Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'd do it all again.

It's so easy to wonder what your life would have been like if you chose a different life [a different person]. The what ifs, the maybes.

I sometimes catch myself restless with that very wonder.

I heard this song and it made me think of my husband and our beginning. And with my whole heart I know, I'd do it all again. For him, my love.

"I was about to walk away
You held my hand and said, "please stay"
'cause you and me are made to be
And I'd do it all again."

(my favorite song by the same artist)


C.E.R. said...

I struggled with those thoughts during my first few years of marriage, but with each year that passes, the story becomes more clear and the what ifs vanish.

Anonymous said...

Love this song!

CarrieMarie said...

had to give a thumbs up to this! so, thumbs up!! : ) love ya!!

Stina G said...

So sweet :)
I know those feelings. They pop up every now and then, but they pass. I know I am in the right place :)

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