Friday, January 27, 2012

happy things to end the week with.

♥ my friend sarah got me these magnetic book marks after i had mentioned how i dog ear so many pages while i'm reading a book. It was such a thoughtful surprise and she couldn't have picked a better set for me. Proof :  i have the best friends.

♥ thanks to your suggestions on my Wanting to Know you Wens. post, i went in search for better shampoo & conditioner. While grocery shopping last night, i was amazed at the buy one, get one free sale they were having on Organix. Into my grocery tote these went and i can't wait to try them out (they smell like bliss!). Thank-you for all your helpful suggestions lovies! i knew i could count on you xoxo

♥ i had a customer who had the prettiest nails. i asked her where she went and she let me in on a secret. She said they were the Kiss Everlasting glue-on nails. For $6.99, i had to try it out! i got a lot of compliments but my verdict is, i would only do them if i had an event i was going to and didn't want to spend the money {or commitment} to salon nails. i'm so rough with my hands (gym, house stuff, work) that natural nails just work better for me. 

♥ finally seeing this movie, after loving the book. i went wondering how it could compare to its written form but was incredibly touched with the film version. powerful acting for such a powerful story. i was glad i had extra tissues. 

♥ since i've had three days off in a row this week, i've been enjoying little naps during the day with my pups (maverick and me). Puppy cuddles are my favorite and much needed rest. 

♥ Hart of Dixie is back on! i didn't like being without my guilty pleasure (and girl crush) for so long. i love this show!

♥ not pictured, girl date with my other close friend Sarah. Sushi followed by thrifting and great girl talk? how i want to spend a free afternoon for sure!

♥ and of course this date with my husband was probably the best part of my week. 

Happy Friday Lovies! what happy things are you ending the week with?

+please leave a link below if you do post-- i'd love to share in your happiness xo


The Poppy Creative said...

I think I am going to have to try to check ou that show, hoping it is on project free tv. darn NZ is well behind in the tv showings haha.

This post made me genuinely happy. Your such a light. Oh i like you. x

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Such a perfect week you had! I'm glad.


Claire Kiefer said...

So much to say! I've tried those nails and they look beautiful on. I'd still use them if I wanted my nails to look extra pretty. The only problem is that when I took them off, my nails were SUPER THIN and PEELY and it took a long time to get their strength back, so I'd just say be careful: don't force them off, use the acetone remover, and don't peel them if they don't feel ready to come off!

I use Organix--I've gotten the coconut scent--and it's lovely. :)

I wanted so badly to like Hart of Dixie. I love Rachel Bilson and it's a southern show! unfortunately I just found it super cliche and silly and couldn't get into it . . . and therefore am on the hunt for another show to replace my SOA addiction!

I love you lots and am glad you had such a happy week :)

Phoenix Peacock said...

^ my happy friday list, albeit long winded which I'm blaming on not speaking out loud today!

I love your posts, beautiful girl. they are so sweet and wonderful, just like you. possibly because you wrote them... just possibly.

Anonymous said...

I love naps in general but it's even better when I have my pup, Lucky with me. I couldn't do the glue on's because I'm always using my hands. I'm glad that you had an awesome week!

Meghan said...

I cannot wait to see "Extremely Loud..."! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, my dear!

Claudia said...

I gotta try those nails someday! you know I bite mine :(

Gracie said...

I will get back into doing my happy list. I liked ending the week like that.

I haven't watched Hart of Dixie show yet but I'm sure I will enjoy it.

Oh I think I've seen that Organix brand before. I have so much trouble with my hair (fine, wavy and frizzy).

Lily said...

oh I always use glue-on nails. I love them! I can never grow long nails on my own and this is the perfect thing for me. How long do yours last?

Micaela said...

lily, actually i'm so rough with my hands that at least one nail would pop off and i would just glue it back on... i think since it was my first time using them, i'll put more glue on than i initially started with. :)

Erleene said...

I caught part of an episode of Hart of Dixie the other night. I love Ms. Bilson :)

Lauryn said...

I've never seen book clips like that. How perfect, especially for a big reader such as yourself!

I'm about 3/4 of the way through Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I wasn't expecting such an emotional rollercoaster! What a unique book it is <3

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