Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Our Four Month Favorites.

Lovies, I can't believe that on the 17th of this month, I will be the Mama of a five month old. Where has the time gone?! 

A friend of mine just had their first baby, a precious boy named Aiden. I've always loved baby shower shopping but Aiden was the first baby I've shopped for since having Felix. I made sure to get a lot of things that were life savers for Felix and I. I thought I would share some of them here on my dolce vita: 
Anyone else a fan of Infantino's Go Ga Ga line at Target? I love this stroller toy that chimes. Not only is it cute and entertaining, but Felix has already discovered that wooden teething ring.

Felix loves this crinkle book! (case and  point : this photo)

I love these Baby Hand and Face Wipes. I use them all the time now that Felix has discovered her hands, touches everything and puts them in her mouth. Another tip--I also use them on me before nursing.

Besides the swing, I think every parent needs this. While I was in town visiting my parents for Christmas, my friend Ashleigh let us borrow a lot of her son Chase's toys (I don't even want to think about how much harder life would have been without her generous help). One of those items was this play gym. Before Felix learned to grab things on this, she loved kicking and playing the piano. What I love about this play gym is you can adjust the parts three ways

This Take Along Carrier Toy Bar was another suggestion Ashleigh gave me that Chase loved. It's only $10 and will keep your baby entertained while in their carseat (the tiger's nose lights up and it plays music). 
This little guy was a Christmas gift from my in-laws. I'll put Felix in her bumbo chair (another favorite this month) and the puppy in front of her. The buttons are really sensitive so she's able to make him sing with her little hands. I can't even tell you how many times you'll hear, "It's learning time!" at our house. 

If you're a Mama, what are some of your favorites/life savers? I'm always looking for tips! 

(our first month favorites here)


Elaine said...

ohhh! so many favorites! top on my list is the Aveeno Baby Sensitive Moisturizing Lotion. great for even brand new babies. i believe in lots and lots of massages for little ones and until now with my boys (4 and almost 2), after their baths, i slather on their lotions for baby soft skin. another favorite is the Born Free Sippy Cup!! both boys had their own prior to hitting one year old.... now that they are older, I always pick up the cute Playtex Straw Cups for them. They have such great patterns! Goodnight Moon (the book) is a MUST and a favorite at bedtime. I am on my 3rd copy of it already as we have worn out the previous two. Lastly, the MUST HAVE in our daily lives these days? GANGNAM STYLE on youtube! lol. the boys love love love love love to dance to it!

Holly said...

we have the same play gym! jonas loves it :)

Lottie Simm said...

ava loves her playmat and piano too. but she will just lie on our bed for over half an hour just making sounds to herself, it is so cute

Belen said...

I still cannot stand how gorgeous Fe is. She's got her daddy's eyes in my opinion. Italian, Filipino, and... what's Chip? Who cares, he's Caucasian (my dream man must be Caucasian, haha). LOVELY MIX = GORGEOUS BEHBEHSSSS.

I need me an Irish man. I want beauuuuuutiful behbehssss!!!! Bahaha.

Dawn said...

She is such a doll.

undomestic mama said...

I love that color on her!

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