Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fe's first Christmas.

I love that Felix's first Christmas was a white one. Since we were all coming down with colds (thanks Marco!) my parents didn't want us to be out in the cold for long. I'm thankful my brother snapped this one of us. My little sister Maddie made the girls the adorable Santa hat Fe is wearing. 

I loved that we were able to spend Christmas surrounded by my family. There is no greater joy than seeing your parents and siblings love on your baby. Every bit of it was magical... listening to christmas songs while we ate, laughing as we opened our gifts, watching my niece BriBri play in her first snow. 

Felix and Sollie got their first barbie dolls from their Lola. I mean how cute is my Mom? I can't wait for Fe to fit into her Dallas Cowboys cheerleader costume that Auntie Marianne got her (and we can tell her that once upon a time her Mama wore something similar for Halloween...) and my brother Marco and Christina got her this Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper. I can already tell what a lifesaver it will be when she's able to use it. 

Marco also snapped photos of the girls in their Christmas dresses. It's so special they got to spend their first Christmas together. 

Felix 3 months, Sollie 6 months  Baby's First Christmas

Auntie Christina holding Fe and me loving on my Sollie girl. I can not get enough of my niece! 

We did miss my husband though who unfortunately has to work. Thanks to my little sister's upgrade from her husband, I am now a happy owner of her old iphone 4. It is so nice to be able to FaceTime with Chip and even sweeter to see Felix coo at her Papa. 

I hope your Christmas was just as magical! Did you have a white one? What was the best thing you gave/received? 

Read Christina's blog post to see what i gave her (i gave myself one too and was so excited to start it today) and to see another photo of us with our girls. Plus, I just love her blog and I'm not just saying that because she's my sister-in-law ;) 


Megan said...

those two little girls are the sweetest! I think that christmas is so much more fun and special when there are children around, having our niece at christmas this year just made it that little more magical!

Elisse said...

What a very special first Christmas for your baby girl! She is lucky to have a loving family to surround her with so much love! Happy New Year!!

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

Sounds like a lovely first Christmas! Amazing that you guys had snow - must have been so magical.

Phoenix Peacock said...

I seriously want your baby girl. She might just be the most gorgeous baby girl I've ever seen. She gets it from her mama.
Im so glad you had a white christmas with the family!
And I cant wait for Chip to be able to join you!

kathy @ vodka and soda said...

what adorable pics!! their first christmas (well, every christmas) is so exciting :)

NYLON Girl said...

Sollie's all I got this one boo in that first picture of them together. The hand, the face, the dresses. Love them! xxx

Christina Monique said...

Mommy mommy is super cute! My Toms were with me today at work and I smiled thinking of her :). I wonder how the girls will play with Barbies, I know what I did and I can only imagine our clones having "fun" haha! Marco better feel bad for getting everyone sick. The girls' santa hats are super cute and Bri is super excited to knit us all sweaters for next year :) I heart you so much! xoxoxo

The Childlike Empress said...

so cute!
what lovely little cousins!
i spent my first christmas with family in over 7 years....its good to spend christmas with family!

Dawn said...

That's so lovely that they were able to spend their first Christmases together and that you got some nice pictures out of the deal! I hope the cute hats will make appearances in later years as well. It's also nice that they are about the same age--I have 10 cousins, and three of them are the same age as me! I love having friends/cousins to whom I can relate and talk to, and hopefully Felix will be the same way when she is older! Happy belated Christmas! I hope you are enjoying the new year!

Also, I went back and looked at some older blog posts...you had left a comment on my blog a long time ago. It was a very thoughtful, wonderful comment. Thank you so much for taking the time to do that, even then. It is much more appreciated than you can imagine.

Oh, My Darling said...

Wow, Micaela! I'm getting back into blogging for 2013 and was absolutely delighted to see that you now have a beautiful baby girl in your life! It looks like the past year has treated you very well and that you have many wonderful things in store for 2013!

alexkeller said...

so adorable!!! hope your holidays were sweet :)

Lisa said...

Such cute pictures! Beautiful family you have. :) Happy New Year 2013.

undomestic mama said...

She is adorable in that dress! It's so cool she has cousins close in age. I was close to my cousins and the memories I made with them are some of my favorites.

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