Friday, September 16, 2011

happy things to end the week with.

Alyssa in Australia // Micaela in Texas
♥ have i mentioned how i have the best blog readers turned life long friends? Alyssa is the Ginger Spice to my Sporty Spice. She truly is a gem and never fails to make me laugh. Or make my day with a surprise-- case and point: she bought us matching Kate Spade bangles "just because." To remind us to take heart.  Alyssa, i love your heart. xoxo

♥ i've taken to reading in a tub full of bubbles to unwind from the day. Now that it's become chilly (thank-you Autumn!) it's also a nice way to start the day... with a cup of coffee rather than my usual glass of wine at night. I love reading memoirs and was excited to find Mia Farrow's on my last used book shop run ($2 for a hardback? yes!). I'm a huge fan of Woody Allen films but what he did was horrible. I'm curious to read about it in her own words. do you like reading biographies?

♥ this, seen on jackie's blog 

♥ i met my vintage soul sister through my gf jessie's etsy swap. Amanda is also a really talented sewing goddess and had a genius idea to make cute re-usable snack bags. Since my husband works weekends, i decided to custom order one for when i pack his sandwiches:
saucy and i love the way it turned out! amanda was sweet to include the extra little pouch as a gift, because she's sweet like that. In fact... 

use coupon code: FRIEND2FRIEND in her shop and get 20% off! 

mommas, how cute would a snack bag be with your child's name on it? especially for the school year. thank-you Amanda!!! 

and a song to kick off your weekend... Coldplay's new single "Paradise" to celebrate how i can't wait for their new CD!

Happy Friday Lovies!!! what happy things are you ending the week with?

+please leave a link below if you do post-- i'd love to share in your happiness xo


Vanilla Mama said...

Love the snack bags! Very cute -

Rhianne said...

I love alyssa and you, so i'm extra excited because I have something Kate spade from you both too so we're almost matching :D

Matt said...

While I can't really comment on all of the accessories, I will say that a happy thing I'm ending my week with is RAIN. It's a cool, gray, rainy day outside and even though I'm working, nothing is better than a rainy day.

And guilty pleasure time: in the time of the changing from summer to fall, I will indulge in the occasional warm bath to relax. Stressful days require lots of destressing time.

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

Yeah!! What a great way to end the week :). Thanks for sharing the snack bags. I am ending the week by going to my favorite thrifty spot ... crossing my fingers I score some cool things.

Claire Kiefer said...

Yes, those snack bags are adorable. :) As is that Kate Spade bangle--love it! Take Heart is such a perfect phrase to carry around on your wrist. But maybe I should get one that says "Don't Take Too Much Heart," hahaha!

Bubble baths are my fave; seems like I've had less time for simple indulgences lately between 2 jobs and running back and forth to the wine country. But this weekend I will make time for both exercise and a bubble bath!! (I still take baths every single day, but they haven't been as lingering as I'd like).

kitten roar said...

what a good find on that mia farrow autobiography! i'm going to have to go on the hunt for it. i absolutely love her!

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Aw, how sweet of Alyssa! We're partners for Gracie's 'About Me' swap and I can't wait to receive her journal :)

Love those reusable snack bags!

x Jasmine

The Pieces said...

Ahhhh, I had better start having baths before it gets too hot here! Those lil lunch bags look adorable, will check them out :)

Erin {pughs' news} said...

I'm ending the week with a lovely little parcel in the mail from you! Just what I needed after the exhausting week I've had. Am planning a "me date" for tomorrow night, to relax and indulge and do nothing but take a bath, put on a soothing face mask, and read a good book. Might have to pop by the liquor store tomorrow for a bottle of wine, too!

Thanks, M! Love, E.

PS: J'adore the magnets!

Gracie said...

Ahhh those matching bracelets are just adorable. I may need to do something similar (it's almost like a modern day best friend necklace. Do you remember those? - These might be a post idea haha).

I love your happy list posts. They are always full of goodness. And I love to do them each week too (you should make a button since I took the idea from you and I know a lot of people do it too). x

Cassie said...

Those snack bags are gorgeous. I am ending this week on the happiness of Autumn rain fall - so fresh and welcome. Have a great weekend Micaela

Amanda said...

Oh, you've inspired me to have a bubbly reading session! I'm a big lover of biographies and memoirs! After historical nonfiction, it's my fave genre to read :)

ana said...

i love the bracelets & snack bags. such great stuff in this post i can't contain myself! :D

Lauryn said...

That bracelet is adorable! And such a thoughtful gift. I love jewelry that reminds me of the people I love!

Leesh said...

Matching Kate Spade bracelets?!?! I like!

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