Monday, March 25, 2013

A Pretty You & Me bracelet for Felix.

My really good friend Sarah makes beautiful bracelets for her jewelry line, Pretty You & Me. The other day while on a lunch date at our favorite brick oven pizza place, my heart exploded when she handed me a little PY&M bracelet she made just for Felix. 

Just to give you an idea of the mini cuteness, Fe's bracelet is on the left and one of mine is on the right. Sarah even put a sweet deer charm on Felix's. Swoon!
(The sandals she's wearing? How we announced we were having a girl!)
I asked Fe to pose for me and she went Blue Steel. Oh Felix Zoolander, you crack me up.

Sarah, thank-you for the cutest bracelet ever! We are in love with it. I'm thinking you need to definitely start a Pretty You & Me tot line. Felix is already a fan. XO 


undomestic mama said...

Your friends send you the coolest stuff. And of course God sent you the coolest daughter :) Happy Monday friend. Thanks for this weekend, seriously.

Claire Kiefer said...

Felix is the prettiest little baby ever. I can't believe how well she poses for pics, too! She looks amazing in her little mini bracelet. :)

Justina L said...

She's adorable! And that bracelet is beautiful!

Belen said...

natural born model, fe is! :)

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