Tuesday, June 11, 2013

20/52-23/52 {a catch-up}

Lovies, I have been a pretty absent blogger (instagram makes it so easy, no?). One thing I have been cringing at lately is not keeping up with the portrait a week project. Especially when I sent the photo on the right to my sister Madeline and she replied with this side by side of Felix at a few weeks old (on the left). 
I mean look at the changes! 

Please allow me to quickly catch up on the past weeks I've missed in one post? Weeks 20/52-23/52.

"A portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2013."

^Felix had a pretty bad case of diaper rash that made me feel like a horrible mother. I change her diapers all the time (love that blue line indicator on pampers!) so I didn't know why her little bum was suffering. Now I know it was because she was teething. Anyway, we spent many evenings soaking in a diaper rash treatment. I loved that time before bed with my little girl.

^and then this one just cracks me up. I was on the phone with my twinkie and it's like Felix was being nosy and understood our conversation. She is one of the girls! ;) 

Hopefully, I won't fall so far behind again. Fingers crossed!


Zoƫ said...

Can totally understand why you've been busy with that little girl teething, I'm glad I follow you on Instagram though :) Baths together sound like fun even if the reason for them wasn't, but I'm glad Felix is feeling better! Crazy to look at those photos side by side, she looks so grown up!

April said...

Definitely got that ear turned, listening in. :) Glad her diaper rash is feeling better. Poor girl!

Anonymous said...

She just gets more and more beautiful! xo

Sandra said...

My goodness how she's grown! I always look forward to those fegrams! ha :)

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