Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fe's first plane ride that wasn't.

Yesterday should have been Felix's first plane ride and right now we should be sipping coffee with my Momma. 

Our flight was initially delayed 30 minutes due to the high winds. When we finally boarded (packed flight) we heard/felt this loud thud and me and my seat mate were wondering why a woman below was taking photos of our plane. Turns out our plane was damaged by a luggage cart. We all had to get off the plane, go back to the ticket counter where we all waited in this long line (one employee working the ticket counter) and rebook our flights. This can be stressful traveling solo but I was traveling solo and with a fussy baby in my arms the whole time*. 

Bless my seat mate. She was such a kind soul, helping me with my things and even holding Felix while I got myself situated. I don't even know her name, but I won't ever forget her. 

Longer story shorter, the next flight out wasn't until Friday. Sigh.

Besides my seat mate who made the whole ordeal so much easier, you guys I had no idea you could get a gate pass! My husband, who unfortunately wasn't traveling with us, was able to help us through security--something i was nervous about with Felix just because I didn't want to feel rushed for the people behind me. When the clerk at the counter suggested it, I wanted to hug her

*Tomorrow, I will gate check my carseat/stroller. I didn't yesterday and regretted it while we waited in line (if only she liked her infantino carrier!) 

It was overwhelming and exhausting but I believe it was God watching out for us. Better to be safe, always. Here's praying tomorrow is smoother! 

+ thank-you for all your sweet comments on instagram

P.S.  another helpful thing was wearing the fanny pack i bought for a friend's 80's birthday party. Um, I might always wear it now ha! it was so much easier to store my phone, our IDs and plane ticket there instead of digging in my backpack or a purse.


Holly said...

obviously that sucks, but its kinda like you got a little preview test drive!! now you have all the pro tips :) good luck tomorrow!!! XO

Meghan said...

Aww! There are some good people in this world:) Safe travels tomorrow!

April said...

Gah, girl. I'll be traveling tomorrow too! Though I'm sure going with Katy in my car is much less of a hassle than with wee Fe on a plane! Again, good luck! Hopefully we'll both be hugging our families tomorrow.

Lisa said...

Sounds like it wasn't the best experience for you both. I'll bet things will be better next attempt.

At least you have an interesting story to tell Fe when she gets older, about her first plane ride. Hee Hee.. :) Merry Christmas to you and your family.

jackiek said...

good luck traveling tomorrow!!! i'm also flying tomorrow, so ill be sending you well-wishes from the airport :)

Rhianne said...

Oh man, I was so upset for you, especially with how excited Marianne has been. I can't wait to see a pic of the three of you together now :)

Safe travels M, and merry christmas to you and your whole family, much love, as always from England xxxx

Lottie Simm said...

hope that today's flight goes a lot smoother. i am sure you will be drinking coffee with your mama in no time.

Christina Monique said...

Mickey Monique (new middle name) as a member of the fanny pack protesters you will give it up haha

I cannot imagine the nightmare you went thru. You handled it like a champ and poor fe probably thinking why are we not home! Haha I am glad you two are safe and cannot wait to trade babas

Leesh said...

I love how in the midst of all the random acts of violence happening, there are still people out there with a kind heart.

I'm glad to hear you finally made it out and to your momma's house. I'm so proud of you for being brave enough to fly solo with baby in tow.

Merry Christmas dear!

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