Monday, March 11, 2013

I do too.

This mug by The Pot Bank made me giggle. I'm one of those that really wants to like tea. And the first time I ever felt Felix kick--I mean really knew that it was her kicking me with her foot or little hand--was while reading Fifty Shades in a bathtub of bubbles. I'll never forget it or how it made me laugh because it happened while I was reading about sexy BDSM and lusting over a fictional character.

Happy New Week, Lovies! and thank-you everyone for the sweet birthday messages here, FB, IG and Twitter.

Speaking of Twitter, Marianne, this mug is so you!
Claire and Christina, am I right or what? ha


Christina Monique said...

LOL! Fe was probably saying mama! youre not thinking of my Daddy!! haha

I love that mug for MOnies :) so her!

Lauryn said...

Bahaha, that's a funny story. And I love that mug! I too prefer fictional Grey to the tea ;) haha

Claire Kiefer said...

Hahaha totally--that is hilarious. She's the epitome of a Tweetheart, and she has multiple Tweethearts of her own, HA!

I've never been a tea girl. I've tried a few times, but it just reminds me of being sick! Once in a while I'll drink a cup but only if my throat hurts, honestly. Otherwise, I'd choose coffee any day. I wish tea didn't remind me of old people and sick people but it just does! haha.

christine said...

That mug is hillarious...I do too! LOL

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Lol! How cute and funny! Oh and I want to give that mug to a friend of mine who is seriously obsessed with Mr. Grey. hehehehe

Aggie Hamill said...

Aww haha!
The mugs are so cute :) x

April said...

Omg I want that TWEETHEART one! That is so cute! But dear god I don't need more mugs. haha

undomestic mama said...

You don't like tea?! That's so funny 'cause I prefer tea to coffee. I love this spicy, citrusy one made right here in Seattle. Like, I've already used two teabags of it today.

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