Saturday, December 15, 2012

We'll Celebrate Twice.

These crochet cuties by Were Rabbit reminded me of me and my twinkie (we are so thankful to come from the same carrot).

I'm so glad I will be seeing her in just FOUR days! My Papa played Santa and bought a plane ticket for Felix and I to come home for the holidays. The only bummer is my husband won't be able to come because of work (as anyone in TV news knows, weather doesn't stop on Christmas). I'm nervous to fly alone with our baby but more than that, I'm sad he won't be there for her first Christmas.

He'll be literally working the whole time so we wouldn't really get to spend time together. Since we're adults and can make up our own rules, he decided we should celebrate Christmas when I got back {this might have something to do with his procrastination on gifts... ha}.

Remember when I told you my girl Jessie is getting married in January? She's getting married on the 19th so instead of doing a quick turnaround and paying a lot to fly out twice, I'll be home for a whole month! I'm so excited, especially since husband will be able to visit in January.

We're both so sad he'll be away from our baby girl (thank God for facetime!) but with work/finances and traveling with a little one, we both agreed it's just easier this way.

Plus, he's happy I get to see my family (it was always so hard living away from my parents and siblings but especially now that I have a baby). My brother and his family will be there too for ten days and I can't wait to love on my Sollie girl!

And, we'll get to stretch the holiday season. It may not be Christmas everywhere else, but in the middle of January it will be at the Lechuga Maxham house.

Wish us luck flying, especially since my nearly three-month-old hates to be in a carrier! 

+tips are always welcomed


Husband said...

She is going to have aunties and grandparents doting on her for the entire time, I think she will be just fine.

Plus, I am going to save a ton on wrapping paper on the 26th!

Ha ha, love you. Hopefully, this won't happen every year, but you will be in good hands. Santa will know where to bring your coal, ha.

Love you..

Micaela said...

I have the best husband EVER. :)

i love you so much!

Megan said...

A month at home will just lovely but it will be hard to be away from your lovely husband. It sounds like you have it all worked out though! Enjoy your family time x

Leesh said...

That's so sad that your husband won't be around to celebrate Felix's first Christmas but I love how it doesn't stop you from spending it with your family and making your own rule to have a post-Christmas celebration. Your hubby is awesome and so understanding.

Krystal said...

we are flying with a 3 month old as well, from europe to the states! oh gosh...hellooo jet lag.

April said...

"Since we're adults and can make up our own rules" << only good thing about being adults? hahah :)

Can't wait to see you. :) :)

Claudia said...

You have a great husband! Take good care oh him! I am so happy for you two girls that will have a whole month with your family. I know how family time is precious and it needs to be treasured! Enjoy your holidays. HA!! you will celebrate twice!! xoxo

undomestic mama said...

My mom always tells me you could pick a random day any day of the year and call it Christmas, kids don't know any better at this point, especially with Felix being so young, but I can see how it would be difficult to be away from him during her first one. BUT, at least you get Marianne :)

Anonymous said...

That is amazing! I am so happy you get to spend a month with your family. I know how much you miss them. And can I say, your husband is the best husband EVER! You are one lucky blessed woman. Stay blessed.

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