Tuesday, June 19, 2012

never stop doing that.

At work last night as we were cleaning up the store, i was talking across the aisle to a coworker who was telling me about his girlfriend. I forget how, but he mentioned how he bought her flowers earlier that day just because. To which i said, "never stop doing that. never stop giving her flowers." 

This is what I came home to last night. It made my heart so happy. 

I'm honestly usually not a flowers type of girl (bring me a treat instead) but sometimes you need a gesture as beautiful as flowers. 

note: reese's peanut butter ice cream cups were waiting for me in the fridge 


Rhianne said...

I still can't believe that ice cream cups exist, yum!!

What a lovely surprise to come home to :)

Erin said...


Kristyn said...

How sweet!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

I love that there were peanut butter ice cream cups, too :) You deserve them, and flowers, often!


pregnantcitygirl said...

Love your blog x


Claire Kiefer said...

"Bring me a treat instead!" Love that. So funny & so Micaela. :) But the flowers are so pretty and Chip is so sweet, and I'm sure the peanut butter ice cream cups were SO GOOD.

Megan said...

I love just because presents, its nice to know that people are thinking of you when your not there!

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