Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"days of laughter, nights of sighing" - Okkervil River

i had a boyfriend in college named camron.
he was the editor of our college newspaper.
he was the skinniest boy i've ever dated.

his cat named shrinkle was the only cat i ever loved.
in fact, i watched her while he was out of town.
i felt so grown up.

our first date was a nap in bed on an early saturday morning.
he didn't even kiss me until awhile after that.

he wanted to write me a love letter on yellow legal paper for every day that we were apart, until i came back to him.

i can't remember when he stopped.

he gave me a cd and introduced me to bands i had never heard of and love to this day- Death Cab For Cutie, Bright Eyes, Azure Ray, and Okkervil River.

Especially Okkervil River's "Main Island Lovers." The song haunted me from the very first time i heard it. His voice is dark / sad / raw & even moreso when you know what the lyrics are about. Two people meeting up for a lost weekend; one knows they're going to end it... the other does not.

the end gets me every time.

have a listen... i hope this link works.

it's great to be your friend.

last night i could not sleep.
i lay wide awake in bed long after 2 a.m.
and i couldn't pin point what it was that was keeping me up.
i was just awake.
the house was quiet. i was restless.

today, i just feel disappointed.
again, i can't pin point at what exactly...
it's just a feeling that's there.

on my lunch break, i got this beautiful postcard from Belen. A "just because" note, to wish me a good day. No-- a GREAT day. It was the sweetest card that really filled me up with a sense of sincere thankfulness. Thankfulness to be blessed with amazing friendships with girls i have never even met in person, but feel so close to.

it's all magical. it really is.

i needed a word of encouragement and found it right when i needed it, thanks to YOU, Belen, my beautiful friend.

i love love love your thoughtfulness. i love love love that last line. i completely agree.

the postcard really is so pretty. i have a thing for hummingbirds... it's perfect! i'm going to frame it and hang it in my home and smile everytime i see it. thank-you with all my heart. xoxo

i am sooo thankful for this blogging community. for the friends i've met and for even those that just pass by my little space. it's great to be connected. it's great to be your friend.

When the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine...


pimp myspace

Julia of Wonderful Creation taught me how to do this!
{of course, hers is more fancy.}

you can make your own free animation right here.

Thanks Julia!!!

images from le love.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Guest Post...Max

It was suggested that writing this guest blog would help us get closer. But, I don't really like to talk about myself. I like when people talk about me, but I don't like to talk about myself. That is, I like it when people pay attention to me, but I want it to seem like I didnt bring it on myself. Does that make sense? Maybe not, but that is how I am.

You guys know me as Darling Friend, or Max or DF...I think that's about it. A lot of names. I just recently had to move away from Micaela, it is not easy doing long distance relationships. I have never blogged before, but there is a lot about being with Micaela that I have never done before or takes me out of my comfort zone. So here goes...guest blogging.

I am in my 30s. I have been gaining weight this year and the wrinkle lines are getting more noticiable. Aging is part of life, but its a part that i dont want to have to deal much is botox? I guess I am vain. I like getting up early. I have trouble sleeping too late. I belive its important to make the best of what you have and enjoy what you have. I never like being too serious at work, I like to make it fun. Why spend hours at a place and be miserable?

When I first meet someone, I try to let them do the talking. It is best to let people slowly warm up to me, I am an acquired taste. My mama says "better to be quiet and thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt." I believe Mark Twain said it first, though. When I met Micaela, one of the first things she said to me was "we are going to be best friends!" I thought she was crazy, ha. But she was right. Actually, we were both right, ha ha.

Well, I think if you read this blog you already know a lot of what happened after that.
Moving here a couple weeks ago has been hard, but I thought it was the best option. I am living in my hometown, about 1000 miles away. When I took this job, I thought it was because I was "supposed to" get in some time with my family. Whatever the circumstances that brought me here, I am here. Soon, Micaela will be here as well. This time apart should make us appreciate each other more. I miss her constantly. Hopefully, it will make her appriciate me more and the things I tried to do to take care of her. I can't drop off her car to be fixed from out of state, ha.

This is just my first blog...I plan on dropping in from time to time. Is there anything anyone wants to know about Micaela? Ha, comment on here and I will tell you the real deal.... :)

remember my case of the mondays? THIS changed everything.

i'm still not sure what's wrong with my car, and that was bothering me yesterday. I just felt overwhelmed. And without Max here to help me or comfort me (though he later did through email/text), i felt really lost. How is it that Marisa is ALWAYS there for me without even realizing it? meaning to? Remember this post?

it's really magical, our friendship. That sounds silly, but i don't know how else to describe it other than a magical blessing.

On my serious case of the monday blues, look what came in all the way from North Dakota?

a beautiful piece of art that matches my decor. It is GORGEOUS. And it's special. In the Austen styled card, M told me her father picked up one for her when he was in Venice from a street artist (which we just love all the more) and it has since been one of her favorite pieces. She said she had to get one for me. I love it!!! and if that thoughtfulness wasn't enough, she included a book that describes the bond we share. Each word touched my heart.

It was perfect.

and as you can clearly see, M, you made me silly happy!

(me decked out in my Dallas Cowboys jersey)

ps. this will show you how close me and Marisa are... She knows I love all things Italia, but how did she know that her gift would be perfect inside my little home? this below is what you would mainly see in my living room. It's Venice at sunrise.

Venice has a space in my heart. I went to Italy the summer i was 19. I fell in love with the city and it's charming narrow walkways and hidden shops. I told myself i would never come back, unless it was with someone i loved, to share it with. Venice has a space in my heart... and so does my M.

THANK-YOU marisa for making my Monday all the better. For being my friend when I've needed one the most. I don't know that many people who have a friendship like ours. Like you, it's a gem.

i can not tell you enough how much i adore this woman's friendship... so, I'll borrow a few more words from the book she gave me to try:

"We carry each other like

the wind carries the wing

it is effortless weight."

love you M xoxo

Monday, September 28, 2009

On a very happy note...

remember Friday, when i told everyone to hug a vegetarian for "National Hug A Veg. Day?" I joked with Max that i expected a card. I didn't expect to get one in the mail ON that day. It was such an unexpected surprise!!!

and he even included a little stuffed animal, because i had told him how i was thinking about getting maverick another dog to keep her company. (this, my friends would mean we would have 3 dogs) He wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea, but didn't say no either. I think the stuffed puppy was supposed to be maverick's company. It was very cute. Just as cute as when he gave me Prince.

My sweet boyfriend...

my sweet boyfriend who also signed on this very cute house with a lovely view in VA:

Check out that view.

i told him i couldn't wait to sit on our porch,
eat breakfast, and have a nightcap in the evening.

if i had red ruby slippers, i would click them together.
i would be there now.

Yesterday at church, i showed twinkie an email from him- he was asking me if i had heard from my Grandmother in the Philippines, because he read there was heaving flooding. She was just as touched as i was. She looked at me and said very understandably, "you're going to leave me, aren't you?"

and if you've ever watched "Good Will Hunting," my reply:

"I have to see about a boy."

i want this life. just for a day. a few moments?

"Translation: arrived in marrakech last night. we had dinner in a tent with 600 lanterns around us. Wonderful. The course begins today."

*her parents gave her a photography course for her birthday.

how does one get a life like this?

Case of the Mondays.

I woke up early, saw the Texas sky before the sun rose, and was ready to leave for work and be early for once.

and then, in my driveway... my car wouldn't start.

monday 10 micaela 0.

ugh. not cool, little car. I am hoping it just needs to be jumped, though darling friend did say that if lights turned on, it could be something more... like the alternator. I don't want to worry about it now. [as laid-back as i think i am, i am really such an over-worrier about everything, and i won't get anything done at work if i am thinking of it]

i hope you lovies are off to a better start of a new week!

how was your weekends?

i had a quiet one... but it was nice. Got a lot of things done to the house, including a wonderful steal on a dining room table.

I also hung out with my girlfriends at our scary movie night slumber party Friday. We watched "The Strangers" -- omg, scared me, scared me!

but how beautiful was Liv Tyler? and i've always loved Scott Speedman. Max reminded me of his character.

so yes, even though my Monday started out bumpy (and could get bumpier, though let's hope not)... it could always be worse, right?

and really, what i was just hoping to say with this post was

Good Morning Sunshines!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

enjoy le weekend!!!

a reminder to you, from me. xoi may be worrying about my budget right now, but i may have also purchased these delightful postcards to write love notes to send to my darling friend.

friends, i can not thank you enough for the lovely words on my last post. Means all the world to me!!! You made my "hug a vegetarian" day friday.

Beautiful friends, i hope you have fun this weekend.

have i mentioned lately how wonderful my bf is?

lovies, here's his new bio pic on his new newstation website. How cute is my darling friend??? COMPLETELY, i think.

it was weird for me to see him on a new website, as compared to the station that brought us together. It hits me more that i wish i could be where he is now, as opposed to miles away. So now i must share exciting news, and something coming soon to dolce vita, my little corner of the internet.

Max knows how much his gf (me!) loves to blog. How much i simply adore my friends i've met through this wonderful medium. I've asked him to "guest post" time to time, to surprise me, to write to me... on here. This blog after all, is named for what i call my sweet life. I'm not really sure where we'll be going with this lol but I'm excited. The first post i told him to "introduce" himself in his own words, as opposed to my little introduction here.

This is a HUGE step for my darling friend. He has written me the sweetest letters i've ever received in my life, but when it comes to even commenting on here for everyone else to see who he doesn't know like i do- well he feels a little uncomfortable. and i have to share this part because i laughed and was touched- he also feels intimidated cos of MY writing. Can you believe that? again, how cute is he???

so i hope you enjoy my boyfriend's installments, as much as i look forward to receiving them!

and thank-you for letting me share him with you.

Thank you for letting me share my dolce vita.

oh i expect hugs!!!!

my sweet katy bird sent me an e-card for "Hug A Vegetarian Day!" isn't that funny? i smiled.

i've been a vegetarian since high school... but don't worry, i won't go all PETA on you. *wink
my veggie tray pressie

Today, hug any vegetarians you know. (i wish you could hug me! I believe hugs can change your day).
I told Max i expected a card....

& Lo wants to go to Sala Deli for a lunch date,
in celebration of my day.
How sweet is she?

i love my gfs!!! & tonight we're having a scary movie slumber party! sleeping bags, pajamas- us sisters sprawled in their living room.

i love our sister dates.
update: here's a couple of pics of my sister girls

& Hug a Vegetarian Day!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

i love movie dates with my girls.

i love movie dates with my gfs. It's almost as good as a happy hour. Me + Twinkie with our sister friends Lauren + Mehle, and Stephanie.

uh-huh, that's my Lo of "Life is short//Love is forever."

My cutie patootie.

we went and saw "Love Happens" with my girlfriend Jennifer Aniston.

it was a long big cry movie, but i do so love my gf still (who's character was named Eloise- love it- and owned her own flower shop). It made me want to live in Seattle. I have never been, but i've always said i wanted to live there. Rain- it's my happy weather.

the part i loved? (without spoiling too much) she keeps a copy of cards sent with flowers that "stayed with her." She said something like, "life... on a 3x5."

Lo, THANKS for my fake glasses and the picture/note. It means SOOO much to me. Don't forget, us sisters have a scary movie night date in your living room- pajamas & sleeping bags. love you!!!! xo

"More tequila, more love, more anything. More is better."

Who else is seriously excited- Tonight Grey's Anatomy returns for it's much anticipated 6th season with a 2 hour special.

I am tooootally excited! me and M were discussing how BRILLIANT the finale was last season. OMG. i watched the end 3 times- just kept rewinding it.

Another season of McDreamy... sigh. In celebration, here is a couple of my fave Meredith quotes:

Meredith Grey: "Maybe we like the pain. Maybe we're wired that way. Because without it, I don't know; maybe we just wouldn't feel real. What's that saying? Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer? Because it feels so good when I stop."

Dr. Meredith Grey: "Maybe we're not supposed to be happy. Maybe gratitude has nothing to do with joy. Maybe being grateful means recognizing what you have for what it is. Appreciating small victories. Admiring the struggle it takes simply to be human. Maybe we're thankful for the familiar things we know. And maybe we're thankful for the things we'll never know. At the end of the day, the fact that we have the courage to still be standing is reason enough to celebrate."

sometimes i want to yell at Meredith for being so complicated and her inability to let herself be happy and good to Derek. and then... i realize, i am the same way to my real-life McDreamy.

one of my favorite episodes, Meredith is in the elevator and her and McDreamy weren't speaking. (He was trying to work things out with Addison.) And she says, "I miss you" quietly without even looking at him and walks out of the elevator.



Wednesday, September 23, 2009

come inside, have a cup of tea.

i miss the old casa di M.
mainly, i miss not having Max in it.

but i wanted to share my little space with you...

here's the doorway & kitchen area/counter that looks into the living room. [i have never been able to keep a plant. I'm taking care of this one my Momma gave me. i have a thing for mirrors] :

The dining area. My gf Steph donated a dining table to us. Can you spot my painting bought from Katy? i still love it!!! and my new love, my winning Chalkboard!!! Which is already written on, thank-you Brooke of Playing Grown Up. {psst, she has her own etsy store if you wanna grab one for your casa! i highly recommend it}

spots in the living room: i miss our old mantle. But since I'm going to be living with another roommate, understandably, i had to rearrange.

my bedroom, where the magic does NOT happen... not anymore anyway. Darling Friend, i miss sleeping next to you!!!!

my twinkie was making fun of me that i just nail pictures up randomly. I have no thought out process. It just goes up there. I think i did okay?

closer ups of each side of the bed:

you can see a little of maverick's pink bed.

the red teddy bear was hand-made by this woman i once interviewed back in my reporting days. she makes them for area children homes. very sweet lady. she also made me a little quilt that goes with it on the chair. The chair belonged to my friend Erik's grandmother. I thought he was crazy to want to throw it away.

the bathroom in my room: the peeing man scored at an antique store with katy and max.

now randoms:

each one is in my bedroom except the bottom left (that's the doorway- i have a thing for door knobs. reminds me of alice and wonderland).

The first one is a print of a card twinkie was given a long time ago in junior high from her first "boyfriend." Travis was really shy, so this card was perfect.

A mexican-inspired tray i bought at a vintage store and yes... those are what you think they are when you look at the wooden squares. Me & Max were at a bookstore and an erotic memory game was on clearance. I saw art.

The carnival mirror on the bottom was made by the artistic aunt of my ex, joel.

thank-you so much for visiting lovies!

please visit again soon?

Dear Darling Friend,

while you've been away, i've learned to properly use the twist tie for the bread. You'd be so proud. But I forget when to take out the trash, because you always did that for us. (It's friday also, right?) Watching tv shows is not the same without you. In fact, i can't watch The Golden Girls just yet... yup, it's that bad. I miss you. Maverick does too. We've bonded more though, which i know is hard to believe since we were already close. I'm proud of her, for slowly adjusting. She sleeps on the bed with me....i know. I'm sorry, but it's more for me than her. We'll have to break her of that again once our family is back together.

i'm trying to cook. i'm trying to budget. i have plans to work out more. i'm reading more and underlining passages to share with you.

luff you,

Chunga xo

ps. what do you think of our house's new girly re-do? kinda weird huh? i thought so, too. Le sigh. I still need to move a book shelf in, and on top of it is where our pictures will go.

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