Thursday, July 19, 2012

my week with Marisol.

It always feels like the day after Christmas whenever I have to say bye to my family again for a little while. We had the most amazing time at my brother Marco & Christina's house - my stomach hurt from laughing so much (baby girl probably thought she was on a roller coaster) and I felt like my heart grew twice in size holding my beautiful niece Marisol. 

I am so in love with her that missing her right now hurts {I can't even begin to fathom what it will be like when I meet my own daughter in September}. She is perfect. 

It was love at first sight when we arrived in Arizona. We didn't care that we were tired/hot from the drive over. (also? there's nothing like seeing your parents with their grandchild)

 my brother's mini me
I hope i'm the Mama Christina is (she is everything we prayed for when it came to Marco). I'm so thankful for the practice I got holding/feeding/changing Sollie.

 now that we live in different cities, i can't get enough of seester time when we're together
the Lechuga girls (who couldn't stop "fighting" to hold Marisol - look we all have to touch her even in this photo-- cracks me up auntie Maddie is holding her foot!)

I've never had a surprise party... until now. My favorite (that's what I call Christina) planned a surprise baby shower for me with my family and lovies, I was COMPLETELY surprised! I couldn't stop crying of happiness and love for all they did for me and Felix. They completely spoiled me! Felix has a matching stroller/carrier set, pack 'n play, and a cove swing to name a few gifts. 
i think my expression says it all! ♥ BEST. SURPRISE. EVER! 

and because you can't really see my nearly 31 week baby bump in my baby shower pic, here it is in all it's glory above. i think felix was happy with all the good eating, thanks to Christina & her family, plus my Momma. 

Marco & Christina, thank-you for sharing your beautiful family and home with us! (too bad older sissy BriBri doesn't like taking photos) I already can't wait to see you guys again when Felix arrives. I pray she's just as beautiful and sweet as your Sollie girl. love you all xoxo 

(marianne's post on our family trip- including more photos of our beautiful girl)


Matt said...

What a delightfully lovely family you have. Such a blessing.

Erin said...

Marisol is just beautiful! I'm so happy for you and happy to see such happiness in the world. Thanks for sharing the pictures. You gave me a BIG smile today.

Claire Kiefer said...

I'm totally smitten with Sollie, She's just as beautiful as all the other Lechuga girls. And Christina is such a beautiful mama--she looks amazing already!

Your bump is adorable and I can't wait to meet Felix. WF this fall?!?!

Karleen said...

Marisol is so beautiful! Your whole family is! Looking forward to seeing pics of Felix!

Geisslein said...

such a lovely and heart touching post - thank you for sharing! :o)

Keiko said...

what a beautiful family! though this post makes me heartsick- time is always too short, isn't it? i'm glad you had a lovely time, and i look forward to the pictures to come of little angel, felix! o how perfect she will be :*

happy thoughts! x

J. said...

Sollie is ADORABLE. And so are you with that bump! Love you!

And YES to Claire- WF this fall!!!

Shane said...

How precious is she!!
xo Shane

Lottie said...

sounds like you had ana amzing time and what a lovely surprise :) so thoughtful.

and sollie is a doll!

Claudia said...

Sollie is beautiful (by the way I love the name!)

New babies are a blessing to every family and you will have your blessing soon! yay! I am sure she will beautiful just as you are Dear Micaela!

I love all of the pictures specially the one with all the Lechuga girls!!

April said...

Your face at the surprise baby shower is amazing. You look so happy!

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

Oh my goodness look at her eyes!!! Such a beautiful little one ♥ makes me miss that baby smell - nothing like it.
Love seeing your belly bump, and baby showers are always so emotional. I cried at mine and I cry at everyone elses :)

Faiza said...

oh dear there are so many things about this post that warmed my heart.

marisol looks so good in your arms! felix is going to feel your love too!

you are so right about what it feels like to see your parents as grandparents. i imagine that it will be even better when you see them being grandparents to YOUR baby!

and that picture of marco with his mini-me? precious!

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