Friday, June 14, 2013

Speaking of portraits... the sweetest gift.

My vintage soul sister Amanda seriously has a heart of gold.

A couple of months ago, she shared an art swap she did with another artist, Danielle of too you to be hippies. Amanda made her a beautiful embroidered pillow, lavender filled sachet, and a water color and Danielle drew the most incredible portraits of Amanda's beautiful children

Amanda, I hope you don't mind I borrowed this from your blog but dear readers, you should check out Amanda's blog post for better details. They're so wonderfully done! 

Imagine my absolute surprise and delight when Amanda sent me the sweetest Mother's Day card with a note saying my gift was a custom portrait of Felix by Danielle. What a perfect gift for my first Mother's Day! That's simply just the kind of thoughtful person Amanda is. 

I wanted to share the awesome portrait Danielle sent me. I love the photo and the style she went with:

I LOVE IT! Danielle, it's amazing and something I (and Felix. plus, my family since they'll all get a print!) will always treasure. 

Amanda, I am so lucky to know you and one day I hope to hug you in person and tell you so. Thank-you with all my heart! xo

(You can contact Danielle for a portrait of your little by getting in touch with her through her IG @tooyoungtobehippies. You'll be happy you did! trust me)


Claudia Aguilar said...

This is a lovely portrait and the sweetest gift indeed! xoxo

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

That is just the most adorable thing I have ever seen!!

x Jasmine

Faiza said...

what a beautiful gesture. love this!

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