Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"I'm gonna make a name for me and you."

This beautiful pixie with a sweet but smoky voice opened for BB King and i was smitten. Right after her set, i knew i needed her album in my hands; her lyrics were my heart's home. Warm. Urgent. Worn. Tragic. Hope. Love, the real kind.


I felt all of it.

"There was a day that I could sit face to face with you
Now that I'm away, I can't sleep the night through
Remember the time in your kitchen with wine
Dancing to the tunes of our blues

I'm going out, I'm gonna make a name for me and you
They can never say I never cared for you
'cause it's just not true...."

another really beautiful piece that meant something to me:

have a listen?


Marisa said...

what a voice and amazing lyrics... what a perfect act to open for BB King.

Megan said...

I will have to have a listen when I get home (work computer has no sound). Also I tagged you for an award on my blog if your interested :-)

chelsea rebecca said...

such a wonderful song!!
i love finding out about new music that makes my heart swoon.
so exciting that you went to see BB KING!

also i had to dedicate a post to american idol.. WOOHOO! glad to know i am not the only one! and we will have to discuss all about it!!


Brown Girl said...

Wow, beautiful, I love it! Thanks for showing it.

Gracie said...

I think I would love the music. It definitely sounds like my kind of thing to listen too! What a great open act.

Well Nice Chels said...

Just downloaded the album, so happy with it :)

Do you listen to Madeline or Maria Taylor?

Micaela said...

chels, i know madeline but hadn't heard of maria taylor...OMG i loveeee her voice and words! THANK YOU!!!!

I have never heard of her until you left me that comment. BEAUTIFUL! thank you for the suggestion.... i can't stop listening. let me know if you have any other suggestions sweetie :)


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