Friday, August 26, 2011

i asked, you answered! (proof, my readers are the best!)

i can't thank you enough for your answers to my desperate plea of getting rid of break-outs. incase you're fighting the odd pimple flare-up and happen to stumble across this little corner of the internet-- i thought i'd share the answers that were mixed in with the usual trusty Proactive/cetaphil (that's what twinkie uses).

left to right: erin uses Breakout Buster by Rocky Mountain Soap Company directly on blemishes (the ingredients sound like a spa for said spots!) she's so lovely, she's sending me one {it's a universal understanding--- how a pimple can ruin your life for just awhile}. thanks erin!!! i'll send you my fave beauty product in return. exciting!

my bestie M says believe it or not, hydrogen peroxide right on the spot makes it go away before it gets crazy. Her mom told her that trick and marisa says she has had the best skin her whole life.

my vintage soul sister amanda has sworn by tea tree oil since she was a teenager.

and sweet grace offered up a good cover-up when you have to face the world with spots on; neutrogena's skin clearing foundation (because though i wish i could be like steph and let them just be... alas, i only do that when i go to the gym).

seriously, my skin can not thank-you enough for all these tips! have i mentioned lately how my readers are the best? cos you are! xo


missy. said...

interesting. i'll have to try some of those next time i have one that i can't get rid of! thanks for sharing :)

Hello Again Vintage said...

Thanks for putting this together. Wow, I didn't know hydrogen peroxide would do the trick.

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