Thursday, June 21, 2012

all that matters.

I lost my phone today and cried like it was the end of the world.

I just wanted to have a good day off with my husband and somewhere along eating gelato at a food court (of all places) and walking to the parking lot, i couldn't place where i had left it. It was maybe 3 minutes (we hadn't even started the car yet when i realized it wasn't in my purse).

We backtracked, we called it... nothing. And though i knew there was no way anyone would turn it in, i was hopeful of honest people. It happens all the time at work, customers leaving something behind and we tell them we'll keep an eye out for it but between one another we know that there is no way anyone is going to turn in their iphone / purse / sentimental bracelet.

I can blame it on "pregnancy brain" but i was careless for a minute and someone walked off with my $300 + android. And i cried like it was the end of the world. What about my photos that i can't ever get back?

My husband took my hand and reminded me it was just a material thing that could be replaced. Then he rubbed my belly and said, "you're fine, we're fine."

How silly i am. Yes, it's frustrating, but it's not the end of the world, not even close. Thanks to insurance, i only had to pay a small portion of what i would have without it and they shipped a new one that will be ready for me to pick up after work tomorrow (yes, i'm currently living without my phone-- it's possible! ha).

But really, thanks to my husband for reminding me what's important in life.

i took this photo on January 19th, the night i found out i was pregnant. this is the night all my dreams came true. 

she is all that matters.


husband said...

Some things matter, some things don't.

Every so often, we all forget that.

The best thing to come out of "missing phone-gate" was that it drew attention away from the awful haircut that I got from the goth-y Lily Munster girl at the mall haircut place.

Love you!

CarrieMarie said...

*HUGS* i'm sorry about your phone, sweetie! but the hubs is so right. he's good ppl. : )

love ya!!

Belen said...

:( Losing a phone is never a good feeling. I lost mine within months of getting it, at Disneyland, on grad night. My parents were furious! I totally understand the feeling when you think of all the lost pictures. But let's hope there wasn't any private/important info on it that people can take. If someone had taken it, let them just be jealous of your gorgeous life thru your pictures. ;)

tinafig said...

I think the first thing we think about are all the pictures we cannot get back (memories) but as long as we have each other it can be replaced xoxo love you

April said...

Wahhh, I literally know how you feel. I can't believe I got all the way through Bonnaroo only to lose my phone on the last night. I didn't have any service anyway, and it was dead - why did I take it out with me? The thing I'm probably the most upset about is all the pictures of my little puppy. I even had a picture of her in the pound before I adopted her. :( Oh, and all the numbers of those boys I don't want to talk to, but wanted the possibility of talking to. . . Whomp wah. But you're right, it's just a material thing and things can be replaced!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

So glad you were able to put things into perspective, despite the horrible day!

PS: You are so beautiful in that photo.

Rhianne said...

Oh love, I'm sorry :( I hate when things like this happen too and it does suck. I lost a whole hard drive of photos a few years ago and I cried for hours.

However, are you getting another android? If you are then set up a Dropbox account and link your camera to it through the Dropbox app, then it will automatically save your camera photos onto a folder on your computer and you won't have to worry about losing any photos with your phone.

Hehe I am intrigued by Chip's awful haircut now though ;)

sending you love x

TiffanyDRoe said...

This is the very reason I adore Facebook. I haven't lost my phone recently, but I did have a computer crash that had all of our pics on it. Luckily, since I post almost everything to Facebook all the good ones are on the web for me to keep!!

Chin up sweet girl, all that matters is safe.


Erin said...

*whimper* what a good hubby you have! i'm glad you were at least able to replace your phone and i'm so happy for you that there are more important things to look forward to. :)

Marz said...

I felt so bad when you called from Chip's phone yesterday because I felt the same frustration I could hear in your voice. It was the same I felt when Philip lost his phone at the Hockey game, only he didn't have insurance! Ugh But then I heard the calm in your voice after Chip had reminded you. It really is true. As long as we have Felix, nothing else in the world matters. We have been blessed immeasurably!!! That photo of you beaming says it all! You've been positively glowing since day 1 ;)

p.s. I think you not having your phone sucks way more for me than you - this not being able to call you or text you a million times is giving me separation anxiety :( Especially last night during the NBA Finals - we always watch games together via our phones lol I love you Twinkie girl xoxo

Claire Kiefer said...

So sorry that you lost your phone. I've done that before (spring break in NYC!) and it is so frustrating. The pictures, the contacts, the money you didn't want to spend, the hassle. But Chip's right--it's replaceable and not a big deal in the end.

You look pretty & your skin looks fantastic in that picture. I remember that night!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Husbands comment at the top! "some things matter, some things dont, every so often we all forget that"
How so very true!

My phone broke the other week and I felt like the world ended didnt.

Lovely prego pic! hope you are doing well


Leesh said...

I'm sorry about your phone. I would have been like you and cried like the world was ending. It's easy to say its just a phone but these days, our whole life is in our phones. Maybe if we think about people who lose their houses, it might put things into perspective. I'm glad you got a replacement. Now with that said, I'm going to go and back up my iPhone so all my photos are saved :)

Lottie said...

i had my phone stolen and it was awful-- i know your pain.

unfortunately i didn't have insurance and my i-phone was mega money so i make do with a different one, but it did help me realise it was just a phone. there are much more important things :)

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