Tuesday, May 29, 2012

things that have been getting me through the past 6 months.

I thought i would be one of those women who loved being pregnant. At 24 weeks, i'm starting to like it more but truth be told i am still waiting for that glowing skin pregnancy books have promised-- to replace my pregnancy acne. And if I'm being honest, my changing body has been hard for me {leg cramps and charley horses when i wake up? no one told me about those!}

But the thing is, it really is all worth it when i feel her move around and give me a "thump" to know she's really in there. Every day of this pregnancy is a blessing. 

Here are some products that help remind me of that: 

Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks i slather this not just on my belly but my chest and thighs

Burt's Bees Mama Bee Nourishing Body Oil i use this after every shower/bath

Airwalk laceless sneakers from Payless i still work part-time in retail so i'm constantly on my feet. these are the perfect shoes to wear because they also go with dresses.

Mama Bee Leg & Foot Creme helps circulation because sometimes even flat shoes to work are not enough.

PB&J truly what i crave every day (i couldn't get enough of Goldfish in the first trimester. my husband said i had to eat better than a 5 year old)

Green Mountain Coffee Half-Caff i've just started introducing coffee back into my mornings and these are my favorite.

Epsom Salt baths i add bubbles and look forward to my almost nightly warm bath. They really help with my lower back pain and my aching legs/feet.

Pedicures  sometimes even better than a prenatal massage

Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga unfortunately i haven't found any prenatal exercise classes near me, so i bought this DVD when I first found out we were expecting (I love that there's also a workout for after baby) i don't usually do yoga (i prefer pilates) but this workout is the right amount of challenge and relaxation.

Maternity Tank Maxi Dress from Old Navy comfortable and fitting. i wear this just to go to the grocery store because it is that comfortable on my bump.

so when you tell me you are expecting, expect a care package from me with some of these very items. :) 

other Mamas or those that are currently pregnant, please share what got you through your pregnancy.


Holly said...

you look so cute!!!

yes, i am a coffee addict and even though my doctor said i can have two cups a day, i only have it on the weekends and a really yummy decaf during the week.

i need that leg cream!

April said...

These sound like great products! I'm glad they're helping you through this! You kind of made me hungry though, even though I'm eating a healthy snack (graham crackers, light cream cheese, and grapes!) It's delicious but now I'm staring at it like, "hey, you're not goldfish." ;)

Meghan said...

You look just stunning! Thanks for sharing these great tips - I love epsom salt for soothing muscles after running!

Naomi said...

Well, I confess I'm not pregnant (someday! when I'm done with grad school!) BUT I have suffered from eczema for years and the absolute best thing for it is kukui nut oil from Hawaii. Two of my friends recently had babies and they swear by it for stretch marks and general moisturizing.

TiffanyDRoe said...

Sleep, sleep, and more sleep!!

Dusty still has a picture of me on Halloween exhausted after working all day, then passing out candy. I fell asleep holding my belly and smiling. LOL.

I am a firm believer in the things that you do when you are pregnant are reflected in your child. I slept as much as I could, between work, and kids, and stuff...but Thomas, that baby goes to bed at 730p and doesn't wake up until about 930a. A good friend of mine was an insomniac when she was pregnant, and guess what? Her little girl did not like to sleep at night...just during the day! LOL.

I so can't wait to see what traits little Miss Felix has of you and the ones she gets from Chip!!


Itchin' Stitchin' said...

Don't forget to cocoa butter your upper arms (I know sounds weird, but when you gain pregnancy weight it can tend to go anywhere - nothing worse than strecht marks on your underarms).
As for the cramps..Water water water. I have to say toward the end of all three of my pregnancies I didn't drink enough water and kept getting Braxton Hicks - then the hospital had to keep giving me fluids and re-hydrating me.

Kristyn said...

Even though you might not feel as if you're glowing! These pregnancy pictures you post certainly look stunning, and I can definitely see that glow!

sheba said...

you're adorable as ever!

it's been awhile since i was pregnant, but i remember hating most meat other than really good cheeseburgers, loving bubble tea, prenatal massage, lots of good books [who knows when you'll have time to read again once felix arrives?], and lemonade.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Ugh, I had those leg cramps in the middle of the night almost every night when I was pregnant with Dylan. I'd wake up crying and have to hobble out of bed to try and stretch them out.

I loved caffeine free Coca-Cola when I was pregnant. Isn't that awful? But I just had to have it. Ice cold with lots of shaved ice in it! To this day when I drink it (very rarely), it reminds me of those days.

I used the cocoa butter religiously. Doesn't it smell fabulous?

You and your bump are beautiful. Don't you forget it!

Rhianne said...

lol, there seems to be so many things about pregancy that people don't get told, its amazing what you can find out through blogging definitely. it will be worth it all though :) and I definitely think you're glowing too, I bet Chip can't stop looking at you right now!

p.s. i have no idea what gold fish is... it really made me laugh though the idea of gold fish as a pregnancy craving... hehe

Karolina said...

You look beautiful! Have you gotten my letter at all? I sent it ages ago ( I think it was around Christmas when I was sending out cards..)
I miss writing with you!


Faiza said...

felix is so so so so lucky that she has a mamma who will teach her the importance of self care in loving others. love you sweet girl.

Anonymous said...

You are crazy because you do have that pregnancy glow and looking beautiful as ever.

Just to let you know, I am now on Bert's Bees website shopping. I recently stopped taking my birth control pill and quit smoking (one week today). It appears everyone in my life (blog world and all) is pregnant. My uterus is willing and ready! So thank you for your pregnancy tips!

Stay blessed.

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