Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Team Mark.

(photo via)

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed I'm a smitten kitten over Jason Ritter. He's my celeb crush and I'm crushin pretty hard. I fell in love with him all over again when I started Parenthood but the truth is, he had me at Peter and Vandy.

I don't believe in spoilers so I won't say anything about the season finale other than my subject line, that I was completely Team Mark. How incredible was his acting tonight?!

and because I'm admittedly a girl obsessed, I have to share this photo he posted on his twitter:

LOVE that! and I love his Mark Cyr.

Parenthood fans, were you Team Mark or Team Hank? 


jackiek said...

1000% team mark!! i'm so excited i found another parenthood fan... i always feel like I'm the only one. xo

kathy @ vodka and soda said...

he's adorable. i love his dad too; three's company is my all-time fav show.

and i'm totally team mark. i like ray romano but there's something creepy about him during love scenes bleh

undomestic mama said...

I was totally team Mark too! I just don't feel any chemistry between her and Hank.

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