Monday, September 3, 2012

random things about me.

It's been awhile since I've done one of these posts, but since my new friend Janice over at BIKBIK & RORO tagged me, i thought i would play along. (Janice has a really cute etsy shop too-- i am smitten with leo the lion).

I love reading posts like these because you find out things that probably wouldn't come up in regular conversation (like i say a prayer every time i see an ambulance or hear sirens). 

Rules for playing along:
1. Post a link to the person who awarded you
2. Share seven random things about yourself
3. Award to 10 other deserving bloggers and them them know *i made an amendment to this rule... see the end of this post. 

1. I wish i knew how to sew or saw a DIY project and thought, i could do that! the truth is, i couldn't even follow Youtube directions on how to put my breast pump together.

But i will make you a collage postcard and write you a little love letter on the back.

2. This book changed my life.

3. I have horrible eyes. (my glasses collection : warby parker, a clear pair from coastal contacts, and my birthday gift this year from my husband, Ray Bans)

4. I love thrifting dates (and lately, it's been even more fun finding things for Felix's nursery) but hands down, the best thrifting score i ever found was my wedding dress. It was everything i was looking for. 

5. When we found out we were expecting, of course i prayed for a healthy baby but i also desperately hoped Baby Maxham would be a girl. I felt guilty hoping/worrying it would be a she but like joanna wrote, "Even though people don't really talk about it, I actually think it's really common to wish for one or the other." 

i had insane butterflies at our gender scan -- and right after we found out, i bought this outfit to celebrate.
6. Now that i'm currently 9 months pregnant, something i wish i could tell my pre-baby self is this: wear that bathing suit! all the time.  (me on the beach in italy during a summer in college)

7. Woody Allen films have gotten me through some sad times (see #2) 
one of my say it in film style valentines
lovies, it's your turn!:

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*for those of you i tagged, you can totally just post seven random facts about yourself and not tag others-- rule #3 is a lot of work and i just really wanna read 7 random facts about you! when you're done, share your link in my comments please! xo

(even if i didn't tag you and you do a post like this, i wanna see)


Matty said...

I'll try to keep this short and sweet. :)

1. I can't drive a stick. I've tried so many times and failed. As a result, it's on the bucket list.

2. I can't STAND coffee OR tea or any variation of either one. No joke. If there's a hint of coffee/tea in anything, I won't drink it. The taste is revolting to me.

3. I prefer rain and gray to sun and blue.

4. I hate spiders, yet, snakes don't bother me.

5. I love the film, Moulin Rouge.

6. I HATE speaking in front of large crowds. HATE.

7. Confidence and self-esteem are struggles of mine. It's a daily battle and something I've struggled with since middle school.

I'd like to think those are pretty random. :)

Christina Monique said...

this took my whole Labor day .. thankfully I don't go back to work till Wed. haha love you! so much fun!!

Leanna Vera said...

Thanks for tagging me lady! I'll do this later this week :)


That postcard is beautiful! And wow, you hot thing, you -- I don't think I'd ever wear a bikini haha

ginanorma said...

It's really nice to meet you!!! I was tagged by Janice too, I have got to get to doin it;)

Fun to learn these sweet things about you, and your post cards sound so special!
And I bet you could do a craft, I am very new to embroidery and crochet, and am so enjoying it!!

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

YAY! Thanks for the inspiration for a post ♥

Lottie said...

i did it today--so please go and check it out :)

Leesh said...

You are crafty so I think you can definitely sew if you took some lessons. It's pretty easy. You should look into lessons because I can see you making really cute vintage-y looking clothes for Felix.

You have some nice glasses. I need to pick up a new pair and I was looking for something like the pair at the top. The problem is, I get glasses but I much prefer to wear contacts. My glasses are for when I am at home.

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