Friday, February 27, 2009

my horoscope today is dead on.

"A secret meeting with someone from your past will clear up a lot of issues. Once you understand where you stand, moving forward will be easy. Make a go of something that means a lot to you."

sick to my heart.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

hello lova!!!

these victoria secret babies are waiting for me in my mailbox!!!!!
I can not wait to wear them.
I've always wanted nude colored heels and this is pretty close.
I'm hoping they'll make my legs look long...

Pics to come! :)

a VERY EXCITED micaela

someone out there.

On SMITTEN, Glamour and famous blogger Joanna asked us how we imagine our future husband. She introduced us to the CUTEST blog called, "Dear Husband," letters to their "someone out there."

ADORABLE! i just think about how her future husband will feel one day when he gets to read her letters. They're funny and heart-felt like this one.

I wrote my own "dear husband" letter after a relationship ended with the man i thought with all my heart i was going to marry.

Maybe one day I will hand-write it, and give it to my someone out there at our wedding.


he's someone right here.


White Hot Truth.

*find this kind of inspiration here.

We'll call her Bono...

THIS made my day. Fran Drescher (isn't she still fabulous?) was a guest on the Early Show and brought along her ADORABLE pup! Look at this cutie!!! HAD to take a pic. It's like a little teddy bear!!! I instantly texted max and said I want one!!!

Max who was at work [he's the morning/noon meteorologist] texted back that he was just going to get on gmail chat to tell me to look at this little cutie! [see, we get each other] He's even holding the mic :)

Fran said she was told it was a Pomeranian. I am in love! He reminds me of my Teddy Ruxpin dollie when i was little.

Today is a BIG day. Today i will reserve a little baby bichon girl puppy who will be all mine mid- to-late March! It's a birthday gift to myself. I miss lola soooo much, that i think this new girl will complete the emptiness for lola. She won't replace her, but i will love her just the same!!! And maybe they can have play dates.

That's really the only reason darling friend went along with my excitement to get a new puppy. He has a very darling dog already, Bubbles. Her name fits her perfectly. She was a rescued dog and she's so sweet.

Max wants bubbles to have a buddy. She's such a sweet dog and bichons are so playful, i think they'll be bffs instantly! :) just like how we started out.

So there is my big news. I'm reserving a puppy!!!!!!! And we shall call her Bella Bono. Yes, BONO after our beloved u2!!!! we'll call her BeeBee for short :) and i'm going to love her with all my heart.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I did the walk of shame today.

I came to work after a night of too much drinking and woke up at 5 a.m. wondering where the heck i was.

no no, it wasn't like that- i wasn't THAT shameful and thankfully, never have been! :) no one night stand here- but still, i wasn't in my own bed.

I went to work with the make-up from last night and the clothes i was wearing, sans my Mavs jersey (so little black skirt and top). I'm thankful for a cool boss that i could tell her without fear of losing my job what was up. She bought me & sam (co-worker) Sonic cos I needed something in my tummy... and told me as a friend and a woman what she thought about my walk of shame.

I hurt darling friend with my carelessness. :(
I hurt myself with it.

It was the walk of shame.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

we've all been there.

one of my exes who's still a good friend blackberry messaged me yesterday to say he got some news today. The sordid economy affected him- he had been (in his words) terminated. I asked him if he needed to talk because i was about to go to bed- but of course would be there for him. He assured me that he would recover, he always does... the question was when/how. He was on his way to go out drinking with a friend and had already started the process.

then he said [as what happens when we drink and feel let down by the world] he wished he had been different when it counted. There was something sweet and still yet so final about that last line. When it counted.

Think about it...
those words just stuck out to me.

I told him i wished a lot of things.
Don't we all have someone we wish we could say that to?
the thing about love is that it's such a vicious cycle.
I couldn't say it back to him, and mean it.

but to another... to the one:
I wish i had been different when it counted too.

Mavs vs The Spurs: Game Night!!!!

I'm pretty excited about this match up!
Beloved Dallas, show up San Antonio!!!!!

Tony Parker, you may have Eva Longoria but Dirk has ME!!!! hahahaha
I'm suuuuch a nerd.
but I'm excited about this game!!!!!

i may have made a big bet on this one...
Mavs, don't let me down!!!! ;)

and I'm pretty sure i still need this shirt :)

PS. Saturday when we were getting breakfast, there was this little toddler who had on Jason Kidd's jersey. It was THE CUTEST thing, because he was a little kid wearing KIDD. adorable!!!!

*Next day update- so they didn't win... and i was the only girl in my little MAVS jersey out at the sports bar as a table of Spurs fans cheered and clapped. It was annoying, yes- but that's also the great thing about Sports and fans watching their teams! :)

I heart Soledad O'Brien!

Last night I was fortunate to go see CNN Corespondent Soledad O'Brien speak as part of Midwestern State University's (my Alma mater!) Artist Lecture Series. I was glad my Pappa and Max were there to share it with me.

SOLEDAD O'BRIEN. Yes seriously! As a former reporter/anchor, woman, and mixed nationality- I was SUPA excited!!! I watched her on election night when Barack Obama won the Presidency. And here she was standing a few feet away from me with little make-up, hair up, and still beautiful. *too bad she was itty bitty and behind a huge podium/lighting was bad/no cameras... oh but lovely iphone with no flash- max saves the day!
She was such a spit-fire... really well-spoken (duh, i know!) but personable, funny, and sharp. Her major points were diversity and perseverance. I loved when she spoke about her family. Did you know that she is the 5th of 6 children, ALL Harvard graduates. (At this point, i leaned over to my Pappa and said, how come we didn't all go to Harvard? lol there's 6 kids in my family too) What i loved is when she shared the story of how her parents met. It's hard to believe that in the late 50's, it was illegal for bi-racial couples to marry. She talked about how her parents were turned away when they went out to dinner- that owners told her father he could come in but not her Black/Cuban Mother. It's hard to imagine that that wasn't that long ago.

She touched on when she first got into the business and was asked if she was willing to change "Soledad" and go by something else. Her Mother told her to refuse. For a second, I was proud of my crazy name- Micaela Lechuga. Try saying that while reporting live. :) Trust me, I may have messed up even my own name a time or two...

The thing that she wanted to leave us all with is: perseverance is not a talent. You just have to keep going.

*catch my fabulous friend ann's coverage here.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to my brother!!!!

My kuaha's birthday was Feb. 22nd!!!
I waited and waited til midnight to make sure that I was the first to call him.

It's a thing with me and my seesters. On New Years Eve, we race to see who can call our Momma and wish her a Happy New Year first. The same goes for birthdays.
I was FINALLY the first one to call first :)

Unfortunately, I forgot that Marco lives in AZ and he's an hour behind. lol BUT! it still counted because he replied to marianne's bday text saying, "Mickey was the first one to call." :) high five!!!!

Here's a picture pappa emailed to all of us of the birthday boy.
It's baby Marco with my beautiful Grandmother... he was always "Grandma's little boy."

and he was ALWAYS that precious :)

Happy Birthday Marco!!!! I lava you xo

Another thing about Mickey Rourke...

besides that he should have won-
i thought it was sweet he wore a picture of Loki, his pet chihuahua who died recently. He called her the love of his life and that he would have traded the oscars for 2 more years with her.

I get that, i do.
That just goes to show that I'm not the only crazy dog person. :) Max doesn't get that about me. It sounds so stupid when we fight about me wanting to get another Bichon, but I want another one. Not to replace Lola per say, cos how could you replace such a precious girl? C sent me this pic of her last week- she was waiting to grab a toy:

We had decided to try the Bichon cut on her, so imagine my surprise when she pulled a Britney! lol But apparently her ears got matted so they decided to keep it short, very short :) Still PRECIOUS though!!! I MISS HER. I miss her soooo much. :(

Maybe i'd miss lola less. It would be easier anyway...
I do want another bichon. A girl. We'll call her Bono and then they can have play dates. :)

and even Max will learn to love her. Watch Bono love him more than me! ;)

Oscars Recap!

LOOOOVED that Penelope Cruz won best supporting actress for her "dangerously sexy and jealous ex wife" role in Vicky Cristna Barcelona.

she's my all-time girl crush, so I'M SO GLAD she won! esp how cute she was in her acceptance speech: "It's not going to be 45 seconds. I can say that right now," an instantly emotional Cruz began her speech. "Has anybody ever fainted here? Because I might be the first one. Thank you, Woody, for trusting me with this beautiful character."

The other very cute acceptance speech was my girl Kate. Kate Winslet was thanking her parents who were "somewhere in this room- Dad whistle so I know where you are!" and he did :) So cute!
*btw, me and my awesome boss were just discussing kate's cute speech, and she just said, "You know it reminded me of you, something you'd say cos you're so close to your Dad." :) aww. SO sweet.

Since this post is clearly all about my girl crushes ;) Jen Aniston was beautiful and simple, as she always pulls off. Anyone noticed how they showed a shot of ANGELINA JOLIE while she was up there??? raise your hands! i know you did lol

everyone looked gorgeous and who knew Hugh Jackman was such a great host?

aww the speech by Heath Ledger's sister broke my heart. So glad he won and that little Matilda will have that to always remember her Dad. He deserved to win cos screw anyone for saying that the only reason he'd win is cos of his tragic untimely death. They didn't see the movie. He was AMAZING. [sorry for sounding harsh, i just believe it fully lol] I love the touched faces of the actors when it cutaway to them during his sister's speech.

Mickey Rourke... you should have won! that was the biggest upset of the night.

Friday, February 20, 2009

have an OSCARS Sunday!!!

one more thing before I'm off for le weekend:
Enjoy the OSCARS!!!

i haven't seen the hyped "Slumdog Millionaire" -however- i was blown away by "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" & "The Reader." Beautiful imagery & honest talent... but I have to go with the latter. It had more of backbone.

Happy Oscar watching!!! that's something to look forward to :)
oh it's the little things with me.

what were your fashion faves of Oscars past?
i heart Marion Cotillard naturally, but her + jean-paul gaultier? obv. Oscar-worthy! :)

ALWAYS a fave of mine is Cameron Diaz and not just because she's stylish, but it just goes to show that laughter is GORGEOUS. it works.

enjoy the oscars, swoon over the dresses [ + host hugh jackman! who doesn't really do it for me but alas i'm prob the minority ha], and laugh away beautiful darlings!!!

we'll discuss Monday so keep notes ;)

is it 5 pm yet?

Happy Friday lovies!!!

it has been an INCREDIBLY looong week for me. incredibly.
for one, my chi-straightener died. lol my hair has been unkempt- and usually i can work this but it's been such an off week. Here's my hair today for instance: UP!
and i haven't been able to sleep [check out my under eye baggage], which means i haven't been wanting to get out of bed...

I felt like a sad coldplay song.
darling friend comforted me with words from my latest favorite song of theirs, "Just because I'm lost doesn't mean I am losing..."

I am SO glad the weekend is here.
I will leave you with this...
if you have felt like i have, my weekend wish for me and you is:

"Have a Sleep" as they say on Flight of the Concords.

I saw that here and thought it was perfecto!
*pic here.

and if you're STILL feeling sad, darling you're not the only one- here's some SMITTEN points to cheer you up!
big hugs to you all!!!

micaela xo

One day i will be a bride...

and this will be our cake topper!

*seen here at this BEAUTIFUL girl's fairy tale wedding with her BEAUTIFUL boy- a BEAUTIFUL start to their BEAUTIFUL life. If you need wedding inspiration, do visit!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

little me.

last night after our "american idol" date, me and maddie were going through photo albums with our Momma.

She told us that when she was getting married, our Granddaddy gave her our Pappa's baby album. She said she's going to do the same for us when we get married.

*look, i was stylish in my black tights and sailor dress even as a tot! let's just forget i don't know where my other pink ribbon is lol

In my heart, I know who I wish gets this book of little me....

If i could, i'd pack up my bags and live here right this second!

this charming new zealand town uses as little light as possible all to bring out the stars at night.

I happen to think that's fabulous. Magical.

Happy Birthday to my baby sis!!!

Marina & Maddie
our niece called me "auntie" but maddie, "sister sister"
My baby sis Maddie was born 23 years ago today!!! Momma was telling us yesterday that Pappa took her to the hospital on the 18th but she wasn't ready to get out until the 19th. Pappa said that's why Maddie is always sleeping in ,that she's loved sleeping in since the womb.

Here's the hand-made card i made here while at work:

this is how close me and my twinkie are. Marianne made a hand-made card as well, and we chose the EXACT same quote:

"A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost."

what are the odds of that??? :)
the back:

"Bless you, my darling, and remember you are always in the heart - oh tucked so close there is no chance of escape - of your sister."

-Katherine Mansfield

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY SIS!!! 23 was a good year to me, I have no doubt it will be the same for you. xo

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

unexpected kind words make my day.

I've been in a pretty down mood today. I don't really know why...
but i have been.

God knows His children.
Today i got an unexpected text from my very missed friend and co-worker at the news station i worked at. She is still a beautiful reporter/anchor there and said she was doing a story and was using file video from a story i did in 2006, one where i did a stand-up. She texted me just to say hi and "i miss my friend! :)" It really made me feel good, it was such unexpected sweetness.

and then this... this just touched my heart and made me want to cry. :) seriously. Courtney is the sweetest girl you will ever know. She has a HUGE heart. Honest. Trust me, I know. She wrote the kindest things about me.

It's funny (and a shame!!!) that we got so close after she moved away. Her emails are my fave. It seriously is like we're chatting over coffee (and smokes- only for me- the smart girl managed to quit!!!! She NEEDS to teach me). Our emails are us sharing our lives... and unashamedly too i might add :) ha! EVERY girl needs a girlfriend like that. One you can tell your shameful secrets to, talk about sex with (!!!!), or just say- listen... i had a bad day, :( i'm not ready to talk about it. Girls like Courtney? they understand.

Everyone needs a beautiful friend like Courtney in their life! :) she is charolette to my carrie, most def!

i could go on and on about my adoration for this girl. I could!
but see for yourself what a wonderful girl she is.

here's an old pic of me and courtney.
Halloween 2 years ago.

Our lives have changed... i'm obv no longer with "Romo."
She's no longer in my little Texas town.
But we're still as close as this pic
and she's still with her Tony.


When I was a reporter, I had the best time working with my photographer Abbie Scott. She's my Abs. We'd roll our eyes having to go out to this or that story but get really happy when we had to go interview so and so official. :) We knew as two girls we'd get the kind of story we wanted and then spare time to chit chat ... ok, flirt. ;) But we were a great pair!

at lives, we'd set up the tv- not exactly to see right before we'd hit - but so that she could watch Journey Man and explain it to me. She'd tell me to jump up and down before the "standby" to erase any fear of ants biting me during a live in the summer.

She'd laugh with me after a not so great performance and tell me that a.) at least i looked nice and b.) she'd say my famed line with me, "or something like that" when we got the all clear.

We'd get stuck chasing some small town sheriff for a story and kill time by going to little antique shops or getting starbucks, sharing a smoke or two.

We were in a news unit, parked at where were about to do an interview when she told me she was getting a divorce.
We grew close through the crap we'd go through at work, and the crap in our lives.
I miss these times with her.

Yesterday, her facebook status was, "Abbie is, unfortunately, taking a day off. My body decided for me. Drat!"

I commented her saying, "Good for listening to your body- I mean have u seen your body?! ;)"

abbie's reply: "Ha! That's like a quote straight from "The Office" or something. You're funny, lady. :D I miss you!"

YET ANOTHER REASON i should watch "The Office." :)

We went to the Casino. No I didn't meet a Robert Redford...

but Max turned my lucky $20 into $200!!! :)

i'm not one for gambling and i was pretty tired yesterday (said picture) BUT! we took my auntie and well, we got lucky!!!

i believe he's taking me on a lunch date for indian food on our winnings... yay!

I'd like to think I'm one of these people.

The world breaks everyone and afterward
many are strong in the
broken places.

-Ernest Hemingway

*anyone recognize this artwork? i loooove it and can't place it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

He gets to meet "celebrities."

Darling Friend is the morning/noon meteorologist at local station i used to work at.
[*a REALLY good one i might add!]

Sesame Street Live is coming to town...

Grover & Elmo were the noon day guests today.
i thought it was a big deal. lol

ah, the perks of being the media.

it's cute max!!!! :)


We are an emailing family.
My brother Marco lives in Phoenix and is in the National Guard. He sent us this cute pic to say that the weather is always nice-shorts-weather, but if he wants to see snow, it's a two hour drive or for him- a 45 min flight!
[my kuyah is so handsome!]
my Pappa emailed him back saying he remembered from his Air Force Days when we lived in Tuscon, that they'd go to Mt. Lemon and play in the snow and return home and walk around in shorts and flip flops. I instantly replied and demanded why he didn't take us kiddos to play in the snow?! ;)

Here was my Pappa's reply:

Micos, *my family nickname
Somewhere we have photos of you guys making a snow man in our back yard when it snowed in Tucson. I think that your Mom wouldn't let you go to Mt. Lemon because you were too small.

Love, Dad

SOOO CUTE. At lunch today, my Momma gave me these pics. There's the beginning of our snowman, you can see his body. lol this i remembered... this is what my Pappa was talking about. Look how happy me and my twinkie look in the first one!

i love my pappa's hat and my momma's frazzled hair :)

they look so young.
I'm the one in the pink jacket- i remembered the sleeves were too long cos it's my older sister Luisa's coat. :) I was such a chinky little girl. I was such a happy chinky little girl.

Pappa, thanks for taking us out to play in the snow and helping us build snowmen... love you!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

It's okay not to be strong every once in awhile.

last night i had a pity party, party of one.
just me, a glass of wine (ok the rest of the bottle from v-day)
and my ipod on shuffle.

"what if" by coldplay came on...
What if I got it wrong?
And no poem or song..
Could put right what I got wrong,
Or make you feel I belong
What if you should decide
That you don't want me there by your side?

and soon after, so did my empty tears.
my heart was heavy.

i don't know what started my pity party.
Maybe it was seeing "revolutionary road"... really amazing acting by Leonardo DiCaprio i have to say, and i agree with Meg now, our girl Kate? not so much.
Maybe i saw a past relationship mirrored on screen and it broke my heart all over again.

Maybe it was a heart-breaking email about family.

Maybe i just needed a good cry. Maybe i missed him for a second.

My friend joel was saying how i was always a social butterfly- that i still am. And i told him that i just have broken wings now.

The part that counts when you have a pity party... is picking yourself up and saying enough. The bonus? having someone who understands your hurt, and holds you when you are.

He doesn't deserve to have a broken girl.
And like another song by my beloved Coldplay- He fixes me.

my bambina is 5 today!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my bella, bella, BELLA niece Marina!!!
She was the smartest little baby. When she was hardly 1, we took her to eat at On The Border. She started dancing to the music- arms up in the air and shaking her itty bitty self. lol She imitated snapping her fingers by opening and closing her little baby hands. It was the most darling thing :)

When she was 3, we would talk to her online thru webcam. She would ask her Mom (my older sister) how does she get over to us? she asked my sister to help her come over to "grandpa and grandma's" and go behind the computer- thinking that's how easy it was to get from Italy to Texas. oh darling baby, i wish it was :)

little Marina is turning 5 today!!!
and i can't wait to call her on my lunch break and tell her just how loved she is by her auntie.


I hope everyone had as wonderfully cute of a Valentines Day as this adorable couple.
My valentine? He gave me the kind of quiet/intimate celebration i wanted.
Of course it started with my lovely surprise of roses to work friday:

We started off the rainy morning [my happy weather!] by getting huge breakfast burritos. We saw an unconventional Valentines Day movie- "Revolutionary Road" [more on that later] but would later rent one of my all time favorite feel-good movies "Love Actually" to make up for it. We ordered a pizza, drank wine, he made a fire, and we danced in our jammies to Elton John's "Crocadile Rock." So much fun! and we were in bed before midnight...


it was the perfect celebration.
*hearts pic via.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Flowers sent to work- No wait, ROSES sent to work- ... i generally say it's not a big deal, and I'm not a flowers kind of girl. Still, it didn't hurt that darling friend sent me some! :) It was a lovely surprise!!!

i called him afterwards to thank him and he said, "I couldn't not send you roses on valentines day."

i suppose Max will get MAJOR brownie points later...
thank-you sweet boy!!!

and HAPPY LOVE DAY to all you! I hope you feel loved this weekend- whether it's with your bf/gf, your family, pets, or almost best of all- girlfriends! if you're single, read this fabulous "pep talk."

xo a happy micaela!

my Friday morning started out like a Monday

I stayed up last night watching my beloved Mavs lose to the Boston Celtics in O-T :( *twinkie is happy, she loves Boston. I decided to have a glass of wine- or 4. Needless to say, I was a bit hungover this morning. So I'm running late and then my Chi Straightener [my cute red chi straightener] dies on me. Just gave up. My hair is half wet and crazy. I generally have straight-ish hair, but when it's wet, it tends to get wavy. Not good.

I am leaving casa di M at 8:00 a.m. - the time I am supposed to be at work.
Not good.
I had already texted my boss to tell her i was running late. Luckily, I can be cool with my boss and i texted her that my chi straightener died, "stop laughing." :) since i was going to be late anyway, i decided to buy starbucks for the office. [My co-worker Sametta buys us Mcdonalds on payday fridays.]

i get to work, and there's a sweet lollipop waiting for me on my office chair from my boss :)

Starbucks and an unexpected little goodie... and then Betty from another office brings me a YUMMY cookie bar she baked. DELISH!
it feels like FRIDAY now. Everyone's buzzing with happy feelings.

I'm having lunch with darling friend
that's very good.
when i told him about my straightener, he texted, "i love your curls, maybe i sabotaged your straightener, ha." very cute. :)

hope you lovies are having a great Friday the 13th!!!

Friday the 13th!!! :)

My twinkie sent me this email:

I already got yelled at by my boss and it’s only 8:15!!! It REALLY must be Friday the 13th :) But at least it’s FRIDAY!!!!!

and I wrote her saying that it wasn't "Jason" Friday the 13th but it was
ROBBIE WILLIAMS' Birthday!!!! :)

I'm STILL going to marry him. ha

When we were younger, my seesters & close girlfriends would make me birthday cards "for him" to me. hahaha we'd even make a cake.

I can't make this stuff up. lol

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Text from My Momma

"Richard Geere is still d man. He still so cute. Im watching d night in rodante."

My Momma really does text like that. I never write "d" for "the." Where does she learn it??? lol She just started texting awhile back. I love it! I'm glad she finally gave in and learned how to, because if not? I would be missing out on funny texts like these all the time.

*btw, she's watching "Nights in Rodanthe."

Momma text cont: "Marz don't like him." *Marz is my twinkie's nickname
My reply: "She's Crazy! Marz also hasn't seen "An Officer and a Gentleman!"

Richard Gere, I agree with my Momma... you are still d man!!!!


"that it will never come again is what makes life so sweet."
-emily dickinson

*quote here, pic from my college gf and AMAZING writer, Jess. Do yourself a favor and check out her bloggity blog. :)

an email once sent from darling friend.

so, i was looking for some of the latest scientific research on love and romance on the web this morning. it seems that scientists and engineers dont have a great deal of insight on this subject. in fact, the ancients seem to have as good an understanding as modern folks. love is unexplainable, sometimes complex, sometimes is a powerful force that can cause us to do crazy things. however, modern science does give us some tools to look at love differently....


"From envisioning a more inclusive White House to embracing fearless fashion, Michelle Obama is poised to become the most transformative First Lady in history."

Michelle Obama is VOGUE's new covergirl. Love it!

*this gorgeous pic via.

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