurus

i am sooo lucky to know you.

love you,
Micaela xo

leaving on a jet plane...

tomorrow i board a flight that will take me to VA ... that will take me to my darling friend. I have missed him sooo much. I still can't believe i'm going to see him tomorrow! [i have butterflies in my stomach] i can't wait to hug him. i can't wait to kiss him again.

we both agreed it's also the little things... like leaving the airport holding hands.

i will be sure to take lots of pictures! (in fact, i'm buying a disposable camera for this project. my swap partner will get to see what will soon be our new home together & the fall foliage) and since he does have to work a few hours this weekend, i will be sure to check in with you sweet friends.

After work, my little sister will drive me to Dallas where I'll stay at a studio suite near the airport. My flight is at 5:40 tomorrow morning (so I will be up at 3 a.m. to get ready, catch the shuttle over, etc...) and I'll stay til Tuesday evening. Only 4 nights with my boyfriend. And i know it will go by too fast, but I'm going to remember every little detail...

Max, I can't wait to see you!!!! Get ready for me, i'm not going to leave you alone for the next 4 nights and a day.

now a little note to my twin seester:

Twinkie, i already miss you! don't worry about me. I know i'm scared of flying, and I know you wish you could be there with me to make sure that I know i will be okay (i will be!) or so i can lay on you like i did at the airport in Atlanta on our way to Chicago before my flight (how much fun did we have?)... but i promise i will be okay. i will miss you!!!! and call you before i take off and when i land.

and i will forgive you when you call me every 5 minutes. (haha)

how am i ever going to move away if i miss you already and i'm only leaving for 4 days?!!!

I love you,
your twinkie soul

(pics via restart my heart)

35 answers.

My favorite, my M tagged me. I just love her. Please meet my Marisa at ...or so i feel if you haven't. She's lovely and very much "my person." (We both love Grey's Anatomy & if you do too, then you know what i mean when i say that).

pssst... she has a birthday tomorrow!!!! stop by her corner of the internet and wish her a happy birthday.

Rules: Nominate six blogger friends and fill out these questions.

1. Where is your cell phone: always next to me. it's terrible how much i depend on my blackberry.

2. Your hair: dark, long & thick ... way too thick. takes forever to blow dry.

3. Your mother: my everything.

4. Your father: my pride.

5. Your favorite food: any & all pasta's, comfort food- grilled cheese & tomato basil soup.

6. Your dream from last night: i was so tired it felt dreamless.

7. Your favorite drink: coffee, wine, orange juice, blue poweraid, and water. (i am really not a soda person)

8. Your dream/goal: to get married to the love of my life, have a job i love (i'm blessed with this now), to travel is a never-ending dream.

9. What room are you in: work office.

10. What are your hobbies: going treasure finding, blogging (such a wonderful world we have), reading (i'm always in the middle of a book), & the cinema.

11. What is your fear: losing: loved ones, in love, at the workplace. losing.

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years: married with brilliant husband & starting our little family (if we haven't already).

13. Where were you last night: playing trivia with the Wilson's and having a corona (mexican beer night!) & packing. (lovies, details later)

14. Something you are not: carnivore.

15. Muffins: blueberry or chocolate. parmesan poppers are my fave. that and poppy seed.

16. Wish list items: laptop. a more reliable car. and some small things... but i wish i could see my nieces every day. I wish that my family's wishes would all come true... my Mom is always thinking about her children and hardly herself. I wish all her dreams would come true.

17. Where did you grow up: my father was Air Force so we moved everywhere... we lived in Germany before moving to Texas. but Texas... Texas is my home. It's where I graduated high school and college. It's home to my favorite sports teams. I am full of Texas pride!!!!

18. Last thing you did: chatted with Max about my visit tomorrow. SO EXCITED to see my darling friend.

19. What are you wearing: my go-to dress and black zip up knee-high boots. First time this season. I've missed wearing them.

20. Your TV: always on CNN when at work... Ellen at 1:30. shhh... Darling Friend loves 30 Rock and i've been meaning to watch it.

21. Your pets: my very spoiled bichon frise girl, who i named Maverick after my favorite NBA team. She's my child for now. & Darling Friend's sweeeeet minnie black lab (that's what we think she is, she's a rescued dog) Bubbles

22. Your friends: loves of my life.

23. Your life: blessed.

24. Your mood: EXCITED!!!!!! nervous (flying). Did i mention i was EXCITED?!?!?!

25. Missing someone: yes, even before he moved.

26. Vehicle: it hasn't let me down yet, but i totally need a new one. I call it my "go-kart."

27. Something you’re not wearing: stockings

28. Your favorite store: antique stores downtown. i love thrift stores or resale shops for clothing (always excited to score a vintage treasure) but let it be said- I LOVE JC Penneys. Always have. I worked there while in school. My paycheck basically went back to them.

29. Your favorite color: black, pink, white.

30. When’s the last time you laughed: a few minutes ago. We're always laughing in our office. Yesterday my boss yelled from her office to my desk, "micaela, do you know what topography is?" (she's working on our annual report layout). I did know it and told her the answer. She goes, "good- i can use it then." She explained that she didn't want to use a word that most people wouldn't know and if i knew what it meant-- EVERYONE would. I can have my Ella Woods moments.

31. When’s the last time you cried: just now while twinkie dropped me off from lunch. I'm only leaving for a few days and i already miss her.

32. Your best friend: my twin & Momma. and then of course, darling friend.

33. One place you go over and over: Target, for everything. Even groceries.

34. One person who emails me regularly: Marisa, Marianne & Lo (esp. while we're at work).

35. Favorite place to eat: Mt's Cafe (local) & another local place, Hibiscus Cafe' (it's greek). But nothing beats Mom's cooking. Nothing.

M that was fun!!!!
since she tagged most of our friends (that felt cute to say lol), anyone who took the time to read this, please play along and let me know that you did. I would love to read your answers!!! I really mean that. xo

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Guest Post #2 from Max: Tomorrow is a new day.

In fact, the day after tomorrow, is a wonderful day! I have been looking forward to this day for weeks, and it’s almost here!! Friday is the day that I will pick up my love, the girl you are here reading about, from the airport! It has been a little over a month since I have seen her in person, but it seems much longer than that.

I moved here in September and it has been really tough adjusting to new settings with a new job and a new house. I have moved many times before, and it is always been an ordeal for me to find comfort in new surroundings and routines. I have never been that guy who walks into a room of strangers and starts leading the conversation. People have to warm up to me slowly and vice versa. Even though this is the town I grew up in, oddly I never really felt like I belonged here. Being back here again seems to confirm it in a lot of ways.

The friends I did have here in the past have largely moved away or are busy with new lives and wives and kids. The house I rented had a busted furnace. I have been working some very irregular hours.

But the last time I moved somewhere new, I met a girl who said to me, “we are going to be best friends.” I thought she was a little crazy at first, but I was smitten. She was right, after a little while, she WAS my best friend. And after that she became the dominant force in my life. Thinking of her has made this awkward adjustment easier. If you couldn’t guess, I am talking about Ms. Dolce Vita! I believe I was “supposed” to meet her and the universe brought me to Texas for just that reason.

Chatting with her makes every day brighter. I probably drive her nuts calling and texting and skyping all the time, but I can’t stop. It is an addiction. My life is empty without her and I think about her constantly. I saw this in the snack machine at work and instantly I thought of her.

Texas. It’s a long way away.

But this weekend, I am bringing my favorite thing about Texas closer to me. When the first leaves started to change here, I had forgotten how pretty it is. This is the weekend of the peak fall foliage. Fall is our favorite season, in fact, we said we would get married in the fall. So, I had to share the beauty of the fall colors with my favorite beauty. And she is coming FRIDAY!!

If you are bored, sorry. I am wrapping this up. Your friend Micaela is the light in my life and the past month has been very dark. Being without her has made me realize how much I love her. Below is a picture from my (our) porch a few weeks ago…the leaves are just starting to change. This weekend, I hope you can share the leaves with someone you love, too.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i realize that i need you...

darling friend, i want to listen to headphones with you.

i want to do everything with you.

"I don’t care I could go anywhere with you

And I’d probably be happy”

my father the artist.

i rearranged some art in the dining area after my Dad gave me a new piece.

It's called Xaltocan. It's dark... like most of his work is (his passion and inspiration is the Holocaust).

But it's beautiful and i am his biggest fan.

He also made these pottery gems. It's too bad his artistic ability didn't fall onto his 4th born girl.

But his love for God did...

and that is the greatest gift he could have ever given his children.

just tickled about this.

this girl's life seems magical.
i've mentioned her here. (i still am going to have a mattress party)

see who you spy on part 2 of her, "what's on your desk?" series.

Letters of Note: love

the last letter celebrated romantic poet John Keats would write the love of his life Fanny Brawne:

"My dearest Girl,

I wish you could invent some means to make me at all happy without you. Every hour I am more concentrated in you;"


A parting note written by Frida Kahlo on the back of a depository envelope -

Read each transcript in it's entirety on Letters of Note.

(via Goodnight Little Spoon found through Belen & M)

Monday, October 19, 2009

in my other life...

i used to take smoke breaks with a co-worker. Somedays when i didn't want a full cigarette, i would steal a puff of his red malboros. I made him watch "Lost in Translation" because it is my favorite movie. He told me a scene from the karaoke night was us. The taking of a cigarette ... with a person you were never going to be with but experienced shared moments like these.

i love these moments.

time for another cup of tea visit...

Vanessa of Vanessa's Runway just moved in with her soon-to-be-husband and boyfriend of 6 years. She's also one of my first blog friends and for that and so many other reasons, I will always adore her.

She asked me where I get my decorating inspiration from. Honestly, I am a huge fan of "treasure finding" ; whether it's at estate sale or an antique store downtown. I love the Saturday mornings I'd wake up early and go gargae saling with my girlfriends, Mom, or Darling Friend. I always look at books, trinkets, and art.

Here are a few recent treasures:

1. this gorgeous table for $50. I love white furniture. {It has a country charm feel} This table has a white tile table top i just love! i also got these candle holders.

2. i love my entryway. it's probably my fave collage display in my house. this weekend i bought the Texas Flag piece (i love that it's made out of wood) and told Max that i bought it at a perfect time- so i can display it in our home in VA. I am FULL of Texas pride.

3. A vintage suitcase for $1 that i plan to use as storage and a vintage trash tin that I'm going to use as an umbrella holder. it matches...

4. electric candle holders. My Mom & twinkie thought these were so ugly, but i plugged them in and just fell in love. I love that it's a vintage pink. I love that i can use them when i read at night. I knew if i didn't pick them up for $5 at the estate sale, i would have regretted it. Up they went into my arms.

so as you can see... it's an eclectic kitsch of a mix. It expresses me.

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