Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wanting to Know you Wens.

Since Valentine's Day is around the corner, i thought we could share "Date Night" ideas. 

Here are some i shared with Jasmine, during our life in lists swap that are tried and true : 

your turn, love bird!  i can't wait to hear (and do) some of your ideas. 


Itchin' Stitchin' said...

*Recreate your first date.

*Create a dinner under the stars outside by candlelight (might be chilly this time of year)

*Go to a bookstore, split up and find a book for each other.

*Go grocery shopping together picking out your favorite ingredients, then make a meal with your picks.

erin elder said...

* Of course I am going to say cook at home - that's one of my favorite things to do with my man. One person does the main course, the other makes the sides :)

* make each other mix CDs of all the songs that remind you of the other... then listen to them by candle light over a bottle of wine. :)

* play board games and drink wine.

* make a fort of blankets and twinkle lights in your living room, or if you have nice weather, in the backyard and stare at the stars while cuddled up.

Claire Kiefer said...

My favorite is Erin's board-games-and-wine suggestion, but last night I had a pretty amazing date!! My dad was in town for a food show, so Matt and I picked him up at his hotel and the three of us went to Millennium, an amazing SF vegan restaurant that's all the rage. But that wasn't the date part, haha. My dad's hotel was right next to the Mark Hopkins, a historic San Francisco hotel known for its top-floor bar, Top of the Mark, where you can see the entire city twinkling. Amazing! We headed over there for a drink and it was pretty incredible looking out over the SF lights while sipping my Napa wine (Matt had whiskey). <3!!!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

We like to play Scrabble and drink hot chocolate {with Baileys}...

An ice-skating date would be fun. Holding hands is a must.

Pick a movie, pop some corn and curl up together by the fire.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

A progressive dinner date, using random gift cards! Just read about it here...

What a fun idea!

Lottie said...

*Going for a long walk just the two of you with a place for lunch picked out

*Getting on a train to a place you have never been and exploring it together

*Going for a coffee date together somewhere special

*our first valentines day my husband organised me a treasure hunt with presents and clues and everything

*cocktails somewhere with an amazing view

Patty said...

Oh this is such a sweet post!! And some great ideas. Dancing in your undies made me laugh.

Our favorite dates are Dave & Busters (Or any arcade), going on hikes, ice skating, or just a bottle of wine/cook at home and playing chess/scrabble. Classics, but classics for a reason :)

Lauryn said...

Aaron and I love to watch re-runs of our favorite shows or start new ones together, run errands together, go to the grocery store together, etc. When we first started dating we went to yoga together! That was my favorite "date night."

kimbirdy said...

being that we're super poor, we have to get really creative about our dates. as it turns out though, simple and cheap make some of the best memories. here are a few of my favorites:

* the mister and i first started dating way back at the end of college, during the summer. one of our favorite things then was to take off our shoes and play in public fountains. those were such fun dates!

* we sometimes go on "shopping" dates where we get to choose whatever outfits we want the other to try on. it's so much fun to see each other in something extra fancy, risque, or out of the norm.

* another favorite is walking through a random neighborhood (in LA there are lots of those), holding hands and daydreaming about which house we would live in and what our life would be like there.

Lauren Nicole said...

- Go to the theatre. Be fancy and dress up and maybe have a cocktail after at a classy hotel bar. (C wants to go see Wicked in March, HE DOES. How crazy is that? Of course I said yes.)

- Take a telescope out into the country and look at the stars while holding hands and/or holding each other. (Also something C wants to do, for our 6-month-a-versary.)

- Get out an old, old record - I'm talking Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, any older romantic man - and slow dance in your kitchen. Yes, the kitchen.

- Lay in bed and read a Jane Austen novel together.

- Go to Goodwill and be silly trying on ridiculous outfits together. Then after, wear those outfits somewhere you've never been and totally own it.

- Pitch a tent in the living room and make campfire-esque food and shadow puppets. And maybe tell some silly ghost stories.

- Bake together. Follow a recipe neither of you have made before and enjoy the results.

<3 <3 <3

Barry said...

* Sleep on the back deck under the stars. (Our overhead pergola has 100 ft of white Christmas lights all year round so the stars are always out).

* Recreate a romantic restaurant setting at home; dim lighting, soft jazz, an elaborate meal, good bottle of red and candlelight. We love doing this.

* Share a bubble bath together. Alas our tub is too small but there's always a hotel.

I don't know where you and your readers come up with these exchange ideas but they're always very creative. I finally got around to putting my letters etc. into a scrapbook, and blogged about it on Tuesday. Thought you may be interested in taking a look, since you inspired me to do it. =)

Faiza said...

i love th dancing in your undies one. but what if you go commando like moi? oooops!

spa day.

mani/pedis together.

write and read a love letter to each other.

try to go a whole night communicating without words. whoever speaks first has to do something for the other. the bigger the wager the better the game!

Catherine said...

The best dates I have ever been on:

- Second-hand book shopping followed by tapas

- Getting take-away teas and sitting on a bench outside York cathedral, listening to the bell-ringing practise

- An evening riverside walk; stopping at a nice bench to drink beers and watch the evening turn to night

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