Monday, June 18, 2012

What I got Husband For Father's Day.

Remember when i blogged about the Who's Your Daddy doll from Duke & June? Even though it may not officially be his first Father's Day, I told him I couldn't resist this being our daughter's first doll. 

(he's wearing the suit/tie from when we got married)

Mandi is amazing-- another one of those etsy sellers i wish i could hug. In fact, I loved how my custom order turned out, me and twinkie are surprising my brother with one of him for our niece Marisol.

+ on a related note, i pray Max is the kind of Papa mine continues to be. I reread this post from a few Father's Days past, and it hurt my heart bittersweetly.


Mrs Melissa Baker said...

Happy fathers day to the (soon to be) Daddy Mr.

Kristyn said...

how adorable! I never knew that there was such a thing!

April said...

That's super sweet. I bet Chip is going to be an amazing papa.

Rhianne said...

oh man, I love this so much still, I bet Max's face was amazing when he opened it :)

Dad's are the best aren't they, i got to see mine and give him the biggest hug this year and that was the best thing ever.

CarrieMarie said...

oh yes, this whole post was so sweet it made my teeth hurt! : )

getting sweet emails from my dad is something i miss a lot. i printed off a bunch of them & have them in sheet protectors in a binder. i read them sometimes & laugh (& cry) & remember his sweetness. i love that your email w/ your dad & i love that he has FB & seeing all his sweet comments to you & marzipan! : )

love you!

Lauryn said...

Oh my word, that is the cutest idea! A daddy doll is the perfect toy for a little girl. I'm sure she will worship the ground her daddy walks on, and now she'll be able to carry "him" everywhere she goes :)

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