Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My 2012 Ornament Swap.

Dear ornament swappers, I hope by now you've received your ornament (except for perhaps international shippers) or at least have heard something from your partner and agreed to extend the mail out date together, which is fine. If you have any problems, please let me know!

I thought it would be fun to swap with another first time Mama who is just as excited about their baby's first Christmas. Felix and i couldn't have found better swap partners than Jessica and her adorable son Reeve. 
aren't they beautiful?

First, I love that Jessica thought to send a Baby Girl's 1st Christmas card. We were incredibly spoiled!
How girly is that first ornament? Jessica said she found it at this super cute etsy shop called LalaDangerous. Jessica wrote, "that if the pink ornament with flowers and tulle is super sweet and girly, then the puff ornament is sassy and full of personality. Shouldn't a little girl be both?"

Absolutely! As if I didn't love those two already, this last one is hands down my absolute favorite one. 
Jessica wrote, "the little girl ornament was just so sweet... dark hair, sweet smile, cheeks and has that vintage feel that I know you love." 

Did she get me perfectly or what? 

Jessica's little guy is named after Superman himself. She told me Reeve has already owned over 20 Superman onesies in his 8 months which they'll turn into a blanket some day. 
I couldn't contain my happiness when I found this Superbaby ornament for Reeve, from Felix. 
Jessica mentioned that they were having a hard time finding the perfect Baby's 1st Christmas ornament. When I found this sweet Giraffe (i mean look at that tail!) I had to get him. 

I always have fun with this swap dear to my heart, but this year was extra magical as a Mama. This year was extra special all thanks to Jessica who could not have chosen more beautiful ornaments. 

I love that she is most looking forward to sharing the Spirit and story of Jesus with her son. 

I can't wait to show off what everyone else swapped! If you've received your ornaments, please email me a photo {micaela.maxham[AT]gmail[DOT]com} so I can use it in an upcoming post. Thank-you lovies xo


undomestic mama said...

Those are some great ornaments! You find the best stuff, I swear.

undomestic mama said...

I forgot to mention, I'm really jealous of her hair. When I cut mine short, it was partly so I could curl it and yet I can't curl it at all, it ends up this weird mess of a rats nest.

Claire Kiefer said...

Thank you for hosting this yet again--the only swap I participate in regularly and look forward to all year. I hope I get someone in the Lechuga family as a partner every year! I loved being paired with Christina, and I love how many ornaments on my tree are from one Lechuga or another. :)

Jessica got perfect ones for you--and she was lucky to be your partner, too!

Jo said...

what adorable ornaments! and how cute are you new mommies? adorable!!
this ornament swap was so much fun! i pics of my ornaments today! :)
thank you for hosting this activity, you ornament cupid, you! xox

April said...

Those are so cute! You girls did such a good job picking things out for each other. ;) I have my own baby's first ornament on my purple Christmas tree now. It's super special.

Micaela said...

claire, i was excited to pair you and christina together! can't wait to see your exchange <3 oh and i think i can arrange that ;) you're so cute! can't wait for you to meet my parents. They're excited to have you! xo

Jo, you and Summer getting to know each other through this could not make my heart happier. Ornament cupid-- love that!

April, that is special. i wanna see a pic! text/blog about it please!? love your purple tree. so you!!! i have an ornament for it when i see you. i can't wait!!!

Rhianne said...

I love that Jessica sent pink and sassy, love love love it! and that superman ornament? amazing!! You are both lucky ladies :)

also, I was totally thrilled to see your postcard on the tree too, hurray! xx

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