Friday, October 31, 2008

thank-you lover.

Thank-you lover for putting up with me.

I know you wish sometimes I came with instructions or guidelines to care for me.
I get in these unexplainable moods where I am blank...

I don't know what's wrong with me... everything & nothing.
I'm sorry I was in such a mood the other night.

I can not tell you how much it meant to me that you laid in bed next to me... looking at me sweetly, brushing my hair back and asking me if what was bothering me was you. You accepted my nod 'no.' You asked me if I wanted to talk about it. Again a nod 'no.' You asked me gently if I would tell you about it later. I nodded 'yes.'

And you stayed there with me still.

It means a lot to me.
SO MUCH to me.

I just need a hug sometimes. I just need you, my bestie.
Because no matter what, you make everything better.

new years 2008. I bruise easily.

love you, love me.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vote Obama

i feel so much better.
Go vote so you can too!!!

I called my Papa on the way to the polls to say i was voting Obama incase he wanted to disown me ;) lol (raised Republican) He was just happy his daughter was doing her civic duty.

maybe I should get C these....

Vote. Vote Obama.

A feeling-great-to-have-voted-in-such-a-historical-election,
Micaela xo

via A Cup of Jo

Give or Get.

Sitting at my desk at work, I always have the tv on the "Early Show."
[ I haveta wake up with Russ Mitchell ;) ]
They were doing a piece on The Freecycle Network and I fell in love! It's all about people giving and getting FREE stuff in their own community! Have an iron and don't need it? Give it! Looking for a bike? Find someone who's got one to give! Isn't that fabulous???
It's all about reusing and keeping good stuff out of landfills. It's free to join and you don't have to give to be a part of it.
psssst.... WF even has their own community! that, that was a pleasant surprise for me! I haven't looked around yet, but I NEEDED to share :) times like this i wished i lived in NY or Austin for crying out loud!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

theme parties!!!

I wanna throw one.
Kianga [gorgeous arobics instructor you see below] had a REALLY fun 80's party a couple of years back... man time flies by sooo fast!

love the fanny pack! ha

I saw a really cute idea on A Cup Of Jo & her Glamour blog Smitten! How about a 1930's Party? Cute Joanna had one to celebrate the (New) Depression. They served peanuts (in their shell) & played Bing Crosby.i loooove that idea! I told Max I could be a cigarette girl. :) fish net stockings with the tray in front of me.

How about a mask party!?!?!?

I would sooo be audrey!!! or Elvis ;)

There's other cute party decor on Cox & Cox.

I've always wanted to be the hostest with the mostest. lol OOh maybe we can have a crazy christmas sweater party!!!

Speaking of theme parties, hope you all have a LOVELY Halloween! We are having a themed halloween party with my gfs, where we're all a halloween character from alice in wonderland!!! What are you going to be???

Cute Halloween Couple Idea: My boss was telling me about how her daughter and bf went as Brangelina one year... She had on the big glasses, tattoos, and different colored baby dolls. How cute is that!?!?! I love it!!! Maybe next year... I would even fake a baby bump!

love just right.

"Today I found an old friend."
just lovely!

I adore Edward Burns and his films.
He always gets love just right.

I also became a big fan of Selma Blair (who I detested before).
I want hair like hers.

I was glad to see Patrick Wilson again, after first seeing him in this.

I want to move to NYC. In Burns' films, the City becomes a character itself.

If you've seen this film, the montage towards the end that shows how he was her best friend... it touched my heart.

It also made me.... sad.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

who says you can't fake vintage???

Here's a site where you can transform new pictures to look old! OMG!!! I'm in love :)

I can't believe I'm just seeing it for the first time off of a lovely blog I stumbled upon, Tea for Joy . I'm hooked!!!!

check it out!

I find that it works better on scenery pics...

but still, with 10
minutes left of work, I had myself some fun!!!
*btw, the site is in japanese, BUT! it's pretty easy to figure out. If you can't, drop me a line and I'll be happy to help you!

I was a "junior Hooters waitress."

The Halloween festivities started this past weekend. Russell & Kim had their Halloween Party Friday. They went all out in decorations! Their whole living room had black plastic over it, with fringes for the door way. Their bathroom was the cutest:

The towel said, "The Bates Motel" and the light in the bathroom was a red bulb. That's why I took a pic of myself, hoping to get me in red. Ya... not a photographer... didn't know the flash would make it come out 'normal.' lol BUT! at least you get to see my impromptu outfit. My Cheshire Cat one hasn't come in yet, so I just went as a Hooters Girl. I wore the stockings and scrunched socks. Mandi's husband Chris joked, "I thought you had to have Hooters to be a Hooters girl?" ha!

They had cute little details like this, their
fish tank :)
+ gummy worms in their jello shots
it was a lot of fun!

Earlier Saturday, I went and was a judge for Petco's Halloween Pet Costume Contest. Maddie (little sis) worked there in high school and they've been wanting me to be a judge since I worked at the TV station. Now that I'm [without enough notice] free on weekends, I was happy to do it! here's a couple of cute ones, and ya, OF COURSE i was partial to the small babies :) BUT....

labs won first place- a bride & groom :)

this is Hef's playmate. :) yup there was an owner that dressed her two pooches as Hef (cute little velvety robe, i thought i took a pic!) & a naughty maid. TOO FUNNY, esp when the owner didn't look like a lady that would chose such funny costumes. :)

you can see i favor chihuahuas (my family always had them as pets) :) little apple head chihuahuas are toooo cute!!!

frankenstien was my fave!!! when he walked, the green hands on the side would move, like he was a tiny person. haha

i took lola, but she sat on my lap during the judging.
She wore her cowboys jersey.

Our shows. *Grey's Spoil Alert*

Me and C finally watched last week's Grey's Anatomy!!!
OMG, such a good one!!!
FINALLY- Izzy & Alex!!!! Alex can just PISS me off but you can also see that he loves her. Yay for their kiss!!!!

Me and the boy cried our heart out at the father & son, the kidney transplant story. Wow. I loved it because they didn't show whether the father pulled through or not, (in my version in my head he did lol) because it was the perfect ending. Wow, my heart was seriously touched. I still get choked up thinking about it! Lover, I'd give you my kidney.

I don't really care for Lexie, but I was so proud of her in this episode! I liked how they tied it in with the girl who gave her kidney for a guy. Like her or not, George should have SO thought of her automatically as his intern. I loved how she handled that.

Grey's, it's FABULOUS!!!

me and the boy watch our shows together,so most of the time it sits on our DVR until we can get a moment together. He forgot that we didn't watch "Brother's & Sisters" from 2 weeks ago and deleted it!!! :( so we couldn't watch the latest one, because he deleted the one before it. :( SAD micaela. It was hard not to be upset (SORRY LOVER!) but... le sigh.
in other news...
leave Dancing With The Stars' Cheryl Burke alone!

her before:

the fat girl in me is
seriously happy
she's gained weight

Monday, October 27, 2008

sweet follow-up.

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about writing a Proclamation for 104-yr-old Lola Sherfesee. I just fell in love with her and her life she's lived to the fullest.

C messaged me to ask if I had seen the front of the paper?
awww A story about Lola was on there.
It meant a lot to me that he was excited for me to see it.

What a life she lived!
She has spent nearly 104 years "charming princes," and "smoking Lucky Strikes."
In 1928 she got her master's degree in sex education. How did she put that degree to use?
"I got married," she says with a laugh.

She got married at 34. Met him in May, they were married in June... and married for 61 years!
He gave her a plain gold band on their wedding day. Lola says when she asked 'why just a band?' he said, "Our mothers were married with gold bands and they still have their husbands."

How romantic!!!

C joked that a gold band wouldn't be enough for me. lol
I told him um... only in the right context like this one. ha!

Reminds me of Carrie throwing up after seeing Aiden's original ring in SATC. lol

Friday, October 24, 2008

I cried in my chair this morning. :(

Marianne emailed me to tell me to check out the Sports section in the Newspaper, because they had a bit about Bret Hart's new bio. Apparently he released it in 2007 everywhere but the U.S.--and now he's decided to.

Something you should know about me... Before there was Robbie Williams, there was Bret Hart. He was my hero, my everything. No joke :) I loved and lived to watch the WWF. I always say this was back in wrestling's "glory days"-- totally diff. from the Wrestling we see today. Bret Hart was it. He truly is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be! Me and Marianne (who still loves shawn michaels) loved wrestling cos we loved our guys... not cos we were tom boys ;) we loved them in their tights etc. lol

When I was in middle school, i borrowed my best friend erienne's baby brother's fisher price play recorder. I put it up to the tv and recorded Bret's speeches. When we were going to bed in our shared room, I would drive Marianne CRAZY listening to this recorded cassette :). It was the only way I could sleep. My dad made me and my friends pink pancakes after a sleepover, cos that was his color. I mapped a whole trip from Texas to Canada and BEGGED my dad to take me. We're talking countless tears and pleading. I was destined to go to Canada and find him. Of course, it never happened. lol
So at 24 years of age (i know, getting up there!) imagine my SUPREME broken heart when the article said to check out his site for his book signing tour dates and he was in Denton, TX on OCT 7TH!!! omg!!!!! Not even Houston or Galveston... friggen Denton... an easy, breezy drive. :( :( :(

I couldn't breathe. I emailed Marz this:

"I THINK I'M GOING TO DIE... :( he was in DENTON, TX on the 7th of OCTOBER!!! :(
i didn't know!!!!!
i'm going to die.
just die now.
right here in my seat.

He's not anywhere close anymore :( :( :( :(
OMG. i'm going to die.
OMG i would have fainted and cried if i had seen him. More so than Robbie.
I could cry now. :("
Of course I don't want to die, :) but I am UTTERLY sad.
I called my Pappa to tell him and he was so cute-- he said I reminded him of that "dropped calls commerical" where the girl is a huge Michael Phelps fan and she misses him down the street cos of her cell phone connection. :) He said, "you're the girl in that commercial right now." :)
my lovely pappa!!!

Marianne said Bret's PR person should be fired. I agree, he should hire me. :)
SAD, SAD, SAD MICAELA :( I already know i will never see him in the ring :( ..... ... this would have been the ultimate next best thing.

on the ONLY brighter note... I just called Hastings and they said they have exactly one copy of his bio in! AHHHHH so I'm fixing to leave right now and rush to get my hands on it! WHOOO HOOO!!! :) I [at least] have that.

update after lunch- yay!!!
suuuuch a pretty book!
totally excited to curl up with bret

Thursday, October 23, 2008

C's gone fishing.

i'm without until sunday...
my beloved is going on a much needed getaway with his brother Bruce. They are going fishing in a fancy cabin at the fancy Gastons White River Resort in Arkansas.
He's really excited because it will be fun quality time with his brother in beautiful nature.
But I will miss him. :(
Lola will miss him and be sad she's stuck with mommy for so long.

lover, miss me? a little?

cute card I'd get him here.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We like to play.

Sometimes while out, me and C will pretend we just met.
Today I decided to play with him via email.

Here's how it started:

"hi, my name is Micaela and I think you are SEXY!!! i was browsing profiles and... I don't always do this but, I want to meet you. I want to take you on a date and get to know you. You are really HOT!! are you single???!

I hope this wasn't too foward. ;)
With high hopes,


C : "Well I don't usually accept forward messages like this but you're pretty HOT yourself! Maybe we can get together sometime for lunch or something. Thank you again for the kind words. I am actually not single. In a very nice relationship with a wonderful woman. She takes care of me perfectly."

Me: "well can't blame a girl for trying :)the truth is, I am with the man I am going to marry! yup. So I hope you are as happy as I am :) "

C: "Well congrats on your pending nuptuials. Does he know you're going to marry him? How could he NOT be happy with a girl like you?!"

My reply: "I THINK he knows... I hope he does, cos if he does, then that would mean he'd want to marry me, now doesn't it? You asked how he could NOT be happy with a girl like me... well the truth is I'm kind of spoiled. I don't know how to cook :( (i know, don't laugh!) Um... I used to drink A LOT but i have stopped that because he was genuinely concerned with that. :( I never knew how serious his worry was about that. :( not something I'm real proud of. Um... I'm also a bit messy... okay A LOT messy. I'm a scatter brain. There's a lot of reasons for him NOT to be happy with a girl like me... but he loves me, so I can't be that bad huh?

The truth is, I am in this 100%. 110%. I will do anything to make him happy happy. I don't want him to EVER think I take him for granted. :( that's the worse feeling... of letting someone you love down. Wow, this was so much deeper than I meant for it to be... sorry you had to hear all that. :) But I'm happy, and i want to tell the WHOLE world!!!!!!!!!

you're a start. :)"

his reply: "That is one of the sweetest things I think anyone has ever written me. You have a leg up on most people who seem to never see their own faults much less admit them. You are a good person! You need to believe that. He will marry you and be happy as long as you know that he wants you happy. If he can put up with everything you just listed then he's GOT to be in love with you."

The End. :)

Her name was Lola... she was a showgirl

Meet Lola :)

She is the best birthday gift I ever gave my boy, a PRECIOUS white bichon frise. I surprised him with the help of some great co-workers. They weren't sure what to get him, so when I told them a puppy, they wanted to help in the surprise. They all bought something for Lola (like a pink collar, food dish, puppy toys) which they gave him to open first.

He was happy/confused opening their gifts... hoping and wondering. :) When he got to my gift, I handed him a birthday card with a picture I had printed of our puppy that said, "It's a GIRL!" He was the happiest birthday boy in the world! Nothing beats that moment. It was perfect.

He calls her "the mommy test" for me. lol
She brings joy to our life, and I love my little family. xo

little lola sleeping on Daddy's OSU blankie while I was out of town :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

guilty of this.

from this week's post secret.



AHHHHH I'm still in shock over experiencing truly a once-in-a-lifetime event!!! :) Last night me and my seesters saw NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!!! they all look SO good (omg- those that are Jordan Knight fans like my twin sis will remember back when Jordan sang "Baby I Believe In You" with his white button down open. He does it during the tour and his body is as HOT as ever!!!). They seem so happy to be on stage again and you felt their appreciation.

They were really funny too... like my fave Donnie :) He said, "Some of you are having to get up early tomorrow morning for work and maybe a few of you... for school" *he said that with a playful cringe * and then he said, "Some of you are going home to husbands and some guys were brought out here." --- and then something like "good move! You'll have sex for the next couple of nights" or something like that :) HAHAH toooo funny!!!!

it was AMAZING! they sang all their best songs (except "let's try it again") and came back out for a spectacular finish!

Me and maddie loved how they danced like they did before ("The Right Stuff" dance… you know what I'm talking about!!!) and that even doing the "boyband" moves worked for them.
it was worth getting home at 3 am and being tired this morning. lol
it was fabulous!
but even moreso then the dream of seeing them perform?
was sharing it with my seesters!!!

Maddie: "My dream sandwhich would be the Wahlberg brothers..." LOL

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Right Stuff!

This Sunday I am going to see NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK in Dallas :)

It's a date with my seesters. Marianne [who looooves Jordan] bought them as a pressie for us. The only one that's missing is our seester Maria in Italy, the one who actually introduced us to NKOTB. She grew up LOVING them, and I remember being 5 or 6 years old and begging to play with her New Kids figurines. I remember my Mom helping her glue together a huge puzzle of them, so she could hang it up on her wall. :)

They were to her, what Take That was to me and Marianne, Barbara, and Michelle.
and ironically, Take That is doing a comeback tour just as NKOTB, except minus my Robbie Williams...

NKOTB was the ULTIMATE boyband. I do believe every girl should have grown up loving a boyband. Believing she will marry that singer. :)

Check out NKOTB's new song, "Single." It's fab!!!
Lovies, who was YOUR fave? I heart Donnie. :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Top of the Shop.

A co-worker brings Avon catalogs to work for her friend who's a stay-at-home Mom. I have always loved Avon.

My mom (who doesn't drive) used to sell it, and told me stories about my Dad driving her to meetings and driving her when she would go deliver the goodies. lol

I especially love their 'Mark' products.
And so i ordered! :) I can't wait to wear this bohemian scarf!!!

I could have used it this morning.

I also bought deep plum nail polish. I have a thing for dark purple.

I thought this little purse was cute too.

another thing I bought off of blue bell bazaar shop on is the vintage "LOVER" blocks. I had to have it. C said they were cute and asked where I'd put them. I said on our future bookshelf. :)


I was asked to fill in and anchor my old weekend morning show this weekend.
Now let me just say that I LOVED producing/anchoring my show. I did.
I just hated the sleeping in while birds still chirped outside and waking up groggy to my alarm clock at 1:30 a.m. every saturday
while my friends laughed away over drinks out and about somewhere.
My boy included.
I missed him.
It would cause fights.
I was not a happy girl swallowing the magic pill to get me to sleep.
That's the whole part I DO NOT miss.

I had to turn the offer down. I can't "free lance" election night either because, well, conflict of interest clearly.

Can you see me behind the anchor desk saying, "City officials say .. " bla bla bla?
No way I could do it.

I almost said yes to working this weekend.
Like I said, I didn't hate my show/crew and honestly, my Momma would have been happy to see me on tv again.

the moment passed.
I got out of it for a reason.
And I am much happier where I'm at.
I've got big plans ya see :)
PR experience for a year... then work PR at a hospital or the Cowboys (I'm a dreamer!). ;)

ya, I don't miss it.

but I'm flattered to have been asked.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Scientists have created a beautification algorithm
through which you can run a picture to make any face
conform to idealized notions of beauty.
Brigitte Bardot and James Franco came out unchanged.

I saw this on The Year In Pictures, and was intrigued.
I think I would def. have guant cheeks.

OF COURSE Brigitte Bardot would come out unchanged...


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The vegetarian in me...

should hate these "so meaty" stationary ...

but .....

it's funny lol

and i'm a big fan of handmade greeting cards. I'm forever fascinated by the talent on

this is from crackeddesigns.

below are two examples of other lusts:

i miss checking out library books back when they had these "manual" check outs.
Remember those? lol I always liked to see how checked out the same book I did...
the mustache? inside joke with my lover. lol
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