Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Music & Art on Tap.

i believe that handmade is always better, especially with live music and girlfriends.

This weekend i went with Sarah to an event called Music & Art on Tap at Bombardiers. 

i loved meeting local artists and of course... coming home with one of a kind homemade items, not just for me but for baby girl! 

 beautiful sarah with her table and my new Pretty You & Me earrings

  paper flowers (for Felix's nursery) & handcrafted skull earrings from Didi's Happy Skulls

 A onesie and handmade bows from Salem and St. Cyr (everything is made from recycled goods)

how cute are these baby booties from ReDMoSs Crochet? of course I had to get them for baby

indeed, handmade is always better. 

1 comment:

April said...

You made some great purchases! I especially love those second skull earrings. I'd rock those. ;) But I'm sure you will, too! haha What a cool mom you're gonna be.

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