Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wanting to Know you Wens.

(or the post i hope my daughter never sees)

By now, i hope you've all had the pleasure of seeing Magic Mike. I meant to write this Wanting to Know you post ages ago, right after the movie came out. Alas, i went out of town and now it's a bit untimely but the upside of that is maybe all of you reading this has seen it. 

I actually wasn't going to go because i wasn't sure who to go with (i can only drag my husband to so many movies - i.e. all the twilight movies thus far) and i told twinkie this on the phone one day driving home from work. Her response? something i completely forgot about : "this coming from the girl who was asked to go home with a stripper?!" 

it was settled. i immediately called up two of my girlfriends and we had a girl date planned. 

My Magic Mike experience (my 1st and only) was when I was 18 and a bunch of girlfriends and i went to see some male dancers. It was as fun as Magic Mike portrayed it to be -- and just for you readers, i'll share my crazy stripper story! 

i'm pretty small chested (even pregnant, i don't have these huge boobs lindsay misses) so i could get away without wearing a bra. The hottest stripper was also the host and his stage name was Romeo. He picked me up and put me in a chair and in the middle of dancing on me, he knelt down and put his head under my shirt ... how was he to know i wasn't wearing a bra? 

OH MY GOSH, i was so embarrassed! (of all places to be embarrassed... i know). my girlfriends were all laughing because they knew what he was seeing.

And that my friends, is my Magic Mike story. 

i can't believe i'm posting these photos ha

your turn! have you ever gone with your girlfriends to see male strippers? did you get a lap dance? did you fall in love with Channing Tatum after seeing Magic Mike? *okay if you didn't answer yes to at least that last one...  


J. said...

ok- Here's my stripper story:

It was the summer before my senior year in high school, and a friend (who was a couple of years older) was getting married- so a group of us went over to Wichita Falls to go out to eat for her 'bachelorette' party. We were all underage, so what else could we do? Our waiter was HOT, and we teased him about giving us a stripdance since we were there with a bachelorette. He told us he would when he got off work, and one girl gave him the number to our friend's house (nobody really had cell phones then). So, we travled 40 miles back to our hometown and were ready to settle in for our 'slumber party'. . . a couple of hours later we got a phone call FROM THE WAITER, asking how to get to the house. HE WAS ALREADY IN WAURIKA!! We had more or less forgotten about him! Needless to say, we gave him directions and he came over (complete with a portable boom box) and danced for us- completely down to his LEATHER, zipper-front THONG. HA!
I later ran into this guy when I moved to college- and we actually became pretty good friends.
Oh, to be young again! :)

undomestic chica said...

Love that you mentioned me! I wish I was either smaller and didn't have to wear a bra, or slightly bigger, just not porn - big. I think you inspired me to write a post about my stripper experience, except, it was girls. Long story.

Elaine said...

saw magic mic with my BFF a few weeks back. two mommies who hadn't had a night out and have two kids each... let's just say we were drooling and giggling like little girls in the theatre. we were like two monkeys that got away from the cage!!!! it was FUNNN.

funny story, M! no wonder he signed his picture and told you he had a "great night!" hahahahha :)


Erin {pughs' news} said...

The closest I've ever been to a strip club is one time when I was downtown and I couldn't find anywhere to park except right in front of the place! Oh, and that time I watched The Full Monty...

That first photo is great. Love your huge grin. But the second one? Eeeeew!

Claudia said...

No to all the above questions, but your title cracked me up!! You are thinking like a mom!! I do plan to watch the movie though!

Megan said...

My friends and I were meant to go to strippers and the most awful thing happened, one of the strippers fell off a ladder and died and they had to cancel the show, so bad!
I love these photos, I think it is good to go out and have fun, silly experiences. I have a plan to go and see the movie when it comes out here with two of my good friends!

Stephanie said...

Hahaha. In my early 20's, I went to an "all male review" with my friend Crystal. A couple of the guys kept coming over to us. At the end of the night, they asked if we wanted to come to their hotel and hang out/party. I was like Ugh, NO! (to myself, not out loud). My friend Crystal said yeah, so he wrote their hotel and room number on a napkin for us.
She wanted to go so bad and I was like, no way in hell. I took the napkin from her and it said "Tradewinds Motel". Hahaha. We both knew then we definitely weren't going to that scary place!!!
It was fun though.
And no, I still haven't seen "Magic Mike". :/

Stephanie said...

I'm betting there are a few other posts you wouldn't mind your baby girl missing out on. haha.

Leesh said...

OMG, poor you! This really made me laugh but I would be mortified if this happened to me. I think it's a story that you have to tell your daughter...after she attends her first bachelorette party.

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