Sunday, September 30, 2012

who else will be watching tonight?

Thrilled tonight is the season premier of Dexter! 

since i won't be fitting in my Dexter shirt just yet ...

can you believe this girl will be 2 weeks tomorrow?
my fellow Dexter/Michael C. Hall loving girl Kary made sure Felix at least would be decked out. Dexter fans, how awesome is this onesie?! (thanks Tia Karina xo we love you) 

have i mentioned how much i can't wait to hear this again? tonight tonight tonight!


Easton wife said...

Me! I love the onsie ha! It was a good one wow!

Karina said...

Ahhhhh!!! Love it! I knew that onesie was meant for Felix! She looks so beautiful, two weeks already with your partner in crime. Time goes by really fast love, enjoy!

Love you and my beautiful niece so much!!


Claire Kiefer said...

You know, I see Chip in her in this pic!!! I thought that when I saw it on instagram, and then on facebook, and now looking at it for the third time, I feel confident enough about it to say it out loud. :)

I love you so much and wanna talk soon. I need an update on how you're feeling, etc. Also, don't forget to text me pics of Felix as much as humanly possible!

Gracie said...

She looks soo adorable in her little Dexter onesie. Oh Kary is so lovely. I really want to give her a cuddle she is so beautiful. xox

Lauryn said...

I watched! And I'm pretty sure I yelled out loud at the television during those last two minutes. CRAZY!

I absolutely love the Dexter onesie :)

Marissa said...

Baby Felix is just too adorable! She seems to look a lot like you already :)

Coming Home Soon said...

First things first - Felix is ADORABLE, even more so with the dexter babygrow!
Secondly, I will be watching tonight, darn it not being in the US and having to wait. Anyhoo, I am super excited. Hope its a good one!

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