Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Christmas Eve!

Love, Felix xo

Hi lovies!

I have been meaning to check-in and let you know that we made it safely to my parents this past Friday.   Fe was an angel on her first plane ride-- sleeping for most of the flight and smiling at our seat mates when she wasn't. Also? Rocking the fanny pack was such a life saver, despite what my sister-in-law says ha

We have been enjoying every moment with our family. As a Mama, there is no greater joy than seeing your parents and siblings love on your daughter.

Merry Christmas to you darling reader. XO's from my family to yours! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fe's first plane ride that wasn't.

Yesterday should have been Felix's first plane ride and right now we should be sipping coffee with my Momma. 

Our flight was initially delayed 30 minutes due to the high winds. When we finally boarded (packed flight) we heard/felt this loud thud and me and my seat mate were wondering why a woman below was taking photos of our plane. Turns out our plane was damaged by a luggage cart. We all had to get off the plane, go back to the ticket counter where we all waited in this long line (one employee working the ticket counter) and rebook our flights. This can be stressful traveling solo but I was traveling solo and with a fussy baby in my arms the whole time*. 

Bless my seat mate. She was such a kind soul, helping me with my things and even holding Felix while I got myself situated. I don't even know her name, but I won't ever forget her. 

Longer story shorter, the next flight out wasn't until Friday. Sigh.

Besides my seat mate who made the whole ordeal so much easier, you guys I had no idea you could get a gate pass! My husband, who unfortunately wasn't traveling with us, was able to help us through security--something i was nervous about with Felix just because I didn't want to feel rushed for the people behind me. When the clerk at the counter suggested it, I wanted to hug her

*Tomorrow, I will gate check my carseat/stroller. I didn't yesterday and regretted it while we waited in line (if only she liked her infantino carrier!) 

It was overwhelming and exhausting but I believe it was God watching out for us. Better to be safe, always. Here's praying tomorrow is smoother! 

+ thank-you for all your sweet comments on instagram

P.S.  another helpful thing was wearing the fanny pack i bought for a friend's 80's birthday party. Um, I might always wear it now ha! it was so much easier to store my phone, our IDs and plane ticket there instead of digging in my backpack or a purse.

Monday, December 17, 2012

My Felix girl is three months today.

I spent most of the weekend with her under warm covers, wishing I could keep her in a bubble.  

I am so incredibly saddened for the parents in Newtown who are having to go through life without their sweet babies.

When the sadness was overwhelming, I listened to this song (written out of incredible tragedy) and remembered this: theirs is the kingdom of heaven.  

Last Day to Enter the Pretty You & Me pick your own jewelry GIVEAWAY!

If you have't entered the Giveaway yet, PLEASE DO! the winner will be picked tomorrow.

Pretty You & Me is my friend Sarah's jewelry line. I'm really proud of her and think each piece is so unique and beautiful. I know we're good friends, but I truly mean it. I dress up my outfits (or pjs now that I'm a Mama of a 3 month old) every day with a bangle set or feather earrings. 

wearing one of my many bangle sets during my girls' trip to California (hello baby bump Felix!)

So do me a favor and support handmade because up for grabs is any piece of jewelry of YOUR choice. Doesn't get any better lovies and Sarah was so excited when she came to me about hosting a giveaway. ENTER HERE!  

Saturday, December 15, 2012

We'll Celebrate Twice.

These crochet cuties by Were Rabbit reminded me of me and my twinkie (we are so thankful to come from the same carrot).

I'm so glad I will be seeing her in just FOUR days! My Papa played Santa and bought a plane ticket for Felix and I to come home for the holidays. The only bummer is my husband won't be able to come because of work (as anyone in TV news knows, weather doesn't stop on Christmas). I'm nervous to fly alone with our baby but more than that, I'm sad he won't be there for her first Christmas.

He'll be literally working the whole time so we wouldn't really get to spend time together. Since we're adults and can make up our own rules, he decided we should celebrate Christmas when I got back {this might have something to do with his procrastination on gifts... ha}.

Remember when I told you my girl Jessie is getting married in January? She's getting married on the 19th so instead of doing a quick turnaround and paying a lot to fly out twice, I'll be home for a whole month! I'm so excited, especially since husband will be able to visit in January.

We're both so sad he'll be away from our baby girl (thank God for facetime!) but with work/finances and traveling with a little one, we both agreed it's just easier this way.

Plus, he's happy I get to see my family (it was always so hard living away from my parents and siblings but especially now that I have a baby). My brother and his family will be there too for ten days and I can't wait to love on my Sollie girl!

And, we'll get to stretch the holiday season. It may not be Christmas everywhere else, but in the middle of January it will be at the Lechuga Maxham house.

Wish us luck flying, especially since my nearly three-month-old hates to be in a carrier! 

+tips are always welcomed

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Thrifts.

I love thrifting with my little babe. Felix loves to be strolled and I love taking my time browsing the rows of shelves at our local Savers. When nothing else works, it's usually my solution for a fussy afternoon. 

While on a continuous hunt for vintage glass ornaments and Christmas kitsch, we have scored some pretty holiday thrifts. 

A festive pillow for our couch. The intricate candle holder will be our table's centerpiece.

Candle clip-on ornaments I could not pass up for 99 cents. 

The wooden carousal ornament and the pocket sized 'Twas the night before Christmas will go in Fe's stocking.

I fell in love with that velvet forest green dress, handmade baby blanket, and children's Christmas record. Thrifting for Felix is my absolute favorite. 

Have you thrifted any holiday goodies lately? 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wanting to know you Wens.

After my twin sister Marianne and my future sister-in-law Christina shared their ultimate Christmas wishlist, I thought it would be fun to round up some things I wouldn't mind finding under our tree. 

First and always, ROBBIE WILLIAMS. ok ok, i'll settle for his 20 years in music commemorative magazine

Vintage Inspired Tissue Tassel Garland 

Mossimo Viveca Blingy high heels {though let's be honest, i haven't thought of wearing heels since I gave birth. But maybe these would give me back my groove}

Mindy Kaling's book because she's my bff even if she doesn't know it yet. i love The Mindy Project!

Heart initial ring engraved with the letter F

Citrus Lane membership (from their website: members "get a box every month filled with cute and practical products recommended by real moms")

Felix the Cat clock for Fe's nursery

and not pictured are these Dexter Blood Spatter coasters i have been wanting for like EVER.

What's on your wishlist? 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My 2012 Ornament Swap.

Dear ornament swappers, I hope by now you've received your ornament (except for perhaps international shippers) or at least have heard something from your partner and agreed to extend the mail out date together, which is fine. If you have any problems, please let me know!

I thought it would be fun to swap with another first time Mama who is just as excited about their baby's first Christmas. Felix and i couldn't have found better swap partners than Jessica and her adorable son Reeve. 
aren't they beautiful?

First, I love that Jessica thought to send a Baby Girl's 1st Christmas card. We were incredibly spoiled!
How girly is that first ornament? Jessica said she found it at this super cute etsy shop called LalaDangerous. Jessica wrote, "that if the pink ornament with flowers and tulle is super sweet and girly, then the puff ornament is sassy and full of personality. Shouldn't a little girl be both?"

Absolutely! As if I didn't love those two already, this last one is hands down my absolute favorite one. 
Jessica wrote, "the little girl ornament was just so sweet... dark hair, sweet smile, cheeks and has that vintage feel that I know you love." 

Did she get me perfectly or what? 

Jessica's little guy is named after Superman himself. She told me Reeve has already owned over 20 Superman onesies in his 8 months which they'll turn into a blanket some day. 
I couldn't contain my happiness when I found this Superbaby ornament for Reeve, from Felix. 
Jessica mentioned that they were having a hard time finding the perfect Baby's 1st Christmas ornament. When I found this sweet Giraffe (i mean look at that tail!) I had to get him. 

I always have fun with this swap dear to my heart, but this year was extra magical as a Mama. This year was extra special all thanks to Jessica who could not have chosen more beautiful ornaments. 

I love that she is most looking forward to sharing the Spirit and story of Jesus with her son. 

I can't wait to show off what everyone else swapped! If you've received your ornaments, please email me a photo {micaela.maxham[AT]gmail[DOT]com} so I can use it in an upcoming post. Thank-you lovies xo

Monday, December 10, 2012

Pretty You & Me Pick Your Own Jewelry Giveaway!

This beauty is my friend Sarah. I've blogged about her Pretty You and Me jewelry before-- and today she's offering one lucky reader a chance to win a one of a kind piece of jewelry of their choice!

Her pieces have a bohemian feel with a rockstar edge and yet at the same time are girly and romantic. I've purchased many bracelet sets and what I love most about her jewelry is that you can mix and match your pairs, wear them stacked or a few at a time.  
I didn't think I could pull off longer earrings or the single set look until one of her jewelry parties and I tried on (what is now) my most favorite pair.  It's the easiest way to dress up an outfit. 

Win your choice of PY&M jewelry (necklace, ring, earrings-- it's up to you!) simply by doing any/all of the following:

+ check out Pretty You And Me and comment which piece is your favorite 

+ like the PY&M facebook page *where you'll find a 20% off coupon 

+ extra entry if you follow my dolce vita

+ tweet about this giveaway // my twitter name is dolcemicaela

+ put my giveaway button on your blog, linking to this post

+ blog about this giveaway

SIX potential entries - pretty please leave separate comments for each

i'll pick the winner a week + a day on December 18th! xo

UPDATE: Shelly you're the lucky winner. hurray! please email me your shipping info and which jewelry piece your heart desires. I'll pass it along to Sarah to send off to you. 

thank-you to everyone who joined!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sharing Sundays... an instagram favorite.

Sometimes on Sunday, I usually share an item i love on etsy. I used to share blog crushes and i miss doing that. I'm going to add instagram favorites to Sunday posts because I wanted to share one in particular that i just had to share.

It's from Jessica Kesterson's feed.

#30actsofkindness Leaving a Starbucks card for a busy mom in a changing station...

I just LOVE that. As a new mama, this act of kindness is enough to make me cry. More importantly, it's inspiration to do the same.

(another idea, what my brother did here)

Have you ever done anything similar? Or have been the recipient of kindness from a stranger? 

*Amanda, your comment below-- wow. You married an "Adam Braverman" alright ;) 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Fe and the worst Santa EVER.

Isn't St. Nick supposed to be Jolly?! 

Felix doesn't care, she's too busy thinking, "I wonder what my aunties are going to get me....

In Santa's defense Felix is like this little cartoon frog. She was all smiles with Santa's assistant before the photo but gave us a lots of stares when we made silly noises trying to force that sweet smile. In fact, she's not even looking at the camera because she was fixated on her Papa.

I'm thinking we should have tried making those silly noises at Santa! ha

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

can't stop thinking about it.

(it's on instant watch on netflix by the way)

putting together a care package for a soldier is my favorite.

My brother's girlfriend Christina blogged about sending her friend Natalie a beauty care package. Natalie will be spending the holidays and about another six months in Afghanistan. They were both in Iraq when my brother's third year long deployment {which would turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to our family--it's when he met Christina}.

I asked Christina for SGT Zamora's information because putting together care packages are my favorite, but especially for a soldier overseas. I was so happy to do this!  As I told both ladies, it's the least i can do for everything they do protecting our country.

Felix and i had fun shopping for girly things. I was telling her about how, when her Uncle Marco was deployed, my darling readers and blog friends sent him countless letters, cards, and care packages. That each one meant so much to him and to me.  I will never forget that volume of kindness. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

F & pom poms.

During a target run today for wrapping paper, i was happy i stopped by the ornaments. I have a new love affair with the letter F.

{i love how all my ornaments are from my friends. Erin, can you spot the deer and the vintage gold ball you gave me? Kary, you know i love my Elvis ornament. Rhianne, you can just barely make out the cowboy boot you gave me last year-- the top is peeking out at the top left. The heart and candy cane is from my bestie M. Lauren sent me the hot air balloon and exactly a year ago today, Amanda sent me the ornament she made of my most favorite kiss. All of these are so special to me}


My little seester made us Maxhams matching pom pom hats. Felix couldn't wait to model hers for Auntie Maddie. Look at that hand behind her head! Gosh, i can not get enough of my little poser.

Happy December 1st Lovies! 

it'll be the sweetest January Wedding.

Jessie, my girlfriend from college, is getting married in January and i couldn't be more happier for her. Borrowing words i wrote about her from this post:

This is why it's so important to have a girlfriend like Jessie. They'll get you through the hard times, the growing pains. And years later, they'll celebrate in your immeasurable joy as you marry the love of your life. A friend like Jessie will really understand the weight of everything it took to get to this place in your life. 

The same is true now, except she's the one getting married. 

Today i wish i could have been sipping mimosas with the bride-to-be at her brooch brunch. i just love that idea-- bring a brooch for Jessica's bouquet.

My twinkie Marianne snapped this photo of them at brunch for me. My beauties. 

Coody bug, you happy means everything to me! I can't wait to meet your future husband {his proposal? sigh} and watch you walk down the aisle. January can't get here soon enough! love you xo 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ornament Swap check-in.

Hello Lovies! For those in the swap, i hope you've had fun shopping for the perfect ornament for your partner {i know i have!}. Today's the date i set aside as when your ornaments should be in the post. We all know life gets busy so if you're running behind i'm sure your partner wouldn't mind if you let them know

I can't wait to see all the beautiful ornaments exchanged this year. As they come in, don't forget to email me a photo along with your social media link. I just love showcasing them on my dolce vita!

Happy Ornament Mailing Day xo

(love the vintage ornaments i found on mine and Felix's last thrifting adventure. Twinkie deers remind me of Marianne & me)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

fairy lights + glitter.


I am so in love with our white Christmas tree {even Husband has admitted to liking it}. I'm a lucky girl.  

I'm glad the dogs don't love it as much as i do. I've always worried our pups would think ornaments were toys and have stuck with this 4 foot thing for the last couple of years. 

Instead of buying a baby's first Christmas stocking, i kept the tradition of handwritten name and glitter like my Momma did with all of us. 

I love that this year there's a teeny stocking added to the mantle. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

words i needed to hear.

Lottie of The Tiger and the Pussycat just had her sweet baby girl Ava Amelia (love that name) and kindly asked me to keep her readers company.

You know when you hear something at the perfect moment you needed to hear it? Go here to read the words that touched my heart, especially in my role as new mama.

Congratulations Lottie & Welcome to the world beautiful Ava!

Friday, November 23, 2012

us maxham girls.

For my anniversary gift, husband gave in to my wish of a white Christmas tree and i couldn't be happier! Me and Felix braved the Black Friday traffic/crowds all for this tree. I'm so excited to decorate it.

Other than that quick trip, we've been in our pajamas since (that and I finished all of the green bean casserole and baked macaroni).

Did you venture out today or even last night? if so, what did you get? A friend who had gone to Target last night waited nearly an hour to check-out. Thank goodness we didn't go there or walmart. Bless you working in retail!

Felix and i hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving. We're going back to bed to cuddle xo

i love us.

(about our wedding date)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

happy thanksgiving lovies xo

Before i even knew what we were having, i bought this baby's first thanksgiving onesie while thrifting with my twinkie. I was only 12 weeks along. i remember being so excited that our baby would get to celebrate the holidays with us, starting with Halloween. It doesn't even seem that long ago and now here she is. 

it goes without saying what i'm most thankful for this year ♥ so blessed.

ps. Go Cowboys! 
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