Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Friend Swap.

something about me (as if it wasn't obvious) : i love swaps! I joined a bunch in the past few months and have been meaning to show them off every saturday. i thought i'd share the most recent swap exchange.

Passion over at Crystalline hosted the New Friend Swap (swap plus a pen pal? I'm in!) I got paired up with Nicola at Something I heard today in Scotland. We wrote a paragraph about ourselves & what we liked & had to put together the perfect package based on that. I think Nicola got me fabulously! first off, i loved the heart tissue & gold ribbon.

assorted postcards (my fave), bow headband, bird journal with heart stickers, a necklace made by her boyfriend's mom (which i just love! the piece & the sentiment), a fabulously so me gold purse with a floral change purse inside with sparkly nail polish and-- as Nicola wrote --a wee coin because in Scotland it's bad luck not to include a bit of silver with it. I LOVED everything! her note (in the comic made envelope that also included a bag of Jasmine Blossom Tea) was just as lovely. Thank you Nicola!!! xo

When we initially sent emails, i was going through a pretty tough time. Nicola was so sweet to say that if i needed to bow out of the swap in order to take care of myself first, that she'd completely want that for me instead. I was so touched by her kindness, but insisted that regardless i would send something because i think it's unfair for anyone to join a swap and not follow through.

i think it's funny we both sent each other purses! Nicola mentioned liking stationary & tea so i sent a bundle of my favorites, including my favorite tea (i'm a coffee lover always, but thanks to another swap i was in- this tea has made me a believer that i had to send her some) + fun socks (fun knee high socks are my fave). She mentioned loving zines and reading and she was keen on Sylvia Plath & Anne Sexton. The Zine is from one of my favorite artists Julia Kansas, who's work i've purchased. I ordered Nin for her and with every book i send, i leave an enveloped message inside. Mirrored tray because we both love vintage & because she mentioned really loving music, i made her a mixed tape of my favourites.

Nicola, that was so much fun! Thank-you for everything! I can't wait to get to know you more through our letters. xoxo

have you particpated in any swaps lately? speaking of mixed tapes... Bianca is hosting one!

Friday, July 30, 2010

"I never fall apart, because I never fall together." — Andy Warhol

I was so excited to find this gem at a book shop in Baltimore as i was exploring the city.

"Just like the endless box of 'stuff' Warhol himself collected, there's a little bit of everything in here: more than twenty exact reproductions of invitations, letters from celebrities, photos, astrological charts, and various artifacts of his unconventional creative processes... 

In true Warhol form, you'll also find some surprises--including a ring-shaped Factory stamp, a Campbell's Soup button, and your own complimentary pass to The Andy Warhol Museum."

goes well with Andy Warhol Nudes i purchased in a row of book shops in a small texas town.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

she is no Private Benjamin, but she is just as cute.

when my brother was home for his R&R from iraq (2 weeks of rest and recovery), we skyped with a soldier back in Iraq named Christina. She was so adorable!!! She's a sgt. in my brother's unit and knowing she is there with my brother comforts me. I mean look at her smile! even in a nasty dirt storm like the picture below, she's just too adorable. 

with my brother

it made me realize again how women just like you and me are out there fighting for us. It's hard to imagine she's out there in Iraq driving a humvee. It's incredibly humbling.

as BEAUTIFUL as her smile is, i know it can't always be smiles over there in a war torn country, a thousand miles away from family. Not that there's anything i could do to repay her bravery in protecting our freedoms, but perhaps i could show her kindness in some small way. 

Making care packages for my brother are my favorite (You lovies have helped me so GRACIOUSLY with that). Making girly care packages for women soldiers are a delight. 

these were some of the things i sent Christina. I know when i asked Marco what to get her, he said she talked about how there wasn't enough pedicure/manicure stuff. I also sent along my favorite SJP perfumed lotions/bath wash of her scent lovely, and it is my personal belief that every girl should keep a stash of milano cookies. 

Christina got my care package yesterday and it's an amazing feeling to think i could make someone's day overseas... just like you helped make my brother's

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wanting to know you Wens : the coffee date!

lovies, i was sooo excited for this virtual meet-up. Since I drink  coffee at all hours of the day, i asked everyone last wens to send a photo with their favorite coffee mug. I adore all of you who played along! it was awesome to see everyone's faces and the pretty mugs for your coffees/teas/hot chocolates. 

I kept thinking how fun it would be if we could all get together in real life. What a fun coffee date this would be!

^me & my Texas mug, made by an artist in Marshall, TX. 

^My husband-to-be with his favorite mug, a vintage one i gave him (the man's hat sticks out of the top & he's eating eggs)

^my bestie M and the first gift i ever gave her (Darcy mug) in Fargo, ND

^Megan in Australia with her pretty floral vintage mug

^Erin in Colorado with her "crabby" coffee cup (she loves all things crabs, which I told her was neat since i don't know anyone else who collects them! i love random tid bits about people) ps. i love your glasses!

^my BEAUTIFUL twinkie with her Shawn Michaels coffee tumbler (yes, the former WWE Wrestler) while at work.

^twinkie's bff Steph & her favorite marvin the martian coffee mug in TX.

Steph had her youngest son Zac take her photo and then he wanted one with it, so OF COURSE i wanted to show him off! cutie.  In fact, the other beautiful moms included photos with their little ones and i just love that!!!

^I love Catherine's "Hungry Caterpillar" mug! (& her short hair) in York, England

^my "neighbor" Cindy Jean and her Cheshire Cat mug in Ashburn, VA

^Meghan and her expresso (i can't get over her pretty  red hair!) in Chicago

^pretty Farah at Starbucks in Malaysia

^my wonderful Erin in Canada with her littlest one Dylan. How can you deny a smile like that?

^Karleen in Ann Arbor, Michigan who's favorite mug is one she got when she went to Alaska. She had breakfast at the Snow City Cafe and loved the place so much, she bought a mug to take home. 

^adorable Gracie in her pjs since it was nighttime in Australia when she sent this. Cuteness!

^Danielle who is plain gorgeous (i make it a point to say so cos she said this pic proved she was not photogenic... puhlease right?!) and her San Fran mug that she bought for her husband on her last trip & her favorite bird mug from our favorite antique shop. Danielle lives where i do so we get to have real coffee dates!

^Kara in Phoenix, AZ (where my brother lives!) j'adore the artsy pic

^a shot of Carrie Marie's favorite mug in Iowa. Carrie said this might seem like a "cop out" pic but Leyton is in it, so it's cute by default. (i agree!) Carrie loves Hibiscus flowers and said this about her mug:  "About a year or so after I bought them, I was watching this show on USA that I loved, 4400.  And one of the dudes was using my mug!!  It was like seeing my house on TV or something.  (Nerd.  Yep.  Admit it!)"  I giggled! again, love random stories.

^CW in Columbus, OH  & her amazing $1 thrift store find. She says she daydreams a lot in the mornings and would give the horses and old ladies names like "Ethel, Merwyn, and Betty White." Such a pretty picture.

^these two just make me so happy! Kary & her son Miguelito in NY. Karina's mug is a London one & Miguelito is actually holding a mug i sent to them.  Kary's close to her dad and told me he has tattoos for each of his children and her symbol is a smiley face. i had this one lying around and had to send it to her! i'm glad i did because look at that precious smile.

^super sweet L. Nicole in Naples, FL. I love how her mug has a design in the inside! i totally tried taking a photo like this so i loved that you pulled it off so prettily! (did i make up a word?) 

i would love this coffee date!!! someday... A huuuuge thank-you for playing along! 

Can't wait to meet up again xo
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