Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ornament Swap Showcase!

yesterday i showed you the ornaments i sent and received and today i can't wait to show you what you lovies exchanged in our third annual ornament swap.

To Dawn / From Mary

To Erin / From Lauryn

To Polly / From Marianne

To Elisha / From Alycia

To Carin / From Hannah

To Mary / From Dawn

To Kary / From Phoenix 

(Phoenix is really crafty-- i mean look at the ornament she made Kary of her cute son Miguelito!)

To Phoenix / From Kary + Miguelito

To Erin / From Elise

To Madeline (my little seester who always participates) / From Antonella

To Antonella / From Madeline

my Momma also participates :) these are the ones she sent Karina

To My Momma / From Karina (love the elvis and the NYC ones)

To Elisse / From Erin

To Karleen / From Jenn

To Marianne / From Polly

To Nan / From Athanasia

To Carrie / From Sara

To Jaimie / From Jess

To Jess / From Jaimie

To Ginna / From Amanda

my little sister Madeline also swapped with M's daughter Kenzie
To Kenzie / From Maddie

To Maddie / From Kenzie

THANK YOU to everyone who played along and sent photographs xo

if you didn't get a chance to send a photo but blogged about it, please comment with your link because i'd love to check it out! {thank-you!} it makes me smile that through my little ornament swap we shared christmas cheer and will always have a sweet memory of it. 

i love hosting this swap and already can't wait to do it again next year! x


Rhianne said...

yeay, they look so great together - I'm sorry I didn't get a picture to you in time but I loved taking part again and seeing your boot on yesterdays post :)

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Kylie said...

Hi sweet Micaela,
apologies for not sending a pic of the ornaments I sent and received. Here is a link to the ornament I received from Megan:


Unfortunately I don't have any pics of the ornaments I sent to Megan, and I haven't heard from her...fingers-crossed she received them.

I hope your 2012 is bright and colourful, just like you x

Claire said...

ahhhh! I totally forgot to send a pic :( i will blog about mine soon and let you see promise! :)

Ana Degenaar said...

I am SO doing this next year! Love it.

Carrie said...

I had so much fun doing this! And I made a new friend who is awesome!!! Can't wait until next year! Thanks for hosting!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Hello sweet M! Thanks again for hosting this fabulous swap. J'adore!!!

J'adore you, too.

jasmine said...

Hi Micaela,

I also didn't send you a pic! Sorry!! But I do have it on the blog! :D

Thank you so much for this awesome swap!
Happy 2012!

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