Thursday, January 31, 2013

Catching up with Friends is my Favorite.

This past week I got to meet up with a sweet friend I hadn't seen since we were 19-20 when we met during my summer holiday in Italy.

Now Jenn and I are first time Mothers to baby girls. Jenn and her precious 8 month old daughter Stella live in Georgia but were in the next town over visiting friends (actually throwing a surprise baby shower for one of her friends!). Lucky us that she drove to nowhere El Paso ;) to have lunch with my family.  We had such a great time catching up!

Stella in her jeggins wanting to talk to Felix (who's wearing the most amazing pair of gold shoes--they actually stay on! and get so many compliments--a gift from Auntie Claire)

Stella is the happiest baby ever!

Hurray! A Maxham family photo because we actually had someone to snap one.  Lovies, how handsome is my husband? And goodness our babe is beautiful. 

I'm a lucky girl. 

I have these two, and I have the most wonderful friends, including you reading this post. xo 


jessica renee said...

Your family really is just gorgeous!!!! You're blessed, girl! xoxo

Claudia Aguilar said...

I am happy you are happy! xoxo

Claire Kiefer said...

Felix is the cutest little thing EVER. Stella is really cute, too, and looks like her mom! Glad Felix likes her gold shoes. She can always count on me for some bling! :)

Christina Monique said...

what a special reunion. :) and the girls are so close in age that you guys can send them to Italy together :) xoxo

You look beautiful my fav!

undomestic mama said...

You are gorgeous! And of course so is Little Felix. You guys look so happy :)

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