Friday, January 20, 2012

happy things to end the week with.

♥ i'm pretty late to the game, but i've finally joined Pinterest (above are a few of my pins). Find me cos i would love to add more things to my boards and you lovies are my muses. 

♥ i am in LOVE with my Free People crochet shorts and had to show off the price tag! i wish i was holding it steadier but the retail price is $128 and the Marshalls clearance ticket? ONLY $10. and they're flattering... which is priceless. ha
♥ my friend Sarah (and new pilates partner-- yay! i finally convinced her to join with me) posted this on my fb wall this morning and it made me laugh out loud. i told her, but hummus is so good! 

♥ wearing red lips while grocery shopping last night instantly made me feel fancy.

♥ and amid the reports he's single, let's end this week with my favorite picture of Johnny Depp. ooh la la.

Happy Friday Lovies! what happy things are you ending the week with?

+please leave a link below if you do post-- i'd love to share in your happiness xo


Marz said...

You look so beautiful twinkie girl! :) Positively glowing in your ruby red lips!

And your itty bitty shorts - It's sure hard being your twin sister! People expect me to look like THAT and girlfriend I just can't compete! haha You look so sexy in your short shorts! :) The deal you got on them is as amazing as you look in them :) I can't wait until you come home for our birthday and I can feed you some birthday cake hahaha :)

Here's what made me happy:

Love you twinkie girl!! xoxo

Claire Kiefer said...

Marianne is so cute and I love everything about her comment. :) Also, I second everything in her comment! You look so hot in those shorts (I thought so when you first texted us that picture)--I wish my tummy looked anything like yours! Not fair that you can eat nachos late at night and look like that--haha!

Johnny Depp is outstandingly gorgeous. I saw that you pinned that pic and swooned immediately. Love you!

Naomi said...

My happy things are: new library books, a Valentine's day card for my lovie that I found that's super cute, a spicy Mexican hot chocolate at my favorite chocolate cafe, and Postcrossing!

Lauryn said...

You are incredibly gorgeous! I'm so glad you've hopped on the Pinterest bandwagon. It is addictive and wonderful!

.adri. said...

You are soooo pretty! Love the red lipstick! :) I rarely wear red lipstick because I am SO WHITE!!! ha ha ha!

Also, loved that little comic! :D


Erin {pughs' news} said...

Here's my list:

Mmmmm, hummus!

J'adore pinterest. Even better than tumblr!

Yes to the red lips. Lipstick always makes me feel prettier.

Happy Friday, M. Have a wonderful weekend!

April said...

I still can't get over you in those shorts. I'm almost glad we're not RL friends because I wouldn't want to hang out with you very much. I'd be like shoving cake in your face and telling you "no, no, I don't think you need to go work out, lay on that couch instead!" It'd be awful. ;)

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Ha! What April wrote totally made me laugh.

Em-Jae said...

YES - red lips and Pinterest!

Those shorts are AWESOME, can't believe you found them for a cool $10...!!

I'm following you on Pinterest, find me here: :]

The Poppy Creative said...

Elvis, Red Lips, Cute Illustrations and Johnny Depp. Girl, you know my heart and my soul! You are just delightful.
Oh and those post it notes. haha. As soon as I have a little love shack of my own, I think those will be most appropriate!

Leanna Vera said...

Those shorts are adorable!

Lauren Nicole said...

The dino photo is ADORABLE. I'm kind of like that person too anymore, haha. I never eat meat despite not being a full on veggie and always bring something out of the norm, like hummus, haha. Props to your friend for sharing that.

I joined Pinterest a LONG time ago but have never been back. But maybe now that there's a familiar face, I'll try it again! ;]

(PS: I love those 'we had sex' posters. Can we figure out where those came from and order them, stat?)

Congrats on the massive steal! Those shorts are KILLER.

So happy to be taking part in this for the first time. Thanks for always being a wonderful inspiration in all areas of my life Caela. <3

Bianca J said...

Those shorts are to die for - and they look totally fabulous on you. I've been seeing a lot of really cute lace and cotton shorts lately (esp with scalloped hems) and I'm a bit in love (can you tell it's the middle of Summer here and I am dying?!). And red lips... well... I am just a little bit of a fan. Hope you've been well sweet!

Phoenix Peacock said...

mmmmm Johnny.

I love that you get all glam for a quick trip to the grocery store!

Kylie said...

I've just started Pilates, hope, hope HOPE I get a tummy like yours!

Faiza said...

hot! hot! hot! you need to wear those shorts to the baseball game in may. they`ll get CJs attention for sure!

hope your weekend is just as happy!

Barry said...

Okay that's it, I'm making it my mission this weekend to learn more about Pinterest. I've heard a few people talk about it and I'm very curious.

The cartoon of the dinosaurs made me laugh. And my goodness Micaela, you're definitely rocking those shorts. I bet they've never looked so good! I don't think I've ever seen them crocheted before but they're cute.

I really appreciated your comment about my blogging souvenir album. Thanks for not only inspiring me to do it but for the smiles over the last two years. You've been a constant source of joy for me, your blog is a place I've always been able to come to for a pick-me-up.


Kara said...

True story: my college roommate and I had a poster of that Johnny Depp photo in our dorms and college apartment for 4 straight not kidding :)

Loving the red lips! Red lips 24/7 I say!

Claudia said...

I remember Johnny way back in the old days...21 JumpStreet He's aged fine!

You are so pretty! xoxo

Jo said...

Those shorts are ADORABLE!! And yes, super flattering!

And wait....what? Johnny Depp...single????


sheba said...

humus IS good. johnny is even better tho. ;)

your glamour always inspires me to *doll myself up* a little more.

Amanda said...

am adding you to my pinterest in 8.3 seconds. :)

never tried red lipstick -- what's your secret to finding a good shade?

Missy said...

DEAR Marshalls
whY ARE YOU SO awesome with discounts!?

Oops sorry wrong person! lol JK
Nice buy!


Erleene said...

Hi Micaela! Been away from the blogging world for a while but always made time to check in with Dolce Vita. I love those shorts! Super cute. Makes me long for summer. Hope your weekend was lovely :)

KY said...

WOAH! I love finding amazing deals at TJ Maxx and Marshalls! Earlier in October I went to Marshalls and picked up around 12 new shirts/sweaters from the clearance rack that were 10/piece and it MADE MY WEEKEND! Lol. You're such a skinny minny, rock those shorts lady!

Niina - It seems pretty obvious. said...

Yay for pinterest! I joined pretty recently too, and it's an amazing thing :)
Those shorts are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Love the shorts!!

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