Monday, February 21, 2011

Postal Service.

 i believe in happy  mail and i've missed showing you the wonderful things that make my day when they show up in our little mail box. Since it's been awhile, do forgive the length of this mail post please!

^i was a lucky winner in Alyssa's noble town vintage giveaway! i graciously scored these vintage brass draped earrings and i haven't stopped wearing them since. THANK-YOU SO MUCH to both of you x10. i always feel like a million bucks when i am lucky enough to be a winner xoxo!

speaking of beautiful jewelry, remember this gorgeous necklace i blogged about?
well i had to have it and since sarah was having a valentine's day sale, i justified that i should treat myself to a gift! it's even more beautiful in person and i feel like i'm wearing a galaxy around my neck. i love it! look at sarah's cute packaging, that included a vintage photo of who i say are sisters. 
i also loved the valentines i got this year:

^from Farah, Phoenix, and Kaileen
 ^also made by Phoenix

^from my valentine Claire

^from my soul mate, M

^sweetness from claudia (fun socks make me happy!)

^from Kary, Miguelito, and her sweet momma who made me the red bow hairpin that came on valentine's! the above is a photo i took on my blackberry to text her (straight from the gym... gross i know!) i LOVE my Dexter valentine! she chose the quote from Dexter, "I chose Rita because she is, in her own way, as damaged as me." perfect. a special thanks to her talented momma! 

^a heartfelt package from Melissa that deeply touched my heart

 ^a gem of a letter from Rebecca in australia. every bit, i adored-- most of all her letter because she's one of those i happened to have met through postcrossing and yet felt like instant friends. (she took the photograph of the blue sky and branches...amazing!)

^a most thoughtful gift from erin : i love that she specially earmarked recipes she loves, for me to try. i can't wait!!!

^pretty postcard (photo by the talented lauren) from my pretty girl fiancee danielle. *later this week i'll show you why my girl fiancee is better than yours! 

i sent some home made valentines, and a few ephemera inspired kinds:
^to Kat

 ^to Phoenix

^to edward - i brought these (my favorite chocolate) to work one day and he laughed at me for saying they were chocolate from the heavens.  oh how i miss working with him and the puppies!

^postcrossing to Florida

^a birthday gift for gracie (i might have almost kept the dress for myself but she's smaller than me, alas)

i believe dogs are totally our children so when i found out Marisa was bringing home an adooorable puppy, i couldn't resist sending Finnigan some "baby shower" pressies. 

^this is M's little guy. ADORABLE!!!! i wish even more that we lived closer so we could have playdates. can you imagine how soft and cuddly he is? my heart melts!

happy monday & cheers to happy mail!


Karena said...

It is sooo special to receive a gift in the mail or a sweet letter!!!

Thank you so much for sharing.

Art by Karena

Claire Kiefer said...

I can hardly stand looking at Marisa's new puppy because I want to cry he is so cute! Those dogs are THE CUTEST and he is just . . . a dream. I want to meet him!!!

So happy to see all your mail again--lovely things, as always. You have wonderful friendships, my girl.


Karina said...

Oh such pretty mail!!! Everything is just SO perfect :)

Marisa's puppy is a cutie :)

So happy that you loved our Valentine's day darling girl!!
My mami * blushing* thanks sweet girl!

Love you SO much!!!!

P.S. Kisses to my furry nephews :)

green tea and red nails said...

your mailbox must be such a happy place!!! i love those vintage valentines... i have a few in my 'card box' but i couldnt bear to part with them! haha! maybe next year :)

kel xx

Anonymous said...

even though i am very much into the internet world, tweeting, e-mail and texting - there's nothing that can replace receiving things in the mail (that's not bills and junk mail) - i love getting random cards, notes and presents - i think it's the thought that makes is special. btw, to answer you question on my blog, yes i am filipino. thanks for the sweet comment.

April said...

I WAAAANTTTT A PUPPPPYYYY!!!lkjsadflkajdf;lakj

That is all.

Melissa Allam said...

So glad you enjoyed the package. Thanks for including me in your in bound packages of goodies.

Sadie Rose said...

wheee so many treasures! i love sadie designs. thank you soooo much for coming by my blog and commenting!! xoxox sadie rose

Sandra said...

I love those earrings!
And Ferrero Rocher chocolates are my favorites. <3

ps. I always wanted a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel!!!

Belen said...

>.< Omg, those chain earrings. They are gorgeous, and you paired them with an amazing blouse!!!! LOVE!

Faiza said...

what a cute puppy! i love that you sent baby shower gifts.

and those earrings are terrific on you!

Lauryn said...

Wow, you were showered with pretty things this year! I really love those earrings at the top of the post. And that Dexter card was very creative :)

Cuuuuute puppy! Aw, I miss puppy snuggles...

giddynici said...

I had to leave you a message as I found your blog and read back everything now I think. It is brilliant. You are such a kind soul. The Postal Service posts are wonderful, there is nothing like getting something special in amongst the bills and junk mail. x

Sarah said...

I say they could be sisters, too! Glad you got your package so quickly and that you love your necklace. You are sooo lucky to have won those noble town vintage earrings. I love them! Have a great week.

Simply Me said...

Love those earrings and they look great on you ..
and Marisa's puppy could he be any more cuter the pic ..

Marisa said...

... I can'
t wait for Finn's first package, of course it would be from you xoxo

I love all your mail.

PS I hope you got the 2nd Valentine too?

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