Tuesday, December 4, 2012

putting together a care package for a soldier is my favorite.

My brother's girlfriend Christina blogged about sending her friend Natalie a beauty care package. Natalie will be spending the holidays and about another six months in Afghanistan. They were both in Iraq when my brother's third year long deployment {which would turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to our family--it's when he met Christina}.

I asked Christina for SGT Zamora's information because putting together care packages are my favorite, but especially for a soldier overseas. I was so happy to do this!  As I told both ladies, it's the least i can do for everything they do protecting our country.

Felix and i had fun shopping for girly things. I was telling her about how, when her Uncle Marco was deployed, my darling readers and blog friends sent him countless letters, cards, and care packages. That each one meant so much to him and to me.  I will never forget that volume of kindness. 


undomestic mama said...

You have the biggest heart. Little Felix is going to grow up to be one caring, compassionate little lady with an example like you.

Belen said...

Care packages are so fun! I recently sent one out to BFFMary and made her cry. ^_^

I also sent out my ornament swap package. I hope my partner enjoys it! Can't wait til I receive hers! :D

Xo, Belen

NYLON Girl said...

You are the cutest love you babe! x

Christina Monique said...

You made her Christmas! I love you my favorite

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